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And then it rained – Just for us

By johnboy 14 February 2010 33

Rainfall radar

I’m meant to be moving house this weekend. And on Friday night one of my helpers broke his leg in two places training to be a rollerderby referee (which has to be the most ludicrously extreme way to get out of spending time with his girlfriend on Valentines Day I’ve ever heard of).

So it’s hard not to take the above rainfall radar shot a little personally.

But yes, we did need the rain.

Roving reporter Jazz has iPhoned in these images of Scrivener Dam dumping water:

Scrivener Dam lets go

And the Molonglo in flood as a result:

Molonglo in flood


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33 Responses to
And then it rained – Just for us
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TP 3000 6:31 pm 16 Feb 10

The Murrumbidgee River flooded today peaking at 3.8m at Mt Macdonald. Point Hut Crossing was closed when I went there at around 18:00, with the river height being just under 1m.

JessP-There were quite a few people looking at the flooded Murrumbidgee River at Point Hut

nexus6 4:33 pm 16 Feb 10

there were a couple of kids standing on the edge of a rather large puddle on the road in Lyneham, they were having a great time splashing and being splashed by cars ( their parents were nearby and they were dressed in waterproof gear) I think they got pretty good value as i drove past as quickly and safly as i felt i could in my 4wd. i couldnt actually see their expressions because of the wall of water my car threw up, but their parents seemed to appreciate my effort hehe

JessP 4:06 pm 15 Feb 10

AFter laughing at all the locals looking at the dam…I stopped and looked at the Scrivener overflow. Damn!

prhhcd 3:27 pm 15 Feb 10

Dawn drifter: Same thing happened to me a couple of years ago when they put my insulation in! Boy did the company pay up quick smart when they were threatened with media exposure and legal action….. My ceilings fell down in 3 rooms! Hopefully your neighbours is not so bad. Yes you can check by going up into your roof cavity by daylight and seeing if the sun shines through – they move some tiles for ventilation which makes sense! Just not replacing them is a prob! All the best!
My dog is brown and sticky…. WHY MUST SHE ROLL IN THE MUD!!!!
Lovin’ the rain!!!

DawnDrifter 12:56 pm 15 Feb 10

Just a word of caution – Last week, my back door neighbour decided to install new roof insulation and had roof tiles removed and then replaced etc as a part of the process. on returning from sydney this sunday I found the poor blokes roof covered in tarps and im assuming they had roof leaks from the work
is there any way to test your roof for leaks if you have had works done to your roof besides waiting for it to rain????

GardeningGirl 12:24 pm 15 Feb 10

I hope the move went okay despite the complications JohnBoy.

Thanks for the pics Jazz.

imarty said :

We walked across the bridge to take a look from above and saw a TAMS notification sticky taped to the railing in the middle advising not to inhale the mist due to blue green algae.
By the time you had read it you would’ve already taken in several lungfuls…

There’s probably a guideline that says a notice must be erected. There probably isn’t anything requiring actual common sense.

motleychick 11:56 am 15 Feb 10

Mothy said :

There were some impressive puddles in “Lake” George when I flew over it coming back from Sydney on Wednesday, would love to see where its at now.

Was ont he bus driving past yesterday afternoon from Sydney… The puddles seem to have melted together to form a nice layer of water over the top of the grass. Have never seen that much water in the lake. Hopefully it will keep raining so it can fill up to its former glory.

Genie 11:54 am 15 Feb 10

There are plenty of “mini rivers” formed on the side of Ginninderra Drive down Charny way… plus Kaleen is nicely flooded too – I think the rain is great !

As for Canberra drivers honking at me for driving 5-10k under the speed limit because it is raining and the roads have quite a bit of water built up on it…. prepare for me to drive even slower

Mothy 11:24 am 15 Feb 10

There were some impressive puddles in “Lake” George when I flew over it coming back from Sydney on Wednesday, would love to see where its at now.

Pommy bastard 11:01 am 15 Feb 10

Dear god, what does happen to Canberra drivers when it rains? On the Parkway on my motorbike this morning I got stuck behind a 4×4 Honda doing 50 klicks!

mzih8u 10:09 am 15 Feb 10

Grrrr said :

A couple of hours ago Lake George was full of very large puddles. Maybe one day soon it could live up to it’s name again. That’d be awesome.

Driving upto Sydney on Saturday arvo there were some big puddles forming on lake George. It looked strange!!!

Deano 11:56 pm 14 Feb 10

JessP said :

Everywhere are people looking at the high water in the creeks and lakes…like we never seen rain before! And they say Canberra people are boring…

Well, my kids have never seen it rain continuously for two days in a row before and my oldest is six.

cleo 10:28 pm 14 Feb 10

I was envious last weekend while in Sydney and just sat on the balcony watching the rain, and hoped we were getting this rain plus the farmers, we finally got it, just love watching the rain

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