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Air Disaster Memorial [Ghost Strikes Again]

By Panhead 30 September 2009 15

Trekked out there a few nights ago and were victims of the car stalling and rolling forward experience. Some of our group also swear they saw a person on the track leading up to the memorial. Anyone else have any stories? I’ve never experienced…

[Ed] And there the story ended as though the ghost had come to finish poor Panhead off. The Air Disaster Memorial and other Canberra spooky places have been discussed previously on RiotACT here, here and here.

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Air Disaster Memorial [Ghost Strikes Again]
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Deref 3:36 pm 24 Aug 10

Keep taking the meds.

willo 1:32 am 02 Oct 09

yea the new access road goes up between the speedway and paintball field……now that you mention engines suddenly stopping and refusing to start i recall this happening to me on the speedway many times……almost certainly caused by the ghosts i would say…..or perhaps holden v6’s dont like having the rev limiter removed and then being revved to well past 10000 rpm?…….either way i wish it’d stop bloody happening….

Thumper 5:43 pm 01 Oct 09

supernatural occurances, that is 😉

Thumper 5:42 pm 01 Oct 09

I went up there with Tim the Yowie man while I was researching my book. It’s an interesting place, quite eerie, but this is expected given it’s remote location, the history of the place, and the stories that circulate about it.

Suggestion is a major reason for individuals experiencing occurances.

I once did a big burnout there. Maybe that’s why ghosts hate cars.

Thoroughly Smashed 2:29 pm 01 Oct 09

Panhead said :

Sorry guys, didn’t actually mean to post this. I was looking for the original topics and then exited the editor but it still posted :S

Must have been one of the ghosts you were asking about.

ErkzO 2:18 pm 01 Oct 09

Sounds creepy, maybe we should camp there a night. Ohh and is this near the paintball field?(I recomend playing paintball there, its great)

Friska 1:44 pm 01 Oct 09

My friend told me about 10 years ago, him and his mates went up there and saw a young girl near the gate. They got out of the car and she disappeared. Later on when they had reached the top of the hill they saw her again sitting on the ground crying. One of the mates freaked out and sat in the car and the other mate tried to approach her, she ran off again into the darkness of the trees. The next weekend they took new friends up there to show them what they had seen – there again, the little girl was, standing by the gate.


Panhead 12:13 pm 01 Oct 09

Sorry guys, didn’t actually mean to post this. I was looking for the original topics and then exited the editor but it still posted :S

A lot of people’s cars either stall or refuse to start around the area. A few documented stories. Considering my car is an auto as well.

Disposable 10:46 am 01 Oct 09

If you go on the weird Canberra tour with Tim the Yowie man they actually have a key to the air disaster memorial area and drive the bus in there.

OzPhoenix 10:33 am 01 Oct 09

“victims of the car stalling and rolling forward experience”

What’s that got to do with ghosts?? There’s nothing unusual about a car stalling and then rolling forward.

justbands 10:27 am 01 Oct 09

> Yep, you have to walk there as the gate is locked.

So how then exactly did the original poster have the “car stalling and rolling forward experience”?

dr phil 8:09 am 01 Oct 09

When I used to smoke Drugs, lots of stuff went on at the top of the hill, since going back after 10 years off the drugs, it wasn’t that fun… Nothing happend!

Thumper 8:02 am 01 Oct 09

Yep, you have to walk there as the gate is locked.

caf 9:21 pm 30 Sep 09

Isn’t the Air Disaster Memorial inaccessible at the moment because you have to go through the paintball field to get to it?

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