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meggsy 29 May 2020 14


Does anyone know anything about (or have tried) the Anytime Fitness Gyms opening in Canberra? I am particularly interested in the one that is supposedly ‘coming soon’ in Spence. I have tried phoning the centres in Woden and Tuggeranong to get more information but the phone is never answered and the website is pretty useless.

I’m particularly interested in the security as the website indicates that members are given a ‘secure access key’ which is obviously for after hours but I’m not sure what their ‘after hours’ are.

Any information/experiences would be appreciated.

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14 Responses to Anytime Fitness Gyms
Jett13 Jett13 11:15 pm 30 Jan 11

I love the recipricol rights AT Fitness offer, I was on holiday in QLD at Xmas and used my secuirty key to access the Toombul AT Fitness and again in Caboolture on the way to the Sunshine Coast. Each time I have trained between the hours of 10am – 7pm at Jerra AT Fitness there has always been a Manager, and only to happy to help out if I have any questions on the equipment. I also like the fresh air and sometimes train out doors, but the cold Canberra winters suit the 24/7 model and I’m loving the affordable, conveniant, and excellent Life Fitness and Hammer Strength equipment…I see the website states the following stores will open soon, Dickson, Spence, Belco x 2, Lanyon, Civic., Fyshwick…with Tugg, Woden open already….

jodizzle jodizzle 6:26 am 08 Jan 11

About time Canberra looked at getting a 24/7 gym in, they go really well down in Melbourne. Certainly will make regular exercise easier for the shiftworkers (particularly when your shifts don’t allow for some good ol’ fashioned outdoor, vitamin D providing sweat time).

meggsy meggsy 3:51 pm 07 Jan 11

I do actually engage in the ‘highly dangerous yet exciting” 🙂 concept of exercising outside..I ride to work and back as often as I can – usually 2-3 times a week (32 KM round trip) and engage in a social sport which involves intense training for an hour 3X a week

..but the gym is handy as a back up when the weather is bad/lake is full of quangers poo…

Lazy I Lazy I 12:18 pm 07 Jan 11

I’m a member of Anytime Fitness and I only see it as a backup if my main gym is closed or has short hours on public holidays.

Interesting you mention this.. I couldn’t help but come to the cynical conclusion that the [b]grossly[/b] reduced Christmas opening hours for the Southern Cross Gym this year had something to do with their partnership with the newly opened Anytime Fitness.

troll-sniffer troll-sniffer 10:03 am 07 Jan 11

…for the amount of money it would cost for a year my husband and I could probably buy some weights, a treadmill and an exercise bike and exercise at home….

Or have you considered the highly dangerous yet exciting concept of exercising outside, in the fresh air, where your muscles will be trained for a real-world fitness, not for some pointless machine-centric pseudo-fitness?

I give an example. a few years ago I worked next to a gym-junkie who could blitz a gym full of tanned bodies in just about every section, run 20kms on a treadmill without raising a sweat was one proud achievement. On a drive out towards Tidbinbilla one day I suggested we climb up to some ridge-top rocks for a scenic view, to which she agreed, figuring she would blitz me up the grassy slope, me being just an occasional bush-walker.

Well, half way up she was forced to rest, as not one of her highly tuned gym-fed muscles was any use to her in the real world! Yet I, with just occasional exercise, but real world exercise, found the climb a doddle.

matt31221 matt31221 9:33 pm 06 Jan 11

Ah well, at least with these guys – there is no longer much excuse NOT to go to the gym. Anytime baby.

meggsy meggsy 8:27 pm 06 Jan 11

The more I hear about this mob the less I’m interested even if it’s five minutes from home ..sounds like a lot of money for a room full of machines, no classes, no support and limited facilities..

…for the amount of money it would cost for a year my husband and I could probably buy some weights, a treadmill and an exercise bike and exercise at home….

taninaus taninaus 7:21 pm 06 Jan 11

I had a chat to the person touting the Civic one – initial pricing is $9.95 per week for the first 100 people then +$1 per week for each 100 after that to a max of $14.95.

Gym is unattended per se, but there is a manager on site for limited hours weekdays and personal trainers will be on premesis with customers if they have bookings – so likely during peak times.

You get an initial 1/2 hour with a personal trainer to get you familiar with the gym.

Swipe and CCTV is already mentioned – swipe is one of the button types that you might have at work. Also you can wear a lanyard with a panic button if you want to feel more secure.

If you know what you are doing and can get it at the lower price level then it might be a good deal, but you would have to be fairly self motivated, or willing to buy personal trainer time if you want some guaranteed interaction.

meggsy meggsy 6:50 pm 06 Jan 11

Thanks guys..has given something to think about..I work in the city so I’ll go and have a look for the stall, Genie

The main thing that appeals to me is the proximity to home if it’s going where I think it is…less than a 5 minute walk from home…

Rosencrantz Rosencrantz 4:38 pm 06 Jan 11

I looked into joining the Tuggers one but joined elsewhere in the end. Basically they were offering an $11.95/wk deal if you signed up by the end of the year. On 31 Dec I visited their Tuggers gym to try and sign up but the place was unattended. So I emailed them saying so and asking to still take advantage of the discount offer – no reply.

When I got on to someone earlier this week the price had increased to $12.95/wk – still pretty good but not as good. However, what put me off was that the showering facilities are pretty small and I didn’t want to run the risk of having to queue or wait for a shower (as I go to the gym on the way to work in the morning).

In the end I joined with Active Leisure Centre at Erindale for $15/wk which also brings pool and tennis court access etc, as well as lots of showers, so I thought the couple of bucks more was worth it.

John Moulis John Moulis 4:35 pm 06 Jan 11

I’m a member of Anytime Fitness and I only see it as a backup if my main gym is closed or has short hours on public holidays. The equipment is fairly basic at Woden, they don’t have a rowing machine or incline situp bench for example. As far as security is concerned, there is a red panic button which goes thru to a local security company, plus there is a phone to call 000. There are also surveillance cameras in the gym. The toilets and change rooms are unisex between 19:00 and 07:00 but thankfully you can lock the door if you use them to avoid any embarrassing or legalistic incidents. You might be a bit lost with the dumbells if you are old school (like me) – the weights are only in kilos and there are no metric conversion tables anywhere.

luther_bendross luther_bendross 4:26 pm 06 Jan 11

I saw this in Tuggers last week. It was all still being decked out but most of the equipment was inside and it looked comprehensive. I recall there being a swipe card thingy on the door. Definitely looked promising.

Genie Genie 4:12 pm 06 Jan 11

There is a mini stall set up in the Canberra Centre near Supabarn (where the Salvo’s Man normally sits at the bottom of the escalators)

They are currently flogging the soon to be opened Civic gym. Prob best to go talk to them in person if your in the area.

I don’t know much about them but from what I can gather they are usually small gyms that you have 24 hour access to. Most of the time there isn’t staff on hand.

Creekgirl Creekgirl 3:41 pm 06 Jan 11

The Anytime gym in Woden is part of the Southern Cross Club gym. They have taken over what was the Yamba club. I have been in there during the day and it is ok – pretty small compared to the SCHC gym.
At the Woden one you need an access key to get in at all times, even during the day. The gym is generally unmanned so if you want more information about the Woden one I would recommend calling the Southern Cross Health Club.

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