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By johnboy - 1 September 2006 21

The ABC informs us that the ANU Students Association is putting a brave face on the strange new world of voluntary student unionism.

Apparently despite funding plummeting from $100,000 a year to $30,000 they’re still struggling gamely on and it turns out they didn’t actually need all that money after all.

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21 Responses to
pharaoh 9:04 pm 01 Sep 06

from these comments it appears to me that the vast majority of you are not, or have ever been, uni students. $30,000 doesn’t go a long way towards doing several large scale events a year such as O-week and bushweek, and publihing a monthly colour mag with several thousand copies. For christ’s sake, it costs $500 to put on a shitty alcohol-free bbq.

Jey 5:24 pm 01 Sep 06

ANUSA has recieved a bunch of support financial and otherwise from their uni, while other unis haven’t been so great in supporting their students’ associations.

Mr_Shab 3:49 pm 01 Sep 06

LG – one word. Armidale.

LG 3:47 pm 01 Sep 06

Tempestas: I’m afraid I’m no expert on student associations, however I can not recall a student union being operated by a ‘righty’ group. At all the unis I’ve known about – the student associations have all been run by ‘lefties’

Never been to ANU though.

VYBerlinaV8 3:37 pm 01 Sep 06

Voluntary student unionism – it’s about time. What a bloody waste of money.

Tempestas 3:16 pm 01 Sep 06

It is certainly going to be interesting to see. Lets also remember that ANU has had its Student Association run by all kinds of political groups who had various success at misplacing funds.

To assume it is only the lefties who knew how to creatively account is radically different to the reality.

RandomGit 3:10 pm 01 Sep 06

Slushies of course, self explanatory that is.

snahon 3:06 pm 01 Sep 06

Hmm let me get this right,the article states that the ANUSA has only secured $30K vs $100K they use to get in previous years and they say that they remain financially stable.

So a 70% drop in funding does little effect on the financial stability of the organisation. What the hell did they use to spend the apparent $70k slush fund on ???

Thumper 3:01 pm 01 Sep 06


Well said!

Ari 2:50 pm 01 Sep 06

Thumper, I read the headline as – anus aa, ok?

Absent Diane 2:38 pm 01 Sep 06

my juvenile mind can’t get past the anus bit..

Woody Mann-Caruso 2:37 pm 01 Sep 06

Fscking thieves.

Mr Evil 2:36 pm 01 Sep 06

Gee, they might have to spend their money more wisely now, and not waste it on Left-Whinge crap and junkets for idiots.

Thumper 2:32 pm 01 Sep 06

Ironic that such a pabid bunch of lefties have the acronym AN USA

LG 2:19 pm 01 Sep 06

suprise suprise!

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