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Airport botches runway extension to exacerbate fog problems

By johnboy - 30 April 2006 26

The ABC is reporting that while extending their runway the Airport has disabled the Instrument Landing System which mitigated the effects of fog. Not just switched it off for the weekend, but until at least mid-july.

The Canberra Times also has the story.

Airport managing director Stephen Byron said people flying to Canberra should consider flying the night before an event or appointment to avoid missing it.

I’ll leave it as an excercise for the reader as to where Stephen Byron should consider sticking his advice.

Sadly there seems to be no mechanism for stripping an operator of their airport if they can’t be arsed keeping the planes flying amongst their expansion plans.

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
Airport botches runway extension to exacerbate fog problems
Blamemonkey 11:11 am 02 May 06

A Mate of mine is still waiting for his Girl friends mum to arrive so far she is 1 1/2 hours late….

Yay for fog

che 9:31 am 02 May 06

well my folks are stuck in Sydney this morning after an all night flight from Perth because of this you bastards

Thumper 9:11 am 02 May 06

One could say that, with today’s fog, the vultures all came home to roost this morning…

Les Whinin 11:03 am 01 May 06

It is amazing that in Hong Kong they managed to shut down and relocate a complete international airport in less than 12 hours without disruption of service, but yet the local boys manage to totally balls up a simple runway extension.

Let us not forget the hanger building disaster either.

Thumper 10:37 am 01 May 06

The thought did cross my mind, kill two birds with one stone so to speak…

Maelinar 10:23 am 01 May 06

Thumper, that sounds a lot like a nimby cloaking strategy to get wind farms installed…

Ari 9:34 am 01 May 06

During WW2 the British had the FIDO fog dispersal system at bomber airfields.

Since it burnt huge amounts of aviation fuel it’s probably a bit too extravagent given today’s prices.

Thumper 9:10 am 01 May 06

Why not build giant fans that can blow the fog over to queanbeyan and hide it from those flying in.

Swaggie 12:05 am 01 May 06

Family connections are everything with Mr Byrom but what also surprises me is how he’s always the ‘front man’ for the airport. I’d have thought the Snow family were surely more ‘media savvy’ than to keep having Byrom fronting up to the press and cameras but he continues to do so and never exactly comes across as the sharpest tool in the shed.

johnboy 10:04 pm 30 Apr 06

Incidentally, does anyone know any of Stephen Byron’s business achievements other than being a well connected young tory and a marginally better manager of student finances at ANU than a communist?

johnboy 9:56 pm 30 Apr 06

I think you’ll find that was very early 90’s, I think i was there at the time.

“colourfull” is a good term to describe the byronic career in student politics.

i’d say the young libs were particularly revolting back then but frankly i doubt they’ve much changed. Possibly got worse with the fruits of government.

jr 9:37 pm 30 Apr 06

Only in Canberra would you get a so called “international airport” that is closed down due to fog for 22 days a year….

Big Al 6:51 pm 30 Apr 06

My lasting memory of Stephen Byron was that of seeing him being bundled into a police van when he was arrested for bing drunk and dissorderly in public at an ‘O’ week event in the late eighties. There are still photograps of the incident about the traps. Byron tryed to sue Woroni but could only stop their publication. I’m guessing that, with that sort of judgement is going to bite you on the arse sooner or later.

Kerces 5:57 pm 30 Apr 06

Maybe the airport should subsidise accommodation for people who have to fly in the night before their appointment/event because of the airport’s stupidity.

caf 5:54 pm 30 Apr 06

Hooray for monopolies.

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