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AFP traffic Quota?

By ExFeds - 11 February 2010 71

Does anyone know whether the ACT Police has a “quota” for traffic fines? Are their members expected to hand out a certain number each month?

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71 Responses to
AFP traffic Quota?
jackal 10:59 am 12 Feb 10

Generally police don’t give out parking fines, TAMS inspectors do. I sometimes get parking fines – why? Because I was parked illegally for one reason or another. I’ll wear it and be more careful next time. If no one policed parking bays then what would be the point of loading zones, disabled spots, drop-off only points?

Rawhide Kid No 2 10:33 am 12 Feb 10

cleo said :

Maybe they should be on the freeways catching speedsters, and saving lives instead of parking fines.

I don’t think the AFP do parking fines in general. Only when its really causing a problem. They leave the rest up to the “Lone Rangers”. But then I could be wrong.

Aurelius 10:08 am 12 Feb 10

I asked this question to a highway patrol officer relative in NSW about 20 years ago.
His explanation was that there is no quota, but HWP police are unsupervised (naturally) being out in their car for 80% of their shift. And he explained that catching people is like shooting fish in a barrel – there are plenty of targets so using your time productively is a relatively easy thing to do.
So if one officer gets a lower than normal (compared to others, or to his previous stats) infringement notice count, his superiors ask “Why?” Obviously, there’s so legit explanations, so this isn’t of a critical nature, but simply a supervisory thing. The same way you’d be asked why your performance was way below any of your colleagues in any other workplace.
So there’s no quota, but stats are kept just to make sure they’re working and not skiving off to Maccas too much or down the pub.
Plus, HWP officers have to report in by radio when they leave their car – so the control centre knows where officers are when something serious erupts. So if they’re always skiving off going shopping or they’re at home watching TV or whatever, a pattern gets noticed, and looked at.

dvaey 10:04 am 12 Feb 10

I dont know about a ‘traffic quota’, but I have heard that some police (not sure if ACT or not) have a contact-quota, whereby theyre meant to have contact with the public on a certain number of occasions (per hour, or shift or something). Who’d have thought that 3 ‘contacts’ would look better to the boss if you issued 3 tickets, than if you dealt with 3 issues requiring 3 lots of paperwork for someone.

Also, youre asking the question incorrectly. You should ask if they have a target or goal, not a quota, they dont use that word anymore since the media got ahold of it, now its a traffic target, same thing but not official and not confirmed to the media.

Woody Mann-Caruso 9:53 am 12 Feb 10

Let’s say they do. So what? Good luck standing up in court and saying “well, sure, I was speeding, but that copper has a quota to meet!”

sloppery 9:48 am 12 Feb 10

I strongly suspect there are quotas around how much compliance checking is supposed to be done (which makes sense), although how many actual fines are handed out would be separate.

harvyk1 9:40 am 12 Feb 10

There some quota’s, but not for fines. As part of the territory policing contract the boys in blue must do a certain number breath tests over a certain period of time.

buzz819 8:53 am 12 Feb 10

ExFeds said :

How can you be so sure? There must be some sort of guide to make sure they are doing their job?

Why must there be some sort of “guide”? As I said, if there aren’t people out breaking the law, how can they be forced to give out a certain amount of tickets?

I’m sure if you look through here:
You will find that the number given out is not even part of the KPI’s set by the Government.

The important things are, number of breath tests, number of burglaries, number of road fatalities, that kind of thing.

lobster 8:50 am 12 Feb 10

There is no quota as to how many fines you are meant to hand out.
However. If everyone else was handing out 10 fines a day and you only handed out 5 for the week. Then it would look like you weren’t doing as much work.

Tooks 8:46 am 12 Feb 10

cleo said :

Maybe they should be on the freeways catching speedsters, and saving lives instead of parking fines.

You’re not really that ignorant, are you?

niftydog 8:26 am 12 Feb 10

The idea of a quota sounds dangerous to me so I’d be surprised if it’s official policy. The notion of officers being engrossed in filling their quota for the end of the month whilst more serious crimes go unnoticed has scandal written all over it. Hopefully they’re not that stupid.

@cleo; Do cops give out parking fines? I would have thought most of them would be issued by city rangers or dedicated infringement officers.

cleo 2:03 am 12 Feb 10

Maybe they should be on the freeways catching speedsters, and saving lives instead of parking fines.

ExFeds 11:51 pm 11 Feb 10

How can you be so sure? There must be some sort of guide to make sure they are doing their job?

kevn 10:51 pm 11 Feb 10

This came up the other day after I noticed a huge police presence going up both sides of the parkway late last month.

In counter though, I have seen more cop cars in the first 11 days of Feb, also…as in some.

buzz819 10:00 pm 11 Feb 10

I know, the answer is no. If someone is silly enough to opt to break the law in front of the boys in blue, then they can pay the optional tax incurred by this behavior.

If no one was breaking the law then no fines could be handed out, now could there?

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