Andrew Barr and teacher placements

johnboy 31 January 2007 9

Last night on WIN News Andrew Barr did a strange thing, he claimed that all but 50 of Canberras ~3,500 teachers had received their placements before Christmas.

In which case it would seem all 50 of those read RiotACT and complained about the absence of their placement.

Can anyone explain if this really is true? Has the Minister been misinformed by his department?

Here’s the footage off WIN just to be clear what we’re talking about:

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9 Responses to Andrew Barr and teacher placements
nyssa76 nyssa76 8:29 pm 01 Feb 07

Vancouver, really? Because I found out about my first placement after school had started.

Don’t turn this into a pissing contest.

Btw, you obviously failed Geography and Statistics because as everyone else knows that the ACT teacher population is MUCH smaller that NSW.

Ergo, their ability to process the positions faster.

If you had been following this whole debarcle you would know that every year the round comes out in December (one week before Christmas) and it was only because of the greedy AEU and pathetic ACTDET that the round came out as late as it did.

Hell, I still don’t know 100% what my classes are for Monday because of this shit. It’s not the fault of the school, they’re trying to squish 6 weeks of planning into 1.

Bundybear Bundybear 7:34 pm 01 Feb 07

Vancouver, the issue is that dear Andrew can’t open his mouth without holding a nappy under his chin for fear of staining his shit…oops shirt. Watch him turn around in the next few weeks and announce the sale of the closed schools “by popular demand”. Has anyone done a check to see if he’s actually ever told the truth since becoming JS’ bad news bear?

vancouver vancouver 7:18 pm 01 Feb 07

Build a bridge and get over it. When I was waiting to hear if I had a position in NSW Education many years ago I didn’t get my appointment until the week before school resumed! What a precious lot you are!

nyssa76 nyssa76 6:17 pm 01 Feb 07

I think that there should be a retraction or a follow up by WIN News.

Edumacated Edumacated 5:35 pm 01 Feb 07

Mine was dated 19 Jan and arrived on 22nd Jan. I don’t know ANYONE who knew their placement before that.

Maelinar Maelinar 8:01 pm 31 Jan 07

Carey Carey Close to Zero.

Stop whinging all the time and perhaps I may take notice – but at the moment it’s a little bit the boy who cried wolf…

nyssa76 nyssa76 7:52 pm 31 Jan 07

Mine was 2 weeks ago….he’s still a liar.

lateralis lateralis 7:26 pm 31 Jan 07

I got my letter about three weeks ago. Liar liar pants on fire, Andrew.

nyssa76 nyssa76 7:00 pm 31 Jan 07


I have my letter dated January and also several e-mails from staffing from December and January stating they didn’t know when it would be out!

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