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Airport botches runway extension to exacerbate fog problems

By johnboy 30 April 2006 26

The ABC is reporting that while extending their runway the Airport has disabled the Instrument Landing System which mitigated the effects of fog. Not just switched it off for the weekend, but until at least mid-july.

The Canberra Times also has the story.

Airport managing director Stephen Byron said people flying to Canberra should consider flying the night before an event or appointment to avoid missing it.

I’ll leave it as an excercise for the reader as to where Stephen Byron should consider sticking his advice.

Sadly there seems to be no mechanism for stripping an operator of their airport if they can’t be arsed keeping the planes flying amongst their expansion plans.

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Airport botches runway extension to exacerbate fog problems
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johnboy 5:20 pm 09 Dec 06

They still have to stay in with the federales my friend.

And it’s actually a lot of people’s soap-box, many of which I don’t agree with.

Go figure.

Mexican 5:04 pm 09 Dec 06

It one thing to criticise how a business is run, its another thing to make personal attacks.

If you read my last comment, I just said that they have no reason to gain favour from the community by being charitable if as you say, they do what they want anyway. The fact that they dont go around blowing their own trumpet about the charities is more proof that maybe, just maybe they might be doing it because they can – end of story.

You are welcome to express your opinion about anything you like. God knows, this whole site looks like your little soapbox. I’ve expressed my opinion, for which I am grateful. All the best.

johnboy 4:55 pm 09 Dec 06

Why do they give to charity? Good PR? Influence? Currying favour with a charitable patron? The goodness of the hearts of some people within the management?

Unless they decide to tell us I hardly see how it’s relevant.

They do a lot of good things out there, that doesn’t buy a free ride when they do bad things and certainly doesn’t mean I can’t express an opinion about it.

Mexican 4:49 pm 09 Dec 06

They dont have to give to any charities if they dont want to. If what you say is true – that they do what they do and tell us to lump it, then they really have no reason at all to give to charities apart from – god forbid, they might be putting something back into the community.

johnboy 4:39 pm 09 Dec 06

Ahh, they’re screwing the rest of us so they can give to their chosen charities, that’s OK then!

The ACT has almost no control over the airport at all, the Federal Government handed over the lease and the very well connected Steven Byron was a beneficiary in getting his lovely job afterwards.

If there were mechanisms for the people of the ACT to exercise control, via our Government, then you would find most gripes would disappear.

As it is they do what they do and tell us to lump it. A bit much to ask us to like it as well.

Mexican 4:33 pm 09 Dec 06

When I asked how you would prefer the airports be run, I really meant it. Are you suggesting that there should be whole stack of airports around Canberra, each competing for our aviation dollar? Not sure about the ensuing noise complaints. Wasn´t there competition in obtaining the lease for the airport when it came up for grabs? Isnt this really to do with privatisation? My family has been recently helped through a very tough period mainly thanks to a charity almost 100% supported by the airport. This side of the airport usually isnt given too much press because lets face it, who needs good news?

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