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An end to fresh cut lemons

By johnboy - 21 November 2006 35

Bill Stefaniak’s ongoing war on freedom is in full swing and today he’s announced that in his efforts to sacrifice every tenet of liberalism on the altar of embarrassing the Government (his party does continue to describe itself as “Liberal”) he’s going to try and introduce more draconian knife laws.

“The legislation will create a new offence of possessing a knife either in licensed premises or in the vicinity of licensed premises (that is, within 200 metres of licensed premises)… Perhaps the most significant change is a new section to enable police to conduct random searches for knives in relation to persons either in or in the vicinity of licensed premises.”

Random searches? Wars have been fought and heads removed from the executives that have proposed less. Good luck to the chefs of Civic’s restaurants figuring out when they’re within 200 metres of licensed premises. Good luck to all of us in fact.

One comes to wonder if Mr Stanhope hasn’t offered Bill a cushy job if he does his best to make the Liberals totally unelectable. Certainly bollocks like this makes me positively pleased to be languishing under the neglect of the current elected dictatorship.

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35 Responses to
An end to fresh cut lemons
poptop 12:38 pm 22 Nov 06

I see this running just like dangerous weapons on planes – having to go through the metal detector before being allowed to sit down to dine,giving up my Leatherman micra [which means I can no longer do running repairs on my office furiture], arguing with the security people as to whether I could meaningfully stab someone with the nail file on my nail clippers and ultimately having that bit broken off.

“You call that a knife?”

terubo 11:34 am 22 Nov 06

Spare a thought for our street entertainers. It’s bad enought that fire-eaters have been put out of business (total fire bans), now sword-swallowers look to be at risk too.
I suspect the Union of Australian Sword-Swallowers, Buskers and Street Entertainers (UASSBUSTERS) will be furious about this.

shauno 10:52 am 22 Nov 06

Besides the utter lunacy of a deranged night club owner. How many knife attacks are we seeing to warrant the further erosion of our individual freedoms? Must be shear pandemonium out there.

Bloody glad I’m safe and secure in Arche province Indonesia. Ive only got raving lunatic religious crack pots to worry about here. lol

farq 10:18 am 22 Nov 06

Funny Bill talking knife laws when he just stuck one in the back of his deputy.

I have a Swiss army knife on one of my sets of keys. Useful to clean under my nails, open beers etc. Could I get away with carrying that into a civic?

Mr_Shab 10:16 am 22 Nov 06

Are they going to bust into the kitchens of licenced restaurants, cuff all the cooks, confiscate their knife-rolls and display them on the news as a “massive haul of dangerous weapons”?

Does the foil-cutter on a waiter’s friend count? If so, the wait staff are buggered too.

boomacat 9:55 am 22 Nov 06

Good luck not being within 200m of a licensed premises when you’re in any town centre, doesn’t this equate to giving the Police unfettered powers to stop and search people as they see fit?

The idea that under laws like this a law abiding citizen such as myself wouldn’t be able to go peacefully about my business without having their person invaded really gives me the shits.

Late one night at Circular Quay a friend of mine (who was visiting Sydney from Canada) was jumped upon (from behind) by one of those drug sniffer dogs and subsequently manhandled by a Police Officer. He absolutely shit himself because he’d never heard of such a thing as drug sniffer dogs before and thought he was being mugged. Of course he had no drugs on him (like the VAST majority of people those dogs detect).

shauno 9:01 am 22 Nov 06

“Bill a cushy job if he does his best to make the Liberals totally unelectable”

You have hit the nail on the head. It is correct to say these guys can not possibly be elected.

My $5000 bet still stands. Bring it on

Danman 8:57 am 22 Nov 06

VG is his name

Swaggie 8:52 am 22 Nov 06

Where’s our Riotact resident Plod? – Sorry can’t remember his name – does he see any merit in this?

S4anta 8:51 am 22 Nov 06

one wonders what the benefits are of al fresco dining with a router and chainsaw…

smokey2 8:34 am 22 Nov 06

Well suppose we will all be provided with those slade thingos to eat a meal or chop sticks.

Maybe the Japanese really did win the second world war.

Are Sikhs exempt on cultural grounds? They are required to carry a dagger as part of their
religion. Are there any Sikh restaurants that will require an exemption?

Danman 8:15 am 22 Nov 06

I wonder if this includes those plastic lettuce knives the designer stores are selling nowdays.

Seems big Bill is the only one who needs a knife – I wont mention where though.

Danman 8:12 am 22 Nov 06

A lot of chefs at licensed premises are going to get sore fingers julienning carrots

shauno 6:25 am 22 Nov 06

The other thing is there is a culture built up in Australia now based around a hugely bloated govnt. So we have all these politicians’ in there coming up with more rules and regulations.

Take one of the latest examples posted on /.

Or Sydney councils slapping a 1% tax on your garden shed.

And to think 10’s of thousands of our grand parents lost their lives fighting for this shit.

shauno 4:00 am 22 Nov 06

I spend quit a bit of my time in Europe and I see it like this. Australia is a young country still very immature so were not trusted to think for ourselves. Europe has grown out of this a long time ago so you havnt got any where near the rules and regulations as here. It really is a joke and actually very sad to see our country turning out like this.

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