Anarchist groups in canberra?

glockenspiel 18 July 2009 28

Hi I’ve recently moved to Canberra from Brisbane and can’t seem to find any anarchist groups around.

Just interested in meeting some like-minded people.

Also any environmental activism groups.

Thanks for any help

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28 Responses to Anarchist groups in canberra?
Pandy Pandy 9:08 am 20 Jul 09

Hope this helps:

State office inquiries Australian Capital Territory (02) 6249 7415

They compile lists of organisations that you are interested in.

redrioter redrioter 11:36 pm 19 Jul 09

neanderthalsis said :

On a more serious note, the Socialist Alliance might be the closest thing to anarchists you’ll find (unless you get a seat in the legislative assembly) I think they used to have an office in garema place.

They might also help with your search for green groups.

I’d say the Greens are closer to anarchists than Socialist Alliance.

I think there’s a Climate Action Group but I believe that’s run by Socialist Alliance.

There’s always the university Environment Collectives or the relevant ACT environment network linked into ASEN.

IrishPete IrishPete 8:51 pm 19 Jul 09

You came to the federal capital to find anarchists? There’s an irony there somewhere.

Canberrans are so over-governed that they find anarchy primarily in their driving – they deliberately and permanently flout the “keep left” rule, smash their indicator switches as soon as they buy the car (sorry LEASE the car), don’t let traffic merge, tailgate cyclists and overtake them brushing their right handlebar, speed when there’s no point and dawdle when they could actually make progress, can’t understand roundabouts even though they have the highest concentration of them in the develoed world, … Need I go on?

And yes, I live in Nearby NSW and dread every day that I have to duel with the blue’n’white numberplates…


farnarkler farnarkler 6:03 pm 19 Jul 09

If you’re going to trash a local Maccas can you tell us when? I’d like to watch.

Fisho Fisho 4:08 pm 19 Jul 09

Can you just go back to Brisbane? We are already over quota for environmental activists and similar clowns.

pug206gti pug206gti 7:50 pm 18 Jul 09

Keep an eye on the posterboards at ANU. The Socialist Alternative/Socialist Alliance/People’s Front of Judea/Judean People’s Front seem to advertise seminars and whatnot regularly. Would be the ideal place to hear where the splitters all hang out.

astrojax astrojax 7:27 pm 18 Jul 09

are you four the UK?

Anna Key Anna Key 6:43 pm 18 Jul 09

Anna Key by name but…

Hells_Bells74 Hells_Bells74 6:38 pm 18 Jul 09

Granny said :

This is another fine mess p1 has gotten us into, Hells_Bells74!

I feel right at home in a mess 🙂

Hells_Bells74 Hells_Bells74 6:37 pm 18 Jul 09

**another dislaimer, I’m sure they do so much more. I was just taking a small portion for example.

Granny Granny 6:37 pm 18 Jul 09

This is another fine mess p1 has gotten us into, Hells_Bells74!

Hells_Bells74 Hells_Bells74 6:28 pm 18 Jul 09

I think those qualities make a great anarchist Granny.

Not accepting the establishment/federal/commonwealth or supporting organised war (is there any other?) comes from being a good person, not a greedy by-brainwashing person.

**Never claimed to be one myself but I wish I was, although I’m sure there’s a reason I’m not 🙂

Granny Granny 6:01 pm 18 Jul 09

But I’m too good and sweet and nice to be an anarchist! *frowns*

astrojax astrojax 5:57 pm 18 Jul 09

p1 said :

RiotACT *IS* the local anarchist group…

i was just going to note – ‘you found us’… damn you to hell, p1, and damn you all… go on, all of you, back to reading your murray bookchin.

shiny flu shiny flu 5:47 pm 18 Jul 09

eyeLikeCarrots said :

Ok, someone help me out here. I spent my time at Uni doing all those silly technical subjects and only 1 unit of Political studies (which I enjoyed).

What sort of things do anarchists do? I assume its not flower arrangement and tea parties ? I hope its not hurting anyone (except maybe french people).

The only way I got involved with Anarchism was during my ‘rebellious stage’ when I was 13 or so… it went Anarchism > Socialism > Somewhere centre-left. Anyway, there are many various forms of Anarchism and although funny to laugh at wanting to live/create an anarchist society does not mean chaos- however there are people hat just want to cause chaos. The idea of chaos is one meaning of the word however very loosely it was always defined to me as ‘self-rule’ so long as one was not harming/negatively affecting others- living without national government and essentially having direct-representational smaller councils to deal with day to day issues whilst we just went on with our lives. I found an ad for agroup in what was Jmag before (Recovery… that tv show on ABC with Dylan as a host) that sent out a magazine and stickers, they contacted me and I met up with a guy and I helped out a bit with posting out some of the magazines. Had a personal realisation and moved on. The group was called Anarchist Youth Network- although a quick search looks like its disappeared.

I remember there was a group called the ‘Black Pirates’ back during the anti-Iraq-war protests in Canberra.

Granny Granny 5:15 pm 18 Jul 09

Pommy bastard said :

Doesn’t the desire to join an anarchist group automatically disbar you from joining?

It certainly does, PB! *chuckle* Welcome back, by the way!

: )

luther_bendross luther_bendross 4:51 pm 18 Jul 09

1. LOL @ troll.

2. I’m assuming you have a background in anarchism. Were you a member of such a group in Brisvegas? Were you one of the legends hanging around Hungry Jacks in Queen St hassling people for change, or were you keeping it rizzle in Inala?

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 2:56 pm 18 Jul 09

Doesn’t the desire to join an anarchist group automatically disbar you from joining?

Wraith Wraith 1:22 pm 18 Jul 09

Send a post to JenJen in Elite Nicholls, she knows all about Anarchy at the moment………

Pelican Lini Pelican Lini 12:29 pm 18 Jul 09

If you want anarchy, try getting out of the car park at Bruce Stadium after any major sporting event

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