Accident on Wakefield Ave

Kerces 27 November 2006 26

This morning a car ran into a lightpost just near the ABC building on Wakefield Avenue. The lightpole was rather bent and in a display of speedy work, it had been removed and a new one waiting to go in within an hour of this photo being taken.

Carr accident

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26 Responses to Accident on Wakefield Ave
simto simto 10:32 am 29 Nov 06

“D” for “Doof-doof speakers installed”

Thumper Thumper 9:30 am 29 Nov 06


I agree. After spending 20 years on bikes I reckon I learnt to be a much better driver, simply because you get a sixth sense about traffic and what it’s going to do.

Albeit, I no longer ride….

Chris S Chris S 9:12 am 29 Nov 06

I’m with you, guru. Fatheads in hot cars who think they’re good drivers but haven’t yet found their indicators, geriatrics who come to a stop at roundabouts because they can’t see around the corner properly, should all be compulsorily put on bikes to see what the results of their actions are.

VB’s plans for specific plates makes a lot of sense – “B” for bikers would be useful, as hopefully we can trust most of them to understand the road rules a bit better (except when indicators don’t self-cancel.

gurunik gurunik 7:31 pm 28 Nov 06

as a motorcyclist i have observed that all car drivers are idiots. i propose the all prospective cage drivers do a year on a motorcycle, with no capacity limit. by the end of said year, most of the idiots will have been culled through natural selection.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 6:19 pm 28 Nov 06

Aw c’mon B_K. It’s a slow news day, of course I’m rolling out all the stereotypes that I can find 🙂

My vote goes to whatever party announces a ‘W’ plate, for Women car drivers.

So the rest of us can watch out for Learners with their ‘L’ plates, Probationary drivers with their ‘P’ plates, and soon ‘W’ plates for Women drivers.

Think of all the accidents it will prevent! We will see the ‘W’ plate, and watch out for wacky lane changing without indicating, last minute dives onto the brakes cos they didn’t see the red light, and slow acceleration from intersections, the drifting between lanes cos they are applying lipstick and blush whilst driving….!

Not to mention avoiding parking next to a ‘W’ plater, cos the odds are they will clip your car when they reverse from their car park. The same car park they did 16 attempts to drive forwards into.

Think of what this can be extended to….

‘E’ plates, for Elderly drivers.

‘L’ plates, for Lesbians. (Apparently VYBerlinaV8 is already harassing our politicians for this one).

‘G’ plates for the gays.

And so on 🙂

Absent Diane Absent Diane 4:31 pm 28 Nov 06

a male phallus that should have read.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 4:30 pm 28 Nov 06

I would say hetrosexual female… given that she drove into a phallus

terubo terubo 4:26 pm 28 Nov 06

Er…do we know the sex of this particular driver?

simto simto 3:58 pm 28 Nov 06

Maybe you’re just in the habit of hanging out with stupid people? – BattleKath

That’s going in the quotefile…

Battle_Kath Battle_Kath 3:03 pm 28 Nov 06

yes Mael you’re right, there are women who are very bad drivers but not ALL women are bad drivers as Vic claims, and also i’m sure there are lots of bad male drivers over 25 as well.

ditto AD, bad drivers all over the place, nothing to do with M/F.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 2:41 pm 28 Nov 06

I personally think it is the same… I know dickhead males who speed… but I also dickhead females that sms the whole time they are driving.. the basic rule to go by is that everyone is a terrible driver.. until proven otherwise.

Maelinar Maelinar 2:14 pm 28 Nov 06

Actually B_K, I’m on vic’s side on this one.

That’s not to say either that males aren’t dickheads from the ages of 16-25, but significant personal experience has shown that I shouldn’t drive anywhere near a hyundai with pink seat covers on the road at risk of imminent death.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 2:00 pm 28 Nov 06

well I have heard of the technique of you are heading towards an obsticle actually looking at where you would rather be… apparently you will naturally adjust.

seepi seepi 1:56 pm 28 Nov 06

In a moment of panic it is human nature to fix on an object and head for it. This is why so many people hit the only tree in sight. Science has proved this. Unfortunatley they haven’t found a technique to avoid it.

Battle_Kath Battle_Kath 1:44 pm 28 Nov 06

ahhh vic… you and your small mind, believing nasty stereotypes like that… don’t worry, you’ll catch up with the rest of us soon enough.

i happen to know a lot of very good women drivers. maybe you’re just in the habit of hanging out with stupid people?

Thumper Thumper 1:21 pm 28 Nov 06

Come on Bonfire, everyone knows that lamp posts are marginally less dangerous than kangaroos in that they leap out at you at the most inopportune times.

Such as when you misjudge a corner and end up on a nature strip at 60 clicks.

Thankfully I’ve never had the pleasure of crashing into one….

bonfire bonfire 1:06 pm 28 Nov 06

i bet a mobile phone was involved.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 12:42 pm 28 Nov 06

Not confused at all B_K.

All women are bad drivers. It’s an interesting demographic.

S4anta S4anta 10:33 am 28 Nov 06

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery JB. Nev would have looked good as a SAAB i reckon.

terubo terubo 10:23 am 28 Nov 06

Lamposts have a natural attraction for cars: just another of life’s enduring relationship mysteries.
-Truth is, though, some ABC employees will do anything to skive off work…

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