Advice for overnighting at the snow?

Jethro 14 June 2011 9

I have some friends visiting from QLD in a few weeks and they are hoping to pop down to the snow for an overnight trip.

They are a middle aged couple who have never seen snow, so they aren’t particularly interested in skiing or any other ‘adventure’ type activities.

They’re more just looking for somewhere nice to stay with access to snow (with maybe some tobogganing or similar), a nice restaurant, decent accommodation (hopefully not too expensive) and maybe somewhere to stroll around and enjoy the view and get in a bit of window-shopping.

They will be down mid-week and only want one night.

Basically, it’s a chance for them to see and touch the white stuff and enjoy a night together. If anyone knows somewhere that I could recommend I would love to hear from you.

I’ve been living here for a few years now but have never been down to the snow so have no idea where to direct them.

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9 Responses to Advice for overnighting at the snow?
countymountie countymountie 7:01 pm 22 Jun 11

Hi Jethro,
Lived there for 50 yrs before getting out. The main things are take your time, don’t panic and let others go before you in traffic. Be careful going over gaps as oncoming traffic will not care ( they leave their brains at the entrance stations and pick them up on the way home). Don’t leave your hand brake on, lift the windscreen wipers, buy an ice scraper and clear all the windows before driving. make sure the engine coolant will not freeze as that is a world of hurt. Oh by the way enjoy!

djk djk 4:55 pm 14 Jun 11

Lake Crackenback ticks most of the boxes bar probably the most important one, the cost.

But it is definitely a nice place to stay if you are not that interested in being on snow.

triffid triffid 4:29 pm 14 Jun 11

Stay in Cooma and pop up to Mt Selwyn maybe? I am assuming they’ll be driving, in which case they may need to carry chains (hire at Cooma).

KB1971 KB1971 4:20 pm 14 Jun 11

Make sure they have adequate antifreeze mix in their cooling system.
If its a diesel, make sure they fill up here or up there as it is conditioned for cooler climates.
Tell them to leave their wipers up while parked.
Practice fitting chains to their car before they get up there & have to do it lying in the snow.
Reverse tha car into the parking lot in case the battery dies.

Acommodation is much cheaper out of the park.

dvaey dvaey 3:55 pm 14 Jun 11

Ahh, the tourism mecca known as the ski-fields in winter… where you pay an arm and a leg to break them both anyway

+1 for staying at Jindabyne

qbngeek qbngeek 11:54 am 14 Jun 11

The other option is to hope for a decent snowfall in the Brindies and head up there for the day. We stopped going to the Snowys in winter a few years ago (to avoid the tools and the stupid prices of everything) and now head up into the Brindies a couple of time a year. It makes no difference to the kids as they just want to run around in the snow and throw it at each other.

If they just want to see snow and touch it, this might be a better option.

Jim Jones Jim Jones 11:50 am 14 Jun 11

Build an igloo

thatsnotme thatsnotme 11:23 am 14 Jun 11

Only staying for one night is going to limit their choices. During the ski season, a lot of places have at least a 2 night minimum.

I’d suggest getting them to think about staying in Jindabyne, rather than on the slopes themselves. They could drive up to Thredbo, see the snow, have a wander around the village, and get some lunch there. They also have the option to pay for a ride on the chair lift up to the top, to get a good view of the mountains, and get up into areas where there’s some decent snow.

Head back to Jindabyne for the night, where there’s plenty of choice in restaurants.

But the real sticking point will be finding somewhere that allows a single night booking.

Keijidosha Keijidosha 10:22 am 14 Jun 11

Thredbo Alpine Resort meets all of your requirements, except price. But you won’t find accomodation anywhere at (or near) the snowfields that is reasonably priced.

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