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Another accident…………….

By Mike Bessenger 19 April 2010 65

[ED – Crimestoppers’ report is now available.]

Yet again there has been another serious accident at the intersection of Florey Drive and Southern cross Drive.

Between this intersection and the next one up (Starke Street) over the last 15 years I have lost count of how many accidents I have seen there.

Enough is enough, when are these two deadly intersections going to be fixed. Traffic lights, round abouts, what ever it takes something needs to be done now.

I have a feeling that this one tonight is quite serious. A friend heard it over one kilometer away. From what he heard a motorbike was flying then bang.

I live near by but only heard the sirens.

Why is the government wasting money on needless traffic lights in Belconnen town centre when they could be put to much more use?

What’s Your opinion?

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Another accident…………….
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yellowredme 11:02 am 26 Apr 10

My sincere sympathy to the family and friends of the young man killed in this accident.

My house backs onto an intersection on Southern Cross Drive, on the 80kph section, the speed of cars on SC Drive is often well above the limit, I drive the speed limit and at times the body of traffic overtakes me. The speed and noise of some vehicles on this road, particularly during the night when they think they have the road to themselves is worrying. Leaving or entering Southern Cross Drive is at times hazardous, crossing the path of oncoming traffic requires patience and your full attention as the speed of traffic varies making judgement when crossing difficult. Quite a few cars lose it leaving SC Drive at speed in the wet, we are compelled at times to look out the window to check if the latest noise is another prang or just some silly person who has spun their car into the kerb on the side road. We also see quite a few pedestrians taking chances when crossing SC Drive to get to the bus stop accross the road.

Late last year I had to assist a motorcyclist who had been hit by a car behind my home on Southern Cross Drive, his injuries did not appear at the time life threatening but he was certainly in for a long time of rehab after his bike was thrown 30 metres, unfortunately the driver of the car who crossed the motorcyclist’s path just did not see the motorcyclist on this busy road, it was upset seeing the results of the accident. I would love to see a few roundabouts along this road to slow down traffic and make entering the road easier, I feel traffic lights are definatley not the answer, drivers are frustrated enough by badly planned traffic lights in Belconnen.

Growling Ferret 9:00 am 21 Apr 10

People don’t learn. I was doing 60 along there last night when three people flew past me up the hill, just a couple of hundred metres from the scene of the crash.

All the road safety education in the world can’t beat the overpowering dickhead gene.

lepotika 8:26 am 21 Apr 10

to put all of your speculations etc to rest – forensics called his parents yesterday to let them know their son WAS following the speed limit, but unfortunately when the DRIVER in the CAR pulled out in front of my beloved friend, he tried to boost past it and THAT was his ONLY mistake – was misjudging some moron who clearly was NOT paying attention to the road and the ppl on it!!!! The price we pay is never hearing his laugh, his voice or feeling him near us again.

May i just add to whoever the blogger is who said all of us there on the monday was causing distraction – get over it. we were in the middle of the road for maybe 10 mins on the island, laying flowers down and mourning the loss of a family member and friend – i hope you never ever feel the loss as we do. .. fancy complaining us being there is causing a distraction… how rude.

donkeytits1 12:19 am 21 Apr 10

Also, if anyone of some importance is reading this, please do not put trafic lights in. We have enough trafic lights in this town. I would think a round about would be more appororiate

donkeytits1 12:17 am 21 Apr 10

I have to say I am nearly taking offence to the notion that the motorcyclist is part of the cause of this accident, especially as the assumption that motorcyclists are all fast reckless and dangerous were thrown in there.

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