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Another Violent Assault in Civic

che 13 September 2005 13

The Canberra Times has this alarming story on another violent assault in Civic. Not sure which Tuesday they are talking about, so don’t know when it actually occurred. The accussed, Joshua Paul Lowe, did not enter a plea to the charges, what does that actually mean?

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13 Responses to Another Violent Assault in Civic
carneagles carneagles 10:50 am 15 Sep 05

“Didn’t enter a plea” usually means that he’s lobbed up in court and advised that he’s still got to get legal advice, so he’s been remanded to come back in a couple of weeks and plead to the charges.

bulldog bulldog 1:38 pm 14 Sep 05

That’s fuct, but not surprising FB; had similar responses from the boys in blue previously.

After a wholly unprovoked altercation with a certain fucktard at Macca’s Weston earlier in the week I think it would be tremendous idea to cleanse this town of all who instigate violence. Fire is the solution to all our problems people. In any case, I’m sure the stupid fat fvck will be very cautious before yelling at strangers and kicking their car in the future… But that’s another story.

Hey, not saying one way or the other about this Joshua Lowe; but try and imagine for one second that he was being set up or blackmailed? Could someone ever live the stigma of this sort of thing down, even if he is acquited of all charges?

At the end of the day it is a shocking and disturning act, and if he is guilty I’m sure the shoe will be on the other foot when he gets to Goulburn.

That being said, should we (the public) know his name (or any names for any crimes committed) before he is found guilty of all charges?

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 4:24 pm 13 Sep 05

How does one dress as a donut? Surely you would need two people in a donut suit to balance it…

ssanta ssanta 4:18 pm 13 Sep 05


Next time dress as a donut, or walk in there with a bong in your hand.

FB FB 3:47 pm 13 Sep 05

I am wondering how long the assaults have been going before being bought to our attention?

In June I was out in Civic celebrating with a mate when I was attacked & removed of my wallet, keys & mobile. During the course of the event I was also cut in the hand requiring a trip to hospital for stitches & repair to a tendon in my finger.

I was inebriated at the time so the police were unconcerned about the situation. I spoke to some beat police about 30 mins after the attack who said to go to the station after I went to hospital. I went to the station at 6:30am and was told that it would be an hour before someone could take a statement, but if I went home they would send someone around. I phoned 3 more times during the day, only to be met with very un-helpful responses. The police finally showed up at 7:30pm that night where it was insinuated that I was just another drunk who probably fell over & didn’t know what really happened.

I wonder if in light of previous events they would take me more seriously now.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 3:41 pm 13 Sep 05

fair enough

Absent Diane Absent Diane 3:32 pm 13 Sep 05

AllegedlyAlleged dirty, Allegedlylittle evil Allegedlyallegedtoad who allegedlyneeds to be strung up by his Allegedlyallegedlobes

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 3:30 pm 13 Sep 05

there were supposed to be spaces in there, but I was having too much fun with HTML to be bothered with spaces.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 3:30 pm 13 Sep 05

Alleged dirty, little evil allegedtoad who allegedlyneeds to be strung up by his allegedlobes

That is one fun word…

ssanta ssanta 2:47 pm 13 Sep 05

Sorry. Alleged dirty, little evil toad who needs to be strung up by his lobes.

Spectra Spectra 2:31 pm 13 Sep 05

Dirty, evil little toad.

Alleged dirty, evil little toad, please 🙂

Absent Diane Absent Diane 2:21 pm 13 Sep 05

We could use these blokes in war efforts….dose them up with speed strap big fuck off bombs to them and drop them from planes…..these screams coming from these blokes as they are about to hit the ground would be terrifying…

ssanta ssanta 2:05 pm 13 Sep 05

Dirty, evil little toad. I sincerely hope that he gets his return for this effort.

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