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Al Grassby statue in Civic

By IBN News - 31 October 2006 31

IBN reports that the opposition isn’t happy with the government commissioning that life-size statue of Al Grassby for Civic Square (which RiotAct reported on back in March).

Opposition leader Bill Stefaniak says he can’t believe money is being spent on this when budgets are being cut everywhere else.

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31 Responses to
Al Grassby statue in Civic
Mr Evil 5:03 pm 31 Oct 06

“what about j howard rogering a map of australia up the arse.”

Australia’s arse would be represented by Alan Jones or John Laws?

Absent Diane of the 4:39 pm 31 Oct 06

what about j howard rogering a map of australia up the arse.

captainwhorebags 4:09 pm 31 Oct 06

A statue of Mal Colston could keep Al company.

Ari 3:55 pm 31 Oct 06

I suggest Grassby be accompanied by a statue of Al-Hilali … put them alongside the porno sheep.

Thumper 3:51 pm 31 Oct 06

I have no problem with a statue, it’s just the subject that troubles me.

Did anyone mention a 50 foot Jim Morrison statue?

S4anta 3:35 pm 31 Oct 06

Can someone hear an echo?

youshould_knowthis 3:13 pm 31 Oct 06

Surely the issue, whether a crook or not (I think more likely that he was) is that we shouldn’t be spending all that money on a statue when we are closing shopfronts, reducing service levels, and making cuts to just about every area of government in Canberra?

Thumper 1:59 pm 31 Oct 06

Al Grassby.

Only Stanhope could think that he was actually a good solid law abiding citizen.

The little weasel, innocent until proven dead, was as seemingly crooked as a dogs hind leg and has more to do with what JB has said than simply charges being brought to bear.

Just another untouchable that has been elevated to the heights of greatness by leftist revision history.

In the grand scheme of things Grassby was a little man.

johnboy 1:47 pm 31 Oct 06

given the AFP high command’s gutless record when it comes to politicians I think we can safely assume any number of crooks have been through the parliament.

the ongoing refusal to create a federal anti-corruption body frankly leaves them all open to the charge IMHO.

Absent Diane of the 1:46 pm 31 Oct 06

by the sounds of things this guy probably did more good than bad.

simto 1:40 pm 31 Oct 06

From memory, nothing was ever proved against Grassby. Still, innocent until proven guilty doesn’t always seem to stick in some people’s memory.

I’m just wondering how you’d be able to reflect the bloke’s dress sense in a statue. Presumably it’d need a fresh coat of paint once a day?

Mr Evil 1:39 pm 31 Oct 06

How do you make a statue of a pissed, crooked arsehole look life like?

S4anta 1:36 pm 31 Oct 06

love it!

snahon 1:28 pm 31 Oct 06

Think of all the eggs and cake mix you could buy….hell you could even splurge on a dozen new electric beaters !!!

vg 1:25 pm 31 Oct 06

Al Grassby?? Any other crooks they wanna throw a statue up for….Anu Singh, Eastman?

God almighty, does Standope ever think ?

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