Amphetamine fever comes to Canberra

johnboy 6 October 2006 56

Not wanting to be left out of the national media wave of “amphetamine madness” the Canberra Times has a piece of our Top Cop, Audrey Fagan, talking tough about the demon drugs.

“”We can’t underestimate the harm these drugs present to the community,” she said. “These are potent, illicit drugs and nothing about them is anything like the casualness the word party drug suggests. Amphetamine-type substances have been linked to violence, crime and are very damaging to individuals.”‘

Now let’s engage our brains for a second here, at the top of the article we’re told that police are seizing record quantities of the drugs, but that’s not having much of an effect on supply, or we wouldn’t need more warnings (also prices would rise). Yet we get constantly told the crime rate is falling. So despite a huge influx of these drugs which “potent, illicit drugs” which we’re assured are “linked to violence, crime” there’s actually no outcomes to point to here?

And let’s not forget we’re talking about a class of drugs, amphetamines, that are so “dangerous” they get given to Presidents, Prime Ministers, fighter pilots, and, er, hyperactive school children.

Oh yes, let’s have another moral panic please.

UPDATED: Thanks to DT for the heads-up, Bill Stefaniak is weighing in to the moral panic. He suggests an advertising campaign (because party drug users get their style tips from government advertising) to make it clear that ice is not cool.

He then goes on to talk about his ice addict friends:

“I have seen at close hand the horrifying effects of ‘ice’ on a couple of people I know.

This suggests Bill goes to better parties than I do which annoys me intensely.

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56 Responses to Amphetamine fever comes to Canberra
shanni0 shanni0 7:59 pm 11 Oct 06

I agree with Special G and Diane,

I take full responsibility for my actions, i do sometimes have ice, but i have never seen anyone go nuts, generally, the people i have it with, really just have ti to stay up and talk crap…

Absent Diane Absent Diane 6:51 pm 08 Oct 06

special g – I agree. I am advocate the legalisation of drug use… but everyone should be fully responsible for their actions.. even if they don’t know what they are doing.

andy andy 6:50 pm 08 Oct 06

nyssa, don’t worry, i’ve had plenty spews on things other than alchol…
but not nearly as bad as that night..

Special G Special G 6:15 pm 08 Oct 06

Any person should be held responsible for their own actions. If you take a drug that alters your perception causing you to not know what you are doing at all times then you still were sober at some stage when you ‘popped the pill’ etc.

Decreased responsibility due to being f*#ked up on drugs is a load of crap.

No one wants to take responsibility for their actions. (broad generalised statement)

nyssa76 nyssa76 11:03 pm 06 Oct 06

andy, alcohol is worse :P~ Thank God I got rid of that sofa you spewed on.

andy andy 10:26 pm 06 Oct 06

FC -i can tell yo uthat sometimes you DO NT know what you do when you are on drugs sometimes. i’ve never been THAT bad though.

andy andy 10:15 pm 06 Oct 06

party drugs aren’t bad for you, in moderation.
and they aren’t getting more expensive on the street. you’ll have to trust me on this one.

of course, if you are irresponsible, or ineducated about the drus you take, it’s going to cause problems.

EDUCATION is the most important thing.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 8:40 pm 06 Oct 06

Alcohol is a bigger concern than any other drug. Period. Eg last night my house mate was bashed and robbed in civic by a bunch of pissed dickheads. Nothing was done to provoke it.

Alcohol is available to people than drugs.. although drugs are probably easier for underagers to obtain. Alcohol more accessable = more dangerous, because when it comes down to it like others have said its generally the person not the drug.

So many of you people say take responisibility for your actions which I agree with and I think people should be made much more responsible for their actions but in return grant a few more civil liberties. word.

barking toad barking toad 4:40 pm 06 Oct 06

Like the Southpark episode I caught on Fox the other night. All the kiddies decided to suffer from ADHD because one of them did and got away with shit.

Then they were all put on ritalin and became useless.

Then the parents found out about a brilliant new treatment. This involved shouting at the little ADHD fuckers to STFU and a backhander.

Worked a treat.

Don’t worry overly about root causes

Special G Special G 4:40 pm 06 Oct 06

In order to go to Gaol in the ACT for posession of drugs you would have to have a truckload. I heard of a guy who had 15kg of pot and got a $250 fine. He probably said it was for personal use.

Unbeliever Unbeliever 4:14 pm 06 Oct 06

Drug (illicit or legal) is a symptom of some other issue – whether personal or social or whatever. Talking about drug use without addressing the cause (an we’re bloody great at doing that) is insane. Address the causes of why someone chooses to substance abuse, you fix the problem. In the meantime regulate instead of criminalise which to date has been a pathetically failed public policy.

Danman Danman 3:35 pm 06 Oct 06

I hate it when my mates steal my last MB from the shed fridge 😛

(Alcohol related theft)

johnboy johnboy 3:28 pm 06 Oct 06

let’s just say the theives were known to me.

Danman Danman 3:25 pm 06 Oct 06

JB – how do u know they were alcoholics ?

Did you catch the assailants and have them summonsed to appear in court.

I can not say for sure – but 99% chance that everything stolen off me ended up in the arm/cone/nose/cigarette of a drug user – not the belly of an alco. Why do you think that alcoholics drink metho and OJ – its because they can not afford real alcohol.

Drug abusers do not have a cheap option – hence the statistical data will reflect that a great deal of theft from vehicles and houses is drug related.

barking toad barking toad 3:15 pm 06 Oct 06

you really should move out of ainlsie village jb 🙂

seepi seepi 3:08 pm 06 Oct 06

Gee – I would have thought the $8 million (or was it more) the Howard govt spent on sending us all that nice brocuhre about drugs would have solved all the problems.
Perhaps Bill should have told his friends ice is harmfull, and then of course they would have stopped, once they realised.

johnboy johnboy 3:01 pm 06 Oct 06

I’ve had more stolen from me by alcoholics than junkies.

barking toad barking toad 2:57 pm 06 Oct 06

The lowlife shits that burgled and trashed my joint were drugfucked heroin addicts who unloaded what they stole for $100 to get another hit.

Haven’t heard of many blokes with a belly full of VB burgling a joint to get another schooner.

Comparing pissheads to the drugfucked makes as much sense as a fish riding a bicycle (or a recumbent cycle if the fish is gay).

Binker Binker 2:51 pm 06 Oct 06

I’m not sure that it is more readily available, I think it is probably easier to buy a gram of speed at 4am on a Tuesday morning than it is get a beer, I hazard a guess for the speed you’ll even get home delivery.

Re addiction you may or may not be right I’m sure somewhere out there someone’s done a reasonably valid study on the matter however I don’t think there would be much difference, it’s the psychology of the person taking it that is likely to lead to addiction rather than the inherent addictive power of the substance.

Jazz Jazz 2:39 pm 06 Oct 06

Blinker, only because it is more readily available.

i haven’t seen any statistics but i’d wager that the relative percentage of addicts from people who drink alcohol is much lower than those who try heroin or other similarly addictive illicit drugs.

Sure the total numbers of alcohol addicts are higher, but only becuase there are more people using it.

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