ANU student booted out for religious chants?

fhakk 22 August 2007 60

Anyone know something about this? It claims it was a Muslim at the Law School. No bloody wonder the ANU’s refusing to comment about it.

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60 Responses to ANU student booted out for religious chants?
fmd fmd 4:24 pm 24 Aug 07

was anybody actually there? this is all hearsay. i study law at the anu and was in a number of classes with willy. whether or not he was actually enrolled in all of those classes is questionable since talking to other law students he attended a wide range of courses. i think he was quite misunderstood – he didn’t realise that the purpose of a law lecture is by no means to discuss aspects of the course, but to get in, listen to the course material and get out. he made statements in the guise of questions which many law lecturers at first were sucked into taking seriously. after a while, though, on the occassion this email refers to, he was just ignored, he got frustrated…but he was obviously quite bright, had a reasonable manner but just chose the wrong forum in which to express his views.

fnaah fnaah 4:25 pm 23 Aug 07

Sinner ACT,

“muslim soil”? It’s just soil. And it’s hardly yours. Also, if you’re so anti-muslim, how can you quote the Qur-an in defence of your own argument? Isn’t that a little hypocritical?

Please, for the good of humanity, LEARN to THINK instead of worrying about how much you sin.

I’ll fight for what I believe in too. I belive that bigotry and hatred are the enemies of intellect and common sense.

Mr Evil – are you sure? I’m a piscean, oh no, oh no! 😛

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:07 pm 23 Aug 07

The real truth is that Librans are the ones we’ve really got to watch out for – they are truly evil.

All that crap about liking balance – it’s all a front for their real views about exterminating Piceans.

Thumper Thumper 2:56 pm 23 Aug 07

A bit too much John Laws for you my son…

astrojax astrojax 2:55 pm 23 Aug 07

i still think i must have blinked and missed it, but where have we confirmed that this chap’s religious convictions were actually muslim? apart from that august organ, the telegraph…

and sinner, really! who’s the ‘we’ in ‘we all unite’ anyway? me? how do you know anything about me and whether you’d want ‘me’ in your ‘we’? what an absurd, parochial and arrogant statement. mebbe try to think before posting?

SINNER ACT SINNER ACT 2:44 pm 23 Aug 07

fnaah and for the rest of yous
go say that to the extremists in iraq and afghanistan you fool or to the poor people who died on september 11 and other terrorist acts. take your head out of the sand and wake up to reality. go back in history and look at how the persians were stopped from taking over europe and perhaps the world and making everyone ruled under one king and be a slave. its happening again just this time its in the form of terrorists and iran. so dont tell me its not like that cause ill stand up for this country cause it was never muslim soil to begin with and in the koran it says you can fight jihad to defend muslim land.

Ralph Ralph 2:00 pm 23 Aug 07

The people of Iraq have been liberated.

So have the goats.

Thumper Thumper 1:59 pm 23 Aug 07

Goats are very destructive.

Kramer Kramer 1:58 pm 23 Aug 07

What about the REAL reason we invaded Iraq – Weapons of Mass Distruction!

We found lots of those eh?

Ralph Ralph 1:26 pm 23 Aug 07

All Iraq was doing at the time was rolling the Australian Wheat board for whatever it was worth to supply trucks to deliver food in exchange for generous concessions on oil

That’s a nice way of sugar coating it. Iraq was all innocent and sweet. Never mind the terrorist links with Syria and Iran.

What about Saddam’s gassing of the Kurds?

What about the mass graves that have been found?

All those people opposed Saddam, and paid the price.

Don’t forget Iraq also invaded Kuwait.

jemmy jemmy 1:12 pm 23 Aug 07

Kramer, there’s no such concept as “our local muslim leader”. That’s part of the problem. It’s based around the local mosque and there isn’t a hierarchical leader in charge of policy for all mosques (for Sunniis anyway).

Personally I think that the west will ‘force’ all Islam to adopt a more hierarchical structure, similar to Shiites but more detailed, so that someone can force responsibility to be sheeted home to a local radical for punishment and ostracism. At present there is no mechanism for that. Whether it happens before or after a global war depends on the west’s patience.

Maelinar Maelinar 1:00 pm 23 Aug 07

Ralph apologies for the delay in response, but yes, I have no problem with the German Facist regime whilst they remained in Germany. As Thumper intimated, it was when they invaded another country the policy changed.

Your next analogy will attempt to bring GW1. Thought of it already.

GW2 is an ill thought out concept that is having massive repercussions in what is normally termed ‘conventional warfare’, so far as to have developed the new style of warfare, ‘asymetric warfare’.

All Iraq was doing at the time was rolling the Australian Wheat board for whatever it was worth to supply trucks to deliver food in exchange for generous concessions on oil – hardly a matter worthy of comparison to Hitlers Blitzkreig, therefore I won’t bother, you dunderhead.

Actually, I take that back, it’s too polite a term. You are a knuckle.

kimba kimba 12:55 pm 23 Aug 07

Typical, the Canberra Times was too political correct to mention his name.

Maelinar Maelinar 12:51 pm 23 Aug 07

Us too have a problem with a me or we statement.

Thumper Thumper 12:35 pm 23 Aug 07

I too have a problem with the ‘us or them’ statement.

fnaah fnaah 12:29 pm 23 Aug 07

“It is us or them”

No, it bloody well isn’t. Thinking like this is what leads to this bullsh!t in the first place.

Him, you, me, we’re all people. As soon as you make a statement like “well, yeah, but they’re different”, you’re heading down a slippery slope.

“as soon as we all unite to address this problem”

… but what would you think if someone said the same words, but *you* were the problem?

It’s time people grew up and stopped assuming that they’re better than everyone else.

CWNA CWNA 12:20 pm 23 Aug 07

CC, my pst was meant in jest.Unlike some of the other diatribe that as been rolled out.

As for delusional, I’m not the one who has developed a conspiracy theory theory around the fact that sometimes i can be a jerk.

Ranting is for two year olds CC, your posts on here regarding your problems have shown a self centered and self obsessed view common to a two year olds arguments and can’t be taken as “the facts”, but you’re entitled to your opinions.

Kramer Kramer 12:10 pm 23 Aug 07

Good point SINNER ACT, where is our local muslim leader in all of this? Shouldn’t he be putting this guy in his place (ie. there’s a time and a place for practising)??

Ralph Ralph 12:07 pm 23 Aug 07

Here here.

SINNER ACT SINNER ACT 11:56 am 23 Aug 07

people people people
lets look at the issue here. these days if someone is behaving like this and saying extremist things than we should take it seriously! cause let me tell you if he blew himself up at the anu or on a bus etc than everyone will be saying oh we didnt think he would do anything or something silly like that.. remember these people are taught by their pathetic leadership to be savage, blood thirsty, and ruthless just look at what they do when they get the chance.
It is us or them and the sooner people realise this and we all unite to address this problem the sooner we can get on with life. i have also had enough of muslims not standing up against people like this in their community and dealing with them.

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