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ABC TV Signal

By imarty - 31 October 2010 22

Since Friday we have not been able to get a signal on any of the ABC channels.

Anyone else having the same problem or do we need to get the TV mechanic out?

All other channels fine.

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
ABC TV Signal
tommy 8:47 pm 31 Oct 10

If it’s digital TV, then it’s best to contact the ABC ( via phone. Recently ABC3 stopped working – audio only. Being a compliant citizen I followed ABC’s advice by resetting my TV to factory defaults etc etc.

However, in fact ABC had a “codec fault” for ABC3 – a fact only found by ringing the Reception group at ABC and pushing past the “reset to factory defaults” straw grasp – something to be resolved “soon”.

When I attempted to “mentor” the contact centre about having the information on their website to avoid uneccessary calls [to them] and to avoid consumers having “reset their TVs to factory default” they said “only PLANNED maintenance is on the website” – ie if it’s a UNPLANNED fault then it’s not on the website.

As a taxpayer I attempted to escalate this beyond the service centre monkeys to save other taxpayers from needless waste – I was directed into circles (back to their website… etc).

If any ABC board members or executive read this – time for a complete gutting of your service centre team leadership right up to and including their executive team representative.

JessicaNumber 6:23 pm 31 Oct 10

At least there’s always iview!

lizw 6:07 pm 31 Oct 10

Ours has been mucking up too. We’re northside.

DaveBowman 4:56 pm 31 Oct 10

signal wants amplifying

joy18 3:43 pm 31 Oct 10

Check the antenna connections at your wall and your TV. A loose connection caused me to lose all ABC channels earlier this year. I’m still mystified as to why I didn’t lose the other channels too, but that’s what fixed my problem.

MrPC 1:04 pm 31 Oct 10

Have you tried a rescan?

Grrrr 12:34 pm 31 Oct 10

First, look at your signal strength for the channels. This info might be hidden in a sub-menu somewhere.

If you see something non-zero, then double check the reception with rabbit ears if you can. This might suggest the antenna/cabling is at fault.

Non-zero? Then try a Re-scan. Perhaps your TV got confused.

You might get a more knowledgable response from or

Gerry-Built 12:12 pm 31 Oct 10

Working fine in Dunlop. Tried re-tuning?

imarty 11:54 am 31 Oct 10

We’re in Woden close to Mt Taylor.

A Noisy Noise Annoys 11:54 am 31 Oct 10

Not being able to watch the socialist propaganda megaphone? A stroke of luck, eh?

Ian 11:33 am 31 Oct 10

ABC’s been working fine on my TV.

The Frots 11:28 am 31 Oct 10

No problems with ABC – but Channel 9 is constantly breaking down. May have something to do with the weather this weekend though.

Rawhide Kid Part3 11:27 am 31 Oct 10

I’v been loosing full strength signal from SBS. All others are fine on the North side.

homeone 10:22 am 31 Oct 10

ABC 1,2 @ 3 working in Belco as normal.

trevar 9:50 am 31 Oct 10

What part of Canberra are you in? (ie. where do you get your broadcasts from?) It may help posters to help you.

We’re getting perfect signals from Mount Tuggeranong. I’ve been reprogramming our set top boxes and new TV since Friday, and we have all four ABC channels coming in crystal clear.

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