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Anyone know where i can get a good pie?

jessyrahhh 30 May 2009 42

I haven’t had a decent pie for a while now, but i had the best one the other day at michels patissiere in lanyon. beef cheese and bacon 🙂

But everytime I try and get one in tuggers there all gone:(

Anyone know where i can get a decent pie?

What’s Your opinion?

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42 Responses to
Anyone know where i can get a good pie?
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myrtleville 12:16 am 11 May 10

Well seeing as you’ve only got a couple of responses 😉 I feel a loyalty towards the bakery at the Curtin shops. Their pies are great and the lady who works there sold me a pie when I was 20c short. Man…that day…I really needed a pie. =D

monsta 10:14 pm 10 May 10

Kuma Pies is a great pie shop. We have pies when we go to Cooma from there (it’s our church). Do yourself a favour and stop and get a pie! The sweets are wonderful too! But go get a pie from Kuma Pies you won’t be sorry. They are on the main street. 🙂

Clown Killer 9:50 am 05 Jun 09

I didn’t get anything from the OP that suggested that this wasn’t a national search for the holy grail of pies …

The bakery’s not in Salamanca though, it’s more around the warf end on the landward side of that big seafood palace (Muier’s?)and trust me the lobster pies are worth the trip!

ilmarinen 9:24 am 05 Jun 09

Ooh.. You’ve been to Hobart? Respect.
Not sure that the original poster wants to go so far as Salamanca market for a pie though.

Clown Killer 8:54 am 05 Jun 09

If you’re ever in Hobart, head down to the warf area there’s a little bakery there (sorry name escapes me) that sells the most wonderful lobster pies.

shauno 5:10 am 05 Jun 09

I use to like the ones in a shop on bunda st. Its opposite the telstra shop sort of but cant remember the name.

farnarkler 10:37 pm 04 Jun 09

Plain meat pie at the bakery at Jamison. Mmmmmmmm.

harley 10:28 pm 04 Jun 09

What about Beef Burgundy? I haven’t had one of them since I left Melbourne 2 and a half years ago. I can’t find them anywhere here, good or bad…

bigred 9:58 pm 04 Jun 09

2nd Elaines and Jindabyne. Don’t agree about the truly awful Sakeena’s.

astrojax 8:28 pm 04 Jun 09

actually, the chunky steak pies and chicken pies at dickson cakes are pretty good. i also had a venison pie from cornucopia yesterday, which, while a bit pricey for a pie, was delicious.

dobinsons also do a reasonable pie. when i was working at anu i had an office with a radiator and used to get the frozen pack of pies – fantastic value! – and then zap a pie in them/wave, then pop it on the radiator for a half hour or so to lose that soggy pastry you get from zapping. an excellent and cheap morning tea for a week or more; dang cubicles in public service offices…

Icepoet 6:06 pm 04 Jun 09

Kuma pies on the main street in Cooma are really nice.

Holden Caulfield 5:15 pm 04 Jun 09

The Mexican pies from Dobinson’s in the city are pretty good, although it’s been a while since I have had one.

I have pies from Elaine’s (Fyshwick) and the Flute semi-regularly and they’re usually quite reliabe. The Steak & Onion at Elaine’s is usually very good. Nothing fancy, just good honest tucker.

Holden Caulfield 5:12 pm 04 Jun 09

I like pie. Do you like pie?

misspris 4:56 pm 04 Jun 09

The Flute in Fyshwick.

burkes08 4:03 pm 04 Jun 09

+1 for Kingston Bakery. Great for a hangover if Kismet at Manuka is closed for a kebab.

#14 – The place at Cooleman Court is called Sakeenas. Great pies, coffee and service!

caf 3:34 pm 04 Jun 09

For a plain meat pie, the hot bake just outside Supabarn in Civic does a great one.

peterh 3:20 pm 04 Jun 09

Steady Eddie said :

VIP Pies in Dundas Ct, Phillip.

+1. the bushman pie is awesome, and the egg is definitely not runny…

Beserk Keyboard Warrior 2:57 pm 04 Jun 09

Just had one at Elaine’s in Fyshwick. Thumbs down.

pug206gti 9:14 am 01 Jun 09

Definitely not Bakers’ Delight, blerk! One day while under the weather recently I thought an average pie would do, but this one was beyond sub-standard.

Aeek 6:26 pm 31 May 09

Who has Villi’s pasties these days? That’s what I want to know?
If you like Michel’s, any of them – they are all trucked in from their factory, as per the website
The Michel’s Story
Michel’s Patisserie is 100% Australian owned and was founded by Noel Carroll and Noel Roberts in 1988. Their concept was simple: a central bakery bakes the product and distributes fresh daily to the retail outlets, who in turn display and sell to customers.

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