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ABC 666 Morning Show?

By insider111 - 29 July 2005 28

I’m not a fan of the new line-up. What do you guys think?

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
ABC 666 Morning Show?
Samuel Gordon-Stewar 12:32 pm 29 Jul 05

bloodnut, I’ve had no end of people twisting my words in the last few days, I just had to vent my fury and you were unfortunately in thw wrong place at the wrong time, sorry bud.
Anyways, my only fine 666 input ever was when Rod Quinn was doing afternoons and they were talking about events that happened on the same day that we were born, I had was sick and at home, but it helped me get through the day.

My input is almost always on 2CC (Some people may have heard me this morning after the 8am news…but that’s a different story).

That is enough of my opinion on this subject for at least 24 hours.

Maelinar 12:32 pm 29 Jul 05

98.3 is the bomb.

They are JJJ done right.

Thumper 12:25 pm 29 Jul 05

Anyone churning out 80s music should be held criminally negligent.

RandomGit 12:19 pm 29 Jul 05

I haven’t been able to stomach much JJj since they chocked the playlist full of rap.

CD’s only for me in the morning.

Absent Diane 11:39 am 29 Jul 05

SMH in the morning for me or some blistering hard rock…. ads bug me, tabloids tickle my anger bone and the frenzal rhomb guys on JJJ in the morning are irritating

Ralph 11:20 am 29 Jul 05

Speaking of opinionated radio announcers, Mark Parton on MIX really gets up my nose. He needs to shut up and keep churning out that 80s music.

bloodnut 11:19 am 29 Jul 05

My mornings are sacred and reserved for my own witless reparte.

ah – sorry to offend your sensibilities sammy- I just like to wait for my brain to become less mushy before throwing it in the deep end. That’s why I read the telegraph in the AM. It’s like stretching before exercise.

I have always wondered who calls radio stations. On the way home from work I usually listen to the midnight quiz on 666 and I always assumed they were Zemanek style dummy callers.

Maybe I’ve been unwittingly listening to your fine 666 input;)

Spitfire3 11:15 am 29 Jul 05

Oops. I meant to say “between HF, VHF and UHF on a TV”. Whe I get a head of steam up, there’s no stopping to check what I wrote.

Spitfire3 11:13 am 29 Jul 05

Ever since ABC News Radio went to the FM band (103.9) I haven’t really been listening to 666. I used to flick between them when they were both on the AM band, but now changing between AM and FM is too much trouble for too little payoff.

When are radio manufacturers going to realise that having to change between AM and FM on a radio is like having to change between HF, VHF and VHF on a TV? This isn’t the 70’s anymore. For fuck’s sake.

I’m going to have a lie down.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 11:04 am 29 Jul 05

Well then you shouldn’t be visiting this site in the morning bloodnut…”full of other peoples opinions.”

Apart from the fact that Mike has a good mix of local, national, international & slightly offbeat stories, having the radio on helps me took keep on schedule, it provides a kind of audio/mental clock. Plus when I have some spare time I like to ring him.

Whoops, there goes another persons opinion bloodnut

bloodnut 10:33 am 29 Jul 05

I try not to listen to the radio in the morning – gets my day off to a bad start – full of other peoples opinions.

David Heidelberg 10:25 am 29 Jul 05

go for radio national breakfast with fran kelly.

ssanta 10:14 am 29 Jul 05

Always thought AM radio listners were cranks.

gingermick 10:07 am 29 Jul 05

Right on, Samuel.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 9:58 am 29 Jul 05

Hooray for the Mike Jeffreys Breakfast Program on Canberra’s Talk Radio, 2CC

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