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Any Waiter/Waitress Experiences Lately?

By Food Critic - 26 November 2008 74

What is going on? Seriously our Waiters/Waitresses service here in Canberra is somewhat losing there touch. If you have visited Melbourne lately you will know what I mean, the staff in Melbourne are brilliant.

I wont say which cafe in Manuka I am referring to, But if you eat in Manuka you will soon figure out the one.

Last week I had a waitress with attitude because I refused to eat a 400 gram steak with a butter knife. She said “Theres nothing wrong with eating steak with a butter knife” I said maybe I should just use hands?  

The reply was simply “I’m sorry we are out of steak knives, there isn’t anything I can do.” Not only at Manuka across all of Canberra I’m noticing there is attitude in the Industry.

Do we have a shortage of steak knives in Canberra? is it come the time to carry around dining kits?

[ED – for our younger readers unfamiliar with customer service, the correct answer is to say the knife is coming right up and then nip down to Coles to get another set. The revolving restaurant in Black Mountain Tower being a possible exception to this rule.]

What’s Your opinion?

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74 Responses to
Any Waiter/Waitress Experiences Lately?
prhhcd 11:16 am 26 Nov 08

I’ve generally found the service to be quite good as long as you’re nice to them. Could just be me though. I am generally one of those over the top friendly and cheerful ppl…

Kriti-dee 10:57 am 26 Nov 08

DON’T BE RUDE. FULL STOP 😀 works for me 🙂

poptop 10:48 am 26 Nov 08

Being rude to waiting staff just encourages them to pee in the soup [or equivalent].

By the time they realise you haven’t tipped, your long gone. They may still pee in the soup, but it won’t be YOUR soup.

johnboy 10:46 am 26 Nov 08

Never be rude to the staff, they handle your food behind closed doors.

The Brad 10:44 am 26 Nov 08

there’s never an excuse for being a smart arse to a waiter

There’s also never an excuse for being rudely spoken to.
So if being a smart arse might make her realise her flaw, rather than getting no tip which may just making her bitter and disgruntled, then a smart arse comment may achieve a milestone.

Kriti-dee 10:41 am 26 Nov 08

Beautifully said Mr Shab 🙂

Kriti-dee 10:39 am 26 Nov 08

I worked in the food industry in Canberra for close to 8 years. Not once did I enjoy my job, as the pay is so minimal, the boss is always worried about money/markups etc and the customers tended to be a little arrogant and obnoxious and there is little to no work satisfaction. THIS IS NOT ACCROSS THE BOARD – of course there is exceptions to this ‘rule’. But I can tell you, if you worked your ass off physically for close to 50 hours a week and only earned around $450 p/week as a result, eventually you would lose interest and the ‘customer experience’ really doesn’t come to mind one iota. This happened to me many times. I used to think that maybe it was the particular job and would move on; eventually I realised that Hospitality wasn’t for me.

But you cannot tell me that this problem doesn’t exist in other forms of customer service in Canberra; call centres, kiosks, clothing stores, departmental stores etc. And it doesn’t seem to matter the level of pay either.

Unfortunately there is a sense of “us” and “them” (Service providers, and Public Servants) in Canberra. 🙁

And this isn’t a new thing either, so don’t go pulling a “gen Y issue” on me here…

My suggestion: if the kitchen’s too hot to handle, get the puck out!

tylersmayhem 10:35 am 26 Nov 08

Why would people choose food service as a job when they can get the same money doing clothing retail which is much lower stress (generalisations here)?

uhhh, because working in clothing retail is as boring as bat s**t, particularly for people who actually like to do some hard work (generalisations here)?

Mr_Shab 10:34 am 26 Nov 08

Pay peanuts…Though with the margins in hospitality, it’s hard not to.

Service in Canberra is bad because of the low unemployment. I pity the cafe and restaurant owners who have to hire some of the borderline retards the job market throws up just to fill their rosters.

That said – there’s never an excuse for being a smart arse to a waiter. Just don’t tip. If it’s really bad, get up and walk out before you’ve ordered.

The Brad 10:06 am 26 Nov 08

>I’m sorry we are out of steak knives, there isn’t anything I can do

Retort – I’m sorry, I’m all out of money for a tip for you. Tips in Australia are a privilege, not a given, and I ain’t givin’.

Peachy 9:57 am 26 Nov 08

As a born and bred Canberran, I didn’t realise how bad service is in Canberra until I recently spent a weekend in Newcastle. Bit sad to think that I’m just used to it here.

Gungahlin Al 9:46 am 26 Nov 08

Lack of quality service is manifest across Candberra and across industries.

But OT, Mezzalira – quite ordinary service for a place that prices itself as a silver service venue. Will get around to doing a review for you soon JB, with pictures. (PS: it was a gift voucher – not somewhere this bunny could afford to regularly patronise on our incomes…)

GB 9:25 am 26 Nov 08

Sounds like a management problem, not a waiter/waitress one. Most people have a job so they can get money to buy stuff etc. Its up to management to try to buy what they need from their staff.

Customer service is not in our genes, you have to make people want to do it. And especially when employment rates are high, you’re going to have to pay for it — in wages, and in training and support. Why would people choose food service as a job when they can get the same money doing clothing retail which is much lower stress (generalisations here)?

Do you want it enough to pay the premium on your food? Or to choose only places that give good service to eat? Or just go with the flow with dodgy Australian service.

You have the power….

tylersmayhem 9:23 am 26 Nov 08

…is somewhat losing there touch
…Not only at Manuka across all of Canberra I’m noticing there is attitude in the Industry

@Food Critic: I’ll risk the abuse for this one. While my grasp of the English language is less that top notch, if you are wanting to tout yourself as a “food critic” (unless the username you’ve chosen for yourself is some kind of warped irony), perhaps do a little reading on the use of correct spelling and the use of commas.

But for now, please do us all a favour and name and shame this establishment. Part of contribting to RA is having the balls to name and shame in an effort to improve the experience that fellow RA’ers have.

MrMagoo 9:00 am 26 Nov 08

I think that what people in this industry seem constantly to forget is that they are in a ‘service’ industry. It isn’t just a job that you do to get money to buy stuff etc. You are in a customer Service position and if you read carefully what I said, it is CUSTOMER service, I think I’ve made my point.

Sorry, Coffee hasn’t kicked in yet

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