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An insider’s view of the Canberra sex industry

johnboy 5 November 2008 13

In the discussion of the death of a sex worker in a brothel over the weekend new commenter “rikochet” made a contribution which I thought deserved front page attention:

    I was in the sex industry for 15 yrs. During that time it was Northside Studio’s that had the bad rep, with Exotic Studio’s running a close second…

    Underage workers back then were a dime a dozen.. Managers did everything they could to keep them employed and always covered the I.D part of it . Police raids were always “penciled in the diary” so Owners knew when to remove the girls from the premises. many of these young girls came into the industry because they knew someone already working, or had an older partner who paved the way for them. Many already had drug habits and the ones who didnt use drugs, very quickly joined the side which did.. They used Speed to stay awake longer and make more money, they used Heroin to take away the emotion of the job, they drank to put on a false mask of happiness and they smoked weed to wind down at the end of the night, only to get up and do it all over again.. Most of the owners took on a parental/mentor type role with these young girls, encouraging them to do whatever they had to do to make more money. Often these girls were told how ‘lucky’ they were to have this opportunity as no other industry could offer a 16/17 yr old $600 per shift…They glamourised the Sex Industry , they built up their egos and they discarded them when they were no longer of any value. By this time these poor girls had already experienced a lifetime of trauma and depression and were not yet even in their 20’s..

    While at this point Im sure many of you are wondering “how can this be stopped” “What can be done”, the answer is NOTHING.. Sorry but thats the reality here. Its all in the sales. Customers want young girls, it is the most common request all places get. They want new faces, younger, more naive and easier to manipulate. The owners want the regular trade so they give the customers what they want. The only time the sex industry is investigated is times like now, when there has been a death on premises. After the media attention dies down everything will be buisness as usual again and the only thing that will be in the Canberra Times will be a bold new advertisment in the Job Vacancy section offering someone a chance to make huge amounts of $$$ in a stylish, friendly, drugfree, clean establishment… No experience necessary!!!!

    15 yrs in a soul destroying industry..sorry if i come off as cynical or insensitive.. Im not out to insult or provoke anyone here, I guess I feel that you should know just a little of what goes on in the other world.. Its not an easy lifestyle and it consumes you very rapidly . Sex workers are not to blame for the toxic industry they work in, yet with that said, they are not victims either… Everyone can make a choice, even the bad choices are not set in cement..You CAN change your life, you just need the right inspiration .. I know this because I found mine. If your reading this and your a sex worker, I truely hope that you soon find yours too.

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13 Responses to An insider’s view of the Canberra sex industry
dexi dexi 4:00 pm 11 Nov 08

Thought Id bring over some questions from another thread for the insiders.

Madocci asks
-I would love to hear of loved ones of prostitutes. What do they think? Do they wish for a better life for their loved one?
-What type of man would want a family & life with an ex-prostitute?
-With a good education you could earn the same $ without having to sell sex for money no? -Following that- why would you choose prosititution over a long term, intellectually stimulating, well paying career that doesnt come with shame?

Sepi asks ( More a statement)
I think men just kid themselves that the women enjoy it.
Or they have bought into the objectification of women so completely that they couldn’t care less.

FC asks
I also wonder – if one is not ashamed of their profession – would they avoid disclosing it at say – a pta meeting? or is it just society that has the problem as they are too judgemental of something they know nothing about ??

dexi dexi 1:02 pm 11 Nov 08

Maybe Danni from the biffo post is actually, a fat, flat std ridden prostitute with a moist green fungal growth calling her self candy and claiming to be a student.

AngryHenry AngryHenry 11:51 am 11 Nov 08

neanderthalsis said :

OOOH, thems fighting words. Can we track down candy for a reply? or at least an entertaining spat between the two.

Could it be that leighleigh was a business associate and has now found greener pastures at the Bordello?

Or perhaps a client and has contracted greener pastures as a consequence!

MissMoniker MissMoniker 11:38 am 11 Nov 08

dexi said :

Sour grapes maybe, whilst touting for another business. You don’t own a restaurant in Narrabundah do you.


dexi dexi 10:10 am 11 Nov 08

Would that make her/him a cow?

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 9:55 am 11 Nov 08

OOOH, thems fighting words. Can we track down candy for a reply? or at least an entertaining spat between the two.

Could it be that leighleigh was a business associate and has now found greener pastures at the Bordello?

dexi dexi 9:53 am 11 Nov 08

Sour grapes maybe, whilst touting for another business. You don’t own a restaurant in Narrabundah do you. I take it lieghleighgiggity is not your usual posting name, just assumed to hide your weight and genital orientation.

leighleighgiggity leighleighgiggity 9:24 am 11 Nov 08

EVERYONE BE WARNED. If your looking for a prostitute in the paper don’t go for a girl called candy. she says shes a size 8 and busty, when in fact she is fat and flat. But the real issue is that she hasn’t got her self checked out down stairs in years. know this as i used to be a good friend of hers. She is now a dirty dirty whore with lots of s.t.ds. Just warning you. Also the only brothel that does proper health checks is Bordello. all the rest count on anyone walking off the street.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 1:25 pm 05 Nov 08

Tess Ryan and either corporate sex-as-service or straight up brothels are two very different aspects of the adult economy.

Tess gets paid for her time, if they have sex or not, and she makes $200/hour + personal gifts.
Brothelfolk & massage-with-a-happy-ending ladies have walk-ins who aren’t there for anything more than what they paid for.

dexi dexi 12:40 pm 05 Nov 08

Its more of a view of someone who was on drugs and working in the sex industry. Tess Ryan is not on drugs. That’s why Tess may be, “more self- assures, confident and in control”.

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 12:33 pm 05 Nov 08

Agree Nanderthalsis. Although I think Tess had an independant sex workers view while the above is more from the view of someone who works in a brothel. Maybe independant are more self- assures, confidnt and in control of their lives than those who seek work in an establishment.

No offence intended on ‘rikochet’ though.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 12:26 pm 05 Nov 08

Quite a different viewpoint to the one Tess ryan painted for us a while back.

caf caf 11:39 am 05 Nov 08

It’s pretty clear that there needs to be some kind of legislative/policing focus on getting the drugs out of the “industry”. If the penalties for the owners/operators are made large enough, it’ll suddenly be in their interest to get the drugs out of their establishments.

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