Anketell bus re-routing a ‘win for entire Tuggeranong community’

Ian Bushnell 26 November 2019 21
ACTION bus in Anketell st

A bus passes close to a coffee shop on Anketell Street. Photo: File.

It has taken a long time but the ACT Government has finally decided to take buses off Anketell Street after years of lobbying from businesses and the Tuggeranong Community Council.

The decision, which will come into effect next year in April, comes after a motion in the Legislative Assembly by Liberal Member for Brindabella Nicole Lawder in August.

But the council launched a petition calling for the buses to be re-routed more than two years ago, garnering enough support for the issue to be referred to a committee.

It said back in 2017 that the Tuggeranong Liveability Survey identified the single biggest impact on the Town Centre amenity as being the use of Anketell Street by Transport Canberra buses.

Council president Glenys Patulny said then that the buses were noisy, smelly and unhealthy, and the on-street cafes had them passing within a metre of tables.

“We’re trying to add to the amenity of the place and the buses are a nightmare,” she said.

Transport and City Services Minister Chris Steel has announced that buses would now be removed from Anketell Street followed the completion of the Anketell Street upgrades earlier this year and after feedback from residents and businesses.

“The community made it clear they wanted to see buses taken off Anketell Street so they could enjoy their newly upgraded main street with a cleaner and quieter environment, with more options for business to expand their outdoor dining facilities,” Mr Steel said.

“The Government has listened to the community and I am pleased to announce we will be re-routing buses off Anketell Street.”

Buses will now travel into the interchange via Soward Drive, turn right along Athllon Drive, take the signalised right on to Anketell Street and into the interchange, with new bus stops being added on Athllon Drive.

“This will help reduce heavy vehicle traffic along both Anketell Street and Cowlishaw Street, and make Tuggeranong’s main street a better place for people.”

Ms Lawder said the decision was a win for the entire Tuggeranong community.

“Thousands of residents and visitors will benefit from a bus free zone on Anketell Street,” she said.

“The Anketell Street precinct is the heart of the Tuggeranong Town Centre. People want to enjoy the outdoor dining and retail opportunities, but the constant interruption of Labor’s noisy, fuming buses has inhibited the outdoor lifestyle.”

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21 Responses to Anketell bus re-routing a ‘win for entire Tuggeranong community’
noid noid 7:46 am 28 Nov 19

Should be open to service vehicles only, no private cars. The retail area could then be expanded to include more cafes, restaurants and popups etc. ACT Government showing no vision again 🙁

Jeff Smith Jeff Smith 12:46 pm 27 Nov 19

I'm pleased the Government has removed buses from Anketell, it's the removal of buses and bus routes from all over Tuggeranong that the majority of southern residents aren't happy about.

Karl Kovach Karl Kovach 12:05 am 27 Nov 19

Close it off, please.

Jose Vega Jose Vega 11:48 pm 26 Nov 19

Cars too and dig up asphalt and plant gardens, trees etc

Jude May Jude May 4:54 pm 26 Nov 19

"Labor’s noisy, fuming buses" wait a sec, I thought the libs were complaining about the purchase of electric buses only a week ago? Guess Labor is damned either way. It must be easy being in opposition.

    Vickie O'Malley Vickie O'Malley 9:05 pm 26 Nov 19

    Jude May we dont get new buses down here.

    Amanda Evans Amanda Evans 10:26 pm 26 Nov 19

    Vickie O'Malley the buses don't just stay in Tuggers you know!

    Vickie O'Malley Vickie O'Malley 8:34 am 27 Nov 19

    Amanda Evans i live on an R route with a bus every 15 mins. All old buses.

Zakzook Chico Zakzook Chico 4:27 pm 26 Nov 19

The world’s largest speed hump

Meredith Stefani Meredith Stefani 4:22 pm 26 Nov 19

Yes, much better without any vehicles.

Anne Miller Anne Miller 4:01 pm 26 Nov 19

Cars too??

Cass Andra Cass Andra 3:59 pm 26 Nov 19

Fantastic news

Matt Frawley Matt Frawley 3:50 pm 26 Nov 19

Just need to close it off completely and it'll be perfect!

    Steve Ulr Steve Ulr 4:22 pm 26 Nov 19

    Matt Frawley agreed!

    Elsa Gaskell Elsa Gaskell 4:35 pm 26 Nov 19

    Or at least a shared zone

    Doris Andrews Doris Andrews 5:08 pm 26 Nov 19

    Definitely needs to be closed to all traffic. It was closed for 6 months earlier in the year and should never have been re-opened. It is a dining precinct and needs to be free of noise and pollution.

    Amanda Evans Amanda Evans 10:25 pm 26 Nov 19

    Doris Andrews a shared zones would be fine. Closing streets completely can actually do more harm than good, especially for the business, mobility impaired people and older members of our community with short stay, drop off /pick up easy access to shops, mall etc

    Simon Jenkins Simon Jenkins 6:49 am 27 Nov 19

    What about making it single lane and one way like outside Woden?

    Jeff Smith Jeff Smith 12:50 pm 27 Nov 19

    Simon Jenkins I don't mind the idea of a one way street, good thinking. I have seen car lane closures unexpectedly do more damage than good to an public area and its shops. City Walk in Civic declined ever since they removed cars. Shopping strips in parts of England I lived got worse after removing car access.

Kerrie Buitendam Kerrie Buitendam 3:49 pm 26 Nov 19

Not before time, it should be closed to all vehicles 🚗

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