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ACT Drivers the worst in the Country

By johnboy - 30 May 2005 18

The Canberra Times is reporting that we Canberra drivers are a menace.

I’m not too sure about the proposed solution.

On Friday, ACT police launched an advertising campaign

Government advertising campaigns are limp-wristed cop-outs at the best of times.

When the issue is driving, where everyone thinks they are great and everyone else is crap, It just seems like a huge waste of time and money.

What’s Your opinion?

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18 Responses to
ACT Drivers the worst in the Country
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bulldog 4:35 pm 01 Jun 05

True dat LG! And dont get me started on retard cyclists who can’t grasp the concept of single file as opposed to three and four abreast.

My take is that if they are not paying vehicle registration, road maintanence and third party insurance, they should not have right of way.

Prime example; those stupid green lanes which are appearing all over this fair city. I’m sure the cyclists are much less inconveneinced, but I wouldn’t mind seeing how many accidents are attributable to these infernal contraptions!

LurkerGal 12:36 pm 01 Jun 05

And motor cyclists who think they own the road and are complete deadly tossers. And the motorists who take out the actions of aforementioned tossers on the motor cyclists who are actually doing the right thing, but cutting them off dangerously.

bulldog 12:27 pm 01 Jun 05

And don’t forget the “Can’t Merge Crew”. What the hell is so difficult about merging? The idea seems to be that if everyone slams on their brakes somehow it will sort itseld out.


RandomGit 8:18 am 01 Jun 05

And people who don’t get into their turning lane but slow down anyway, half in half out. Halfwit!!

Ralph 7:47 am 01 Jun 05

I agree with andy with regard to more of a police presence on our roads. NSW is not as bad as VIC, but there are still plenty of police doing the rounds.

In addition to right lane hogs one of my other pet road hates is clowns who drive around Canberra with fog lights on during the day (cause it looks cool).

Police readers may wish to note that there is a red Mitsubishi Lancer GSR, with no licence plates, doing 100+ along Gungahlin drive on his way to work every morning and evening.

andy 10:25 pm 31 May 05

We need more of a police presence. Its astounding to see the number of police cars NOT on the road, compared to when i was on holiday in victoria.
I don’t mean the big cash cows on the side of the road, cause I know exactly where they all sit in the belconnen area, and I just choose not to speed at those particular locations (but I do everywhere else.)

Interestingly, tonight, I saw an awesome one on coulter drv.. some guy headin north towards florey, through the green light at 80, and another dude comes down out of belconnen (where they are building that new building thinggy) and plows right into him, and they end up in the house on the corner.

Canberran drivers also habitually drive above the speed limit, by around 10K.
Try it, sit on cruise control and watch.

triffid girl 5:19 pm 31 May 05

I wish more of this bad Canberra driving was around Parliament House…I don’t think I’d be too remorseful if Johnny H. became one of our statistics.

bulldog 12:54 pm 31 May 05

I guess we have to face it that guilt by association dictates that Canberrans ARE the wost drivers in the country. It’s a fact.

I am frequently in Sydney and I laoth seeing another ACT driver, because their behaviour on the roads causes me embarrassment. I wholly concur of the princible of beating someone with a large stick if they drive like a jackass.

The worst offenders are the ‘right-hand-lane brigade’, followed closely by the ‘It’s wet so let’s drive like f**kheads’ gang who are frequently seen doing 40 k’s over OR under speed limit.

I don’t think revenue raising is the answer, I think a greater police presence on the roads would dicourage people from being rude, arrogant and generally driving beyond their abilities.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying I am any better a driver than the rest of the city, but at least I can exercise some self control.

Indi 12:42 pm 31 May 05

Since taking to the roads again on a motorbike, I’ve noticed more so the increase in poor decision making of drivers.

No matter how many ad campaigns there are to heighten community awareness on safer driving practices, until people take responsibility for their own behaviour behind the wheel, the road toll will simply remain a constant “reminder”.

Drivers slipping into “auto pilot” and just not concentrating is the biggest problem.

Canberra_unsung_hero 12:18 pm 31 May 05

As in Bogan-Tungan –


96km west on Capricorn Highway
The museum, located at the railway station, has an award winning Landcare weed display and memorabilia from the 1961 Midlander rail crash at Medway Creek. Just to the west, the Drummond Range Lookout offers fantastic views of the Central Highlands.

RandomGit 12:18 pm 31 May 05

Hero, you are so ‘street’ ;P

Canberra_unsung_hero 11:53 am 31 May 05

I finks that shoulda been “bogans” .

che 11:33 am 31 May 05

“bogongs ”? I’m sure Canberra’s moth community would be offended by that remark

Canberra_unsung_hero 11:00 am 31 May 05

Commodore drivers ? Would most of them be “bogongs ” ?

LurkerGal 10:33 am 31 May 05

And most of them drive commodores…….

bonfire 10:27 am 31 May 05

that 5km/h add uses data which has been discredited.

i maintain that bad drivers should be dragged from their car and beaten with a stick.

it would have more impact than a fine.

i see so many fruit loops behind the wheel – cutting peopel off, doing 80kmh in rh lane, never indicating, tailgating, talking on mobiles etc.

this causes more accidents than people realise.

OpenYourMind 9:17 am 31 May 05

There was a shocker of a quote in the Canberra Times on Sunday. Some crap about 63-64Km/h being a world of difference from 60. All other things being equal, it’s a difference of 1.6mtrs in stopping distance. Cheaper tyres, poor suspension, a less alert driver etc. would all make a lot more difference than 3k’s.

It’s a bit like that stupid add on TV with the 5 difference up here makes 27km/h difference down there. They have worked on an average reaction time of someone who is comatose.

Ralph 7:43 am 31 May 05

Those new ads are so lame.

Obviously what is needed is more speed and red light cameras, and lower speed limits as well. (This is what GovCo tries to brainwash the populous into believing).

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