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ACT schools violent?

By nyssa76 - 25 September 2006 69

In today’s The Australian you will see a letter from Mr. Steve Pratt re: Literacy, however, he goes off on a rather different tangent after the 1st paragraph, lambasting teachers, unions the departmental leftists, PC Uni lecturers and the P&C (see below).

Basically he states that school P&Cs are being influenced by the Labor Party (bullshit), that the lack of academic rigour is the reason behind the exodus to Non-Government schools (try school closures and lack of adequate funding to match Non-Government schools) and my personal favourite, a lack of values education – didn’t the PM push this as a requirement before releasing education funding?

Then he goes on re: lack of discipline – see Education Act 2004 which your party assisted in pushing through the LA.

And finally, the level of violence in ACT Government schools is “disturbing”, having heard it informally. I’ve seen it, experienced it and spoken to other teachers on it and it’s minimal. He’s tarring the 99% of good students with this violence crap.

Last time I looked, he wasn’t the Shadow Education Minister, and really shouldn’t pass comment at all.

What’s Your opinion?

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69 Responses to
ACT schools violent?
Absent Diane 11:09 am 26 Sep 06

discipline needs to start at home. Teachers need to spend more time teaching than disciplining. Out in public I see so many people that just let their children run around willy nilly, annoying the shit out of people like me… they don’t bother trying to control them. Its no wonder there are issues in schools.

kiwi61 10:51 am 26 Sep 06

Sorry Nyssa, but i’m in agreement with Pratt.
Teachers are so busy bending over backwards with the thugs, and the parasites on the education system, that the better behaved kids just feel overlooked. The students have to put up with so much crap in the classroom, its a wonder that they’re coming away with anything anymore.
We need to come into line with NSW and take the students that come to school to cause trouble away from the mainstream and place them somewhere else with the properly trained teachers to cope with them, otherwise their behaviour just starts to rub off on the whole school.
My children have been in public education all their lives, but i’ve seen enough lately that my youngest will be leaving his primary school this year for a catholic school. Huge schools DON’T work.

simto 10:18 am 26 Sep 06

Hang on, you actually want our lettuce-eating vego teachers to try whacking kids? They’ll break a wrist!

James-T-Kirk 10:11 am 26 Sep 06

God help us all.

Kids don’t get a sense of boundaries unless somebody enforces them.

The sad joke is that wy wife (Not partner, I am happy to be married!), being a teacher, comes home with story after story about discipline problems in her school.

Sadly, there is *nothing* that the schools can do about it. Yea, Sure they can issue the ogg Level 2 contract, or even suspend a kid, but the kids, and even the parents, don’t care.

Suspension is simply a schools way of saying that the kid can have a week at the local shopping mall without actually skipping out on school.

James-T-Kirk 10:07 am 26 Sep 06

“You shot sally!”
“How do you think that makes her feel?”
“Appologise at once, and go and sit in the Thinking Corner”

VYBerlinaV8 10:05 am 26 Sep 06

Corporal punishment is a top idea – it means the teachers actually have some teeth to enforce their directions.

Thumper 10:01 am 26 Sep 06

I agree.

Never hurt me.

I got a number of floggings, mostly deserved, some not, but those that I didn’t deserve were making up for the times that I got away with something.

Balanced out in the end.

bonfire 9:42 am 26 Sep 06

Bring back corporal punishment. Six of the best as a result of your behaviour is enough to make most students reflect upon their proposed course of action.

nyssa76 11:41 pm 25 Sep 06

Were did you get that info? Is it on the DECS site? (too tired to think atm)

miz 8:23 pm 25 Sep 06

Anecdotal ‘violence’ – where’s the proof? This is an unsubstantiated generalisation. It reminds me of Alston’s constant whine about ABC ‘bias’ – proven to be 99% crap. As for literacy, perhaps Pratt should take note of Year 12 rankings where McKillop is invariably bottom of the heap?

VYBerlinaV8 4:28 pm 25 Sep 06

Regarding the behaviour issues, I went to a reasonably crappy and violent (but not ACT) school. Nyssa is right, 99% (less at my school) of the students are basically ok, but the 1% that aren’t still cause enough problems that it effects many of the students. Bad behaviour is infectitious, and once it starts it’s hard to stop. Most schools are fortunate enought to be able to lump these trouble makers somewhere away from the ‘normal’ students.

From personal experience, trouble maker students need to be dealt with rapidly or you get a situation like at my high school, where the tolerance for bad behaviour gradually grew until most people (me included) could get away with all sorts of crap simply because it was below the teachers’ radar. Not a good habit to be in, but the teachers spent so much time dealing with ‘existing’ bad behaviour that they didn’t spot the ‘new’ bad behaviour until it was all too late, and the cycle continued.

Blaming teachers is not the answer – they put up with enough crap now. Instead, problem kids need to be put into programs run by people with the necessary skills and attitude to manage them.

nyssa76 3:42 pm 25 Sep 06

simto, no. I hate them all equally.

cwb – he’s slagging off education in a national newspaper and then states that the school exodus is because of literacy (we’re #1 in Australia), labor party indoctrinated P&C members, violent students and lack of values.

He’s hardly doing anything positive, just pissing in the wind.

simto 3:30 pm 25 Sep 06

Ah, well, it’s all very different when the opposition goes on useless frolics, isn’t it?

Mr Evil 3:27 pm 25 Sep 06

In reality I think Pratt needs a trip to Serbia to have his balls fried again. 🙂

No wonder they let him go.

captainwhorebags 3:13 pm 25 Sep 06

I don’t see any problem with Pratt writing a letter to a newspaper – it’s hardly an exlusive forum and I’d say not too dissimilar with people commenting here.

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