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ACT PS Super Fight

johnboy 30 May 2006 9

The ABC reports that the CPSU is stepping up the fight against government plans to reduce their superannuation liabilities by reducing the amount they put in.

To me it’s a bit of a fox-hunting issue (the unspeakable in pursuit of inedibile) but it seems to excite a lot of people so please, tell me what you think.

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9 Responses to ACT PS Super Fight
Pandy Pandy 9:34 pm 31 May 06


You are right.

Australian Financial Review 5/5/6

However I know of at least one department that will go that way. Watch the rest fall in line.

michael michael 8:33 am 31 May 06

jr, the super liability for new members of the ACT PS will come out of current accounts too, they will have to pay contributions something like monthly or quarterly, different to the old schemes.

Pandy, that has nothing to do with WorkChoices. The Super Guarantee (SG) legislation requires that an employer contribute at least 9% of salary to super. The 15.4% that members of the PSSap get is part of the scheme rules that an employer has to contribute that amount, but if the employer goes with another fund the only rules they’re governed by are those of the SG legislation, ergo the minimum they have to pay is 9%.

One would presume that if a particular department decided not to go with PSSap and only made 9% contributions to another fund, they’d have a difficult time competing with other departments for staff.

nyssa76 nyssa76 7:08 am 31 May 06

You can have industrial action unless you 1) apply for leave from the IRC 2) have a “secret” ballot in which you need to get 50% + 1 of 50% + 1 yes votes for action and then 3) it takes 3-4 weeks for the AEC to tally the votes and the IRC to sign off on it.

Either that, or you’ll be slugged with a $6000 fine per uniion member who strikes without “consent” from the Govt.

Pandy, I’d love to know where you got that information from. Do you have a link?

Pandy Pandy 10:05 pm 30 May 06

Stanhope is right and the CPSU is wrong.

Have you heard that ALL federal deaprtments under Workchoices changes, if they do not elect PSSapp as their preferred super fund will only need to pay 9% to all new employees? No you did not? Well you read it here first then.

Spitfire3 Spitfire3 6:17 pm 30 May 06

Aw, I was lured to this page under false pretenses! I came here to find out about a SUPERFIGHT! presumably between superheroes, being staged here in the ACT. You can imagine my disappointment when I read that that’s NOT what this story’s about, but superannuation, which is only 90% as exciting.

Anyway, this smells like something a federal coalition government would do, not a Labor local council.

Laurie Short Laurie Short 5:04 pm 30 May 06

This is the sort of thing where you’d hope that there would be industrial action taken if the Government doesn’t move back from this position.

capt_benno capt_benno 2:37 pm 30 May 06

high fives jr.

jr jr 11:38 am 30 May 06

All this will succeed in achieving driving a wage claim for the differential 6.4%.

The only difference is that the liability for that 6.4% is comes out of current accounts and does not end up compounded in terms of Superannuation many years down the track.

How much do you want to bet those remaining on the higher super will also want the extra money…

capt_benno capt_benno 9:34 am 30 May 06

Simple. Dont become a new recruit to the ACT public service. All those currently employed still get 15%.

As for staff movements from Mickey Mouse to the fed’s. It has been happening for years, both ways.

this is rather old hat.

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