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An end to fresh cut lemons

By johnboy 21 November 2006 35

Bill Stefaniak’s ongoing war on freedom is in full swing and today he’s announced that in his efforts to sacrifice every tenet of liberalism on the altar of embarrassing the Government (his party does continue to describe itself as “Liberal”) he’s going to try and introduce more draconian knife laws.

“The legislation will create a new offence of possessing a knife either in licensed premises or in the vicinity of licensed premises (that is, within 200 metres of licensed premises)… Perhaps the most significant change is a new section to enable police to conduct random searches for knives in relation to persons either in or in the vicinity of licensed premises.”

Random searches? Wars have been fought and heads removed from the executives that have proposed less. Good luck to the chefs of Civic’s restaurants figuring out when they’re within 200 metres of licensed premises. Good luck to all of us in fact.

One comes to wonder if Mr Stanhope hasn’t offered Bill a cushy job if he does his best to make the Liberals totally unelectable. Certainly bollocks like this makes me positively pleased to be languishing under the neglect of the current elected dictatorship.

What’s Your opinion?

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An end to fresh cut lemons
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terubo 10:32 pm 25 Nov 06

Go for it. The Union’s gonna bust Bill’s ass for this outrage.

el 10:46 am 23 Nov 06


Chris S 10:33 am 23 Nov 06

JB, just joined the thread. Can I nominate terubo’s “I suspect the Union of Australian Sword-Swallowers, Buskers and Street Entertainers (UASSBUSTERS) will be furious about this” for the rolling banner?

Danman 10:15 am 23 Nov 06

Wide known fact that 90% of chefs are Gay alcoholic or drug (ab)users. The other 10% are just passionate and crazy.

I used valium and red wine to wind down after a busy shift – so I fit into 2 of those 5 criteria

KandyA 10:00 am 23 Nov 06

Im reasonably sure that the constabulary would recognise being in the trade as a legitimate reason to have a set of chef knives, and, if not, that the magistrate would recognise their failure to recognise it as a legitamate reason for carving their arses off

Mr_Shab 8:45 am 23 Nov 06

Where did the gay bit come in Dman? Methinks he doth protest too much 😉

And no, not all of them. Just more than cohort.

boomacat 7:36 am 23 Nov 06

I know you are, said you are, so what am I bonfire?

Danman 9:17 pm 22 Nov 06

KandyA will no longer be posting on this or any other forum – As i dutifully stabbed him in the neck with my 18 inch carving knfe.

Note – not all chefs are gay or alcoholics or take drugs.

bonfire 4:09 pm 22 Nov 06

the tories ?

you are a softhead.

boomacat 3:50 pm 22 Nov 06

PS I love how the Tories always trot out these draconian Laura Norder policies to appeal to the proles and obscure the fact that they actually have NOTHING of any real substance to offer the community they’re supposed to represent.

Absent Diane 3:27 pm 22 Nov 06

why do junkies wear athletic attire ?

You see it with chav’s in britain as well.. I think it is just that dirty crime wannabe culture.

Mr_Shab 3:17 pm 22 Nov 06

KandyA – take that back, ‘fore I stab you.

bonfire 2:30 pm 22 Nov 06

they can pass as many laws as they like.

i’ll keep carrying a useful folding pocket knife, for the purposes of paring fruit, opening parcels, emergency tracheotomies etc.

the chances of me being randomly stopped and searched are low.

men in suitrs are generally invisible to police.

they prefer sports logoed bogans.

why do junkies wear athletic attire ?

terubo 1:18 pm 22 Nov 06

Thumper: har!

terubo 1:16 pm 22 Nov 06

s4anta, clowns once belonged to UASSBUSTERS (when it was UCLASSBUSTERS) but voted to join the MWU in 1996 as some kind of a joke. As for journalists…hmmm, I’d better cut up my AJA (MEAA) membership card and take up gravedigging instead…

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