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Life is looking up

Airport flyover now firing on all cylinders

By SheepGroper - 24 March 2009 22

The airport flyover is now fully open, all four lanes are in use and the side road to allow Queanbeyanites access to the current main airport entrance is also open.

The Pialligo roundabout has been almost completely eradicated and is in the process of being replaced by more traffic lights.

[ED – So are we all happy now?]

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22 Responses to
Airport flyover now firing on all cylinders
AG Canberra 5:05 pm 24 Mar 09

The ACT Gov didn’t help the situation by getting all those out at Gungahlin to drive down Majura Road…

But yes – this is exactly why we need decent planning controls that are followed by all.

harvyk1 4:32 pm 24 Mar 09

Is it just me, or is this going to end up one hell of a mess, with multiple roads all taking you to the same place, and yet where the largest congestion occurs (aka the road to the airport \ qbn) we’re still only looking at a single access road.

ant 4:10 pm 24 Mar 09

Yep, it’s just moved the bottleneck. And this will continue to happen, as the haphazard road work continues. Russell Roundabout (at Kings Ave) was at peak capacity last year during the rush hours, and that hasn’t changed.

Around this time last year, it took me LONGER to get from the airport traffic jam to Barton, than it took me to get from midway on the Captain’s Flat Road, to the traffic jam at the airport. That is, it took longer to go 5 kms, than 25 kms.

All this lost time, and then all the public money spent to try and fix the problem caused by one family cheerfully exploiting a loophole in order to make squillions. I wonder what other things weren’t done, becuase tax money had to be diverted to fix the Snowtown mess?

And now we have traffic lights all along a road that had none, and needed none until this situation happened.

I’m certainly a lot happier that I won’t be crawling along in 1st gear and brakes, and when the Russell roundabout is fixed, things’ll be even better. But it should never have happened in the first place.

p1 4:08 pm 24 Mar 09

Ooohhh, I like the look of part 2.

I assume the Monaro extension will connect somewhere north to an upgraded Majura Rd?

Kim F 3:52 pm 24 Mar 09

Where is the northerly extension of the Monaro Highway going to go ?

SheepGroper 3:30 pm 24 Mar 09

There’s a diagram of the complete set of road changes with timeline at

SheepGroper 3:23 pm 24 Mar 09

That’s stage 1b caf, that roudabout will be replaced by lights when that bit of road is widened. The airport flyover thing is 1a.

caf 3:21 pm 24 Mar 09

I was wondering the other day why there’s still a roundabout at the intersection of Moreshead Drive and Monaro Hwy (the most Westerly one).

All it needs is a flyover taking traffic from the city on Moreshead Drive turning onto the Monaro Hwy heading south, and a merge for traffic from the Monaro Hwy turning left onto Moreshead Drive. There’s no need for traffic from the Monaro Hwy to head West at this intersection – it should have continued on Dairy Rd.

Starscream @ work 3:14 pm 24 Mar 09

thats seems fast. i was out there last wensday and it seemed like a bit to go yet.

p1 3:00 pm 24 Mar 09

I am not happy that the expansion of Snowtown means that not only have lots of my tax $$ been spent on roadworks, but now I have more sets of traffic lights in my city.

I think that you should be able to go from Goulburn to Cooma via Majura Road without hitting a single set of traffic lights, and preferably no roundabouts. But instead they are increasing the number of lights.

SheepGroper 2:53 pm 24 Mar 09

The bottleneck between the lights at the end of the bridge and the Pialligo intersection is still there. Two lanes forced into one will still slow things down even without a repeat of yesterday’s case of car radiator catastrophic failure just past the merge point where it would cause maximum havoc.

shanefos 2:47 pm 24 Mar 09

The bottle-neck has just been squeezed into the section between Beltana Rd and Dairy Rd.

fnaah 2:16 pm 24 Mar 09

I’ll let you know tomorrow morning – if I can get from the Duntroon entrance on Morsehead Drive to Brindabella Park in less than 10 minutes, I’ll be happy. (Yesterday’s record-breaking time for that roughly 2.5 km of road was 40 minutes.)

Granny 2:14 pm 24 Mar 09

Yes! I’m happy! Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy!

Spectra 2:12 pm 24 Mar 09

ED – So are we all happy now?

You’re new to this site, aren’t you? 😉

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