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ANU student booted out for religious chants?

By fhakk - 22 August 2007 60

Anyone know something about this? It claims it was a Muslim at the Law School. No bloody wonder the ANU’s refusing to comment about it.

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60 Responses to
ANU student booted out for religious chants?
asp 9:35 pm 22 Aug 07

“I think people have been brainwashed by the govt propaganda. Does religion + mental problems = terrorist? I think people are being too quick to tag this slightly disturbed guy as a terrorist.”

You’re right kramer, he’s not automatically a terrorist. But mental problem+religious fanaticism = increase chance of falling in with the radicallists who are capable of carrying out attacks. Put simply, even if he’s not yet a danger, he may well be in the future. Which is why I hope they’ll get him some pro help and dope him up real good.

AI would presume this guy was paying to go to one of the best law schools in Australia. And that he had to pass exams to get in. How did such a nut job get in? And what makes these people tick?

Ralph 9:19 pm 22 Aug 07

I doubt the ‘radical’ and ‘terrorist’ tags would be applied if this was a student spruiking Christianity

Last time I checked Christians weren’t flying planes into buildings, planning Caliphate’s, declaring fatwas on the west, beheading western hostages etc.

Cue now for some leftist to bring up the IRA…

GnT 9:14 pm 22 Aug 07

I find it interesting that the ANU did not specifiy the nature of the “religious convictions”, yet the Daily Telegraph added that one sentence: “He is understood to be a Muslim.”

Trust the Tele to fan anti-Muslim sentiment whenever they get the chance.

Carzee 8:29 pm 22 Aug 07

quote “Does religion + mental problems = terrorist?”

hmmm, maybe a terrorist = mental problems + religion

…anyway, the ANU’s pov is that religion + mental problems = pita

Lets say you adhere to a culture where “face” and “honour” is prized (some “honour” issues can be lethal for females) and lets say you are a student having a hard time passing the course… what to do? Student counselling? Nah. If you need a course-exit-which-maintains-family-face ™ you could simply amp up your devotions and chants (to put the dhimmis/infidels on the offensive) and depart as a rolled-gold-honourable-martyr.

boomacat 7:59 pm 22 Aug 07

Yes, let’s not overreact. I think the poor young man was probably just a little mentally unwell, I doubt the ‘radical’ and ‘terrorist’ tags would be applied if this was a student spruiking Christianity (like all those Christian nut jobs you see around Civic/Sydney CBD etc). Still, I agree it’s legitimate to exclude him, it does sound very disruptive.

Kramer 7:36 pm 22 Aug 07

I think people have been brainwashed by the govt propaganda. Does religion + mental problems = terrorist? I think people are being too quick to tag this slightly disturbed guy as a terrorist.

Regardless I think ANU have taken the right actions, and hopefully this guy will sort himself out and return as a model student in 28 days. All the best to him.

Meanwhile remember your brainwashing people: be alert not alarmed.

Vic Bitterman 7:21 pm 22 Aug 07

Well said BT.

asp 5:58 pm 22 Aug 07

I’ll respect other people beliefs, even If i think religion is a little out dated. But this guy is just plain stuffed in the head. Hopefully ASIO will start a file on it, and keep far away from Mick Keelty’s keystone cops.

Ralph 5:36 pm 22 Aug 07


barking toad 5:34 pm 22 Aug 07

So, I assume from the reports it’s yet another example of an adherent of the religion of pieces and beheading trying to impose their sick 7th century ideology onto a democratic society.

And following the usual tactics of using our democratic process of free speech to claim victimhood.

Ralph 5:14 pm 22 Aug 07

“David Hicks”… Muslim?

DawnDrifter 5:01 pm 22 Aug 07

“Mr Willy Yuan Mi”… Muslim?

Ralph 4:51 pm 22 Aug 07

Well from my reading of that, it is good that the ANU has taken action to kick this (apparently) radical Islamic out, as opposed to brushing it off as a ‘cultural misunderstanding’.

sim_m_o 3:29 pm 22 Aug 07

From the all knowing facebook:

Dear Students

Some of you will know that, following a pattern of disruptive behaviour, a fellow student was forcibly removed from class last Friday by ANU Security, and that the police were also involved. Students in the class, and in other classes where this behaviour has occurred, will particularly want to know what is going on, whether there is any cause for alarm, and what they should do if it happens again.

The student, Mr Willy Yuan Mi, has been interrupting classes to make statements about his religious convictions. It has been pointed out to him, by a number of colleagues over a considerable period of time, that, while we respect his religious beliefs, there are appropriate and inappropriate ways of expressing them, and that to disrupt class is inappropriate. Mr Mi continued to engage in this behaviour despite repeated warnings, and eventually a formal direction, that he must desist, and that, if he did not, he could be excluded from the university for misconduct. He has now been excluded, as a result of action both by the university and the police, for a period of 28 days, pending misconduct proceedings. On Friday, following his release from police custody, he returned to Sydney with his family.

This is no guarantee, of course, that he will not attempt to continue to attend class and engage in similar behaviour. The university is in the course of taking legal action to prevent that, but should it occur, the university will again need to take steps to have him removed. If you know Mr Mi, and you see him in class or otherwise on campus, you are under no obligation to take any particular action, but you are entitled and may wish to report the fact to ANU Security (6125 2249) or the ANU College of Law Sub-Dean Dr JP Fonteyne (6125 4317).

We have no evidence that Mr Mi is likely to pose any physical threat to others, but I can understand why you might be concerned given the prominence accorded to security issues in today’s world. We are concerned about your security, and we are concerned also about Mr Mi’s health and well-being and have taken steps to endeavour to address that too. I apologise if any of you have been distracted by these events, and hope in earnest that they will not recur.

With kind regards

Michael Coper

CWNA 3:25 pm 22 Aug 07

Crazy Chester with a tea towel on her head?

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