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ACT Budget 2005

By johnboy - 3 May 2005 22

ABC Online has lengthy coverage of the 2005 ACT Budget.

It actually seems pretty sensible, for all that it’s a crying shame we pissed the best times against the wall over the last few years.

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
ACT Budget 2005
Anonymous 4:17 pm 04 May 05

Wow, what a witty comeback

bonfire 4:13 pm 04 May 05

you say i say.

i couldnt give a shit about staying consistent with NSW that place is a debacle anyway.

just because you are a softhead doesnt mean that its carnells fault.

Anonymous 3:15 pm 04 May 05

Bonfire, I agree that the bill of rights is a waste of space, but for the rest of the list:

industrial manslaughter = so a boss who kills someone due to highly negligent work practices shouldn’t be charged with manslaughter?
50km in streets = just because we don’t like doesn’t mean the community didn’t want it, plus NSW was going there anyway, we’re just staying consistent.
paid parking in belco/woden = encouraging public transport (see higher patronage rates for ACTION) and equalising with how civic works
dragway = waiting for the Fed to work out what they are doing with the land in Majura.
GMC400 = It was costing (and losing) a huge amount of money, tried to shift it to a less freezing cold time, they wouldn’t so ACT government funding was withdrawn.
PTFFS & STP = That’s why it’s called an investigation because it investigates all the options then lay out solutions (again see increased ACTION patronage).
Budget surpluses = They haven’t been spending money unwisely (I’m sure you could find some tiny stupid things, but you could do that in any big budget) they have been increasing public service pay to competitive levels and a projected downturn in income from the housing market ate up the rest of the surplus.

Thumper, how are any of the thing you’ve listed to do with their “social agenda”. You claim is that there is some big over-riding policy of the government pushing it’s own wacky social policies with which Canberra community disagrees while neglecting services. You haven’t listed a single social policy that the canberrans in general hate that stanhope and co have been pushing. You also claim that the departments of health, education urban services and the ESB are totally useless and directionless without showing any numbers as proof to back up your claim. If you look at the results from school test scores, class sizes and school funding education has improved in the last four years. There are more Doctors and Nurses, more elective surgery is getting done, and there are more hospital beds. Does more need to be done? Of course it does. Does this make the government directionless and useless, I don’t think so. Now if you look at waiting lists maybe they aren’t being as effective and you (or me) would like, but they are trying. Apparently you were a teacher, maybe you didn’t have a good time or felt out of your depth but I know a number of teachers, in both public and private schools, who don’t feel as lost as you did. I guess my point is that your arguments seem very subjective without much fact to back them up. Obviously you don’t like this government, but you seem to be selecting the things they are doing that you don’t like and using them to assignin a larger ulterior motive and agenda that I just don’t think is there.

In relation to land release, if your talking about massive divisions of greenfields land the Government has always been the only one who can release that land. If conversely you’re talking about the LDA they are most certainly not the only one release blocks to consumers, Majura Rise in Watson for example is not managed by the LDA.

Thumper 1:26 pm 04 May 05

Geez, and I actually consider myself a small ‘L’ liberal environmentalist with leftist leanings….

Ralph 1:25 pm 04 May 05

And I’ll add that controlling land releases gives their social climbing, sorry, aspirational, party members nice (paper) increases in their property prices.

Thumper 1:25 pm 04 May 05

Oh, and I forget to meantion the constant forays into foreign policy….


Thumper 1:10 pm 04 May 05

Thanks Bonfire,

My sentiments exactly. Plus, bikelanes that endanger cyclists lives, no direction regarding water, pay parking at hospitals, plans for new busways even though no-one uses the things, GDE only one lane each way. How about No Waste by whenever, and yet Revolve gets closed down so that we can’t recycle stuff because it costs too much for the government to subsidise. Add to this the closing of tips and the increase in prices to go there.

I could throw in a totally useless and directionless health system, education department, urban services and Emergency Services Bureau but these are not exactly social agendas, except for the dumbing down of our schools which makes sure everyone is equal because no-one knows what is going on. Trust me on this one I was a teacher.

Four years is a fair time to fix a lot of wrongs.

As for the 260 who lose their jobs, I bet that they are stoked to see that the legal eagles are not going to be an ongoing cost, although at this stage it would appear that they will be a long term ongoing cost.

I didn’t say that I didn’t like the budget, indeed, it has many redeeming features. I just queried how we could have a deficit in a small boom. In fact, even Quinlan stated that we are in a boom!

And since you brought up the housing market, in case you have’nt realised, the ACT government now controls the housing market by their land releases. They can charge whatever they want because they are the only ones who can let go of the land.

And you haven’t even tried to repudiate the fact that this government is less for the people than it is for themselves.


bonfire 12:54 pm 04 May 05

i would have to say that 4 years after the liberals and 6 years after carnell, its a bit rich to blame stanhopes maladministration on her!

typical softhead lefty logic.

bill of rights = pointless
industrial manslaughter = bizarre
50km in streets = idiotic
paid parking in belco/woden = taking $30 a week from average joe
dragway = umm where is it ?
GMC400 = noisy and run by capitalists – begone!
PTFFS & STP = investigate public transport and go for MORE BUSES!
Budget surpluses = spend unwisely and bleed red then blame liberals.

need i go on ?

Anonymous 12:21 pm 04 May 05

Thumper, bill of rights aside can you give any examples of pushing their own social agenda that the community doesn’t want?

The so called “legal eagles” would cost a lot less than 260 full time positions and are non ongoing expenses, every one knows that you can’t cover ongoing losses with cutting non-ongoing expenses. Unless you’re the Howard government who likes to pay for it’s programs with income like testra sales and large reserve bank special dividends.

As to why it’s Carnell’s fault, well she rode the local public service into the ground by paying them shit and it’s only now getting back to a decent level (but costing more money). That plus a major slowdown in the housing market is what the government is claiming pushed us into the red.

em 11:04 am 04 May 05

I quite liked what I saw in the Budget. Lots of spending on health and education, two areas that I really wanted to see more money going to. Possibly a bit of wasted money on things like the Busway, but overall it seems like a good budget.

Thumper 10:35 am 04 May 05

But those 260 may not be too happy about it all. Why not get rid off the legal eagles holding up the Bushfire enquiry, surely that will save a heap?

Interesting how this self proclaimed leftist socialist leaning government really couldn’t give a stuff about the people of canberra, moreso, they appear to be more interested in pushing their own utopian social agenda rather than attending to the needs and wants of their constituents.

anon 9:58 am 04 May 05

The CT has coverage here

260 jobs cut from a public service of 18,000?

Easier just to jack up charges than restrain expenditure it seems

em 9:18 am 04 May 05

And here’s a link to the ACT budget website if you want the unadulterated press releases.

em 9:12 am 04 May 05

Thumper, I second that motion! All in favour say aye….

Thumper 8:39 am 04 May 05

Just hard to justify how we can be running a deficit in what appears to be a small boom.

I did hear Quinlan speaking last night and lo and behold, it was the Carnell governments fault!

I propose that new legislation be brought in that has a maximum gaol term of one year for any politician that blames the previous government after a two year period.


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