ActewAGL seeks to head off Darwin Award applicants

johnboy 11 July 2011 9

ActewAGL are trying to warn Canberra’s mindless vandals of the dangers of trying to wreck live high voltage equipment after an incident in Kambah:

ActewAGL General Manager Asset Management Stephen Devlin has stressed the dangers of unauthorised access or vandalism to switching equipment, powerlines, substations and other electrical infrastructure.

“It’s important that people stay well away from all components of the electricity network and understand that it is dangerous to interfere with it.

“Even if live wires aren’t touched, tampering with the network can result in electric shock or electrocution as electricity can arc or jump if objects interfere with the path of the electrical current.

“People who interfere with the network also have the potential to cause unplanned interruptions to streets or whole suburbs – inconveniencing a large number of people.”

While ActewAGL has security measures in place to protect the network and the community, responsibility also lies with individuals to understand the dangers of interfering with the electricity network.

If you see someone vandalising, trespassing or acting suspiciously near ActewAGL’s electricity network, please call ACT policing on 13 14 44 or ActewAGL on 13 10 93 so that ActewAGL can respond quickly to protect public safety.

All very noble, but it’s not like these morons will ever read the warnings, nor particularly care.

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9 Responses to ActewAGL seeks to head off Darwin Award applicants
johnboy johnboy 9:30 pm 11 Jul 11

Indeed, a Mully is not a Darwin, for all that Mully deserved a Darwin.

LSWCHP LSWCHP 9:26 pm 11 Jul 11

Pandy said :

Please give these drop jaws a Mully Award!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

There may be a misunderstanding about the significance of the Mully award here. I’m sure they’ll garner a Mully after they’ve accidentally ridden the lightning.

Pandy Pandy 8:55 pm 11 Jul 11

Please give these drop jaws a Mully Award!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

LSWCHP LSWCHP 8:50 pm 11 Jul 11

Yup, Actew are non the wrong tack here. These dicks should get all the encouragement we can provide. Just thinning the herd for the benefit of all.

Chop71 Chop71 6:05 pm 11 Jul 11

ahh, good luck to them.

The dumber the better I say.

breda breda 5:57 pm 11 Jul 11

harvyk1 – no, no, you have the psychology all wrong. The sign should say “Do Not Touch” in huge red letters, with a hand touching it crossed out in a red circle for the significant proportion who can’t read. That should attract them like flies to cowpats.

Stevian Stevian 2:08 pm 11 Jul 11

The Frots said :

I can’t think of a better culling program myself – let them go!


harvyk1 harvyk1 1:56 pm 11 Jul 11

I can picture it now, ActewAGL will start placing signs stating “future darwin award nominees, touch here” and a arrow pointing down to some live wires (which if touched will electrocute the potential nominee, but leave the power on for the rest of us)

The Frots The Frots 10:55 am 11 Jul 11

I can’t think of a better culling program myself – let them go!

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