Apologies : the day Riot forgot

Ntp 11 June 2007 17

Well Riot was MIA today. Our tech monkeys will brief us in due course as to what the issue was (and will be beaten acordingly) and we’ll endevour to avoid it happening again.

The Riot team.

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17 Responses to Apologies : the day Riot forgot
InfoAddict InfoAddict 10:40 am 08 Jun 07

“I have a bike, you can ride it if you like”

Al Al 9:41 am 08 Jun 07

I just played Pink Floyd all day…
“Is there anybody out there…out there…out there”

DarkLadyWolfMother DarkLadyWolfMother 8:25 am 08 Jun 07

Sonic probably reads the monkey its human rights.

Danman Danman 7:25 am 08 Jun 07

Sonic spanks the monkey ?

Ntp Ntp 7:11 am 08 Jun 07

Not sonic, freak – Beat Kramer our web-monkey! And definitely not in that way (what ever way that is, ewww).

It’s getting so you can’t trust anyone with a negative IQ and a club these days. Ahh if only for a half decent henchman…

Pandy Pandy 6:41 am 08 Jun 07

Sonic: mmmmmmm. Me beating the monkey, me cleaning keyboard.

soulman soulman 11:41 pm 07 Jun 07

Great, now I have to scrub my keyboard.
Who new the thought of images of Stanhope pissing and doing god knows could cause such sudden and aggressive nausea?

ant ant 11:34 pm 07 Jun 07

WE DO NOT WANT A WEBCAM IN STANHOPE’S ENSUITE! REALLY! HOW DO I MAKE THESE WORDS BIGGER?! God, waht diseased mind could even entertain the idea of Stanhope’s ensuite?

Ntp Ntp 11:32 pm 07 Jun 07

Pandy, you now have your target, get with the beating!

Kramer Kramer 11:20 pm 07 Jun 07

Meanwhile we are currently working on a few things, that we plan to implement this weekend, which will improve the stability (and maybe even the speed) of the site. Also the revamped site will eventually include some new features – I won’t mention any just yet, as I don’t want to ruin the suprise of a web cam in John Stanhope’s personal ensuite.

Thanks for your patience during our recent instability.

Kramer (RiotACT System Admin)

Kramer Kramer 11:11 pm 07 Jun 07

(Warning the following comment contains nerd related content)

It seems we were once again been foiled by the Transact network. Maintenance in the early hours of the morning appears to have disrupted our local Transact network. RiotACT being the ultra-reliable beast which it is, runs off the back of a Transact STB, that went AWOL following the outage. A few attempts to bring our gear online by non-technical persons was less than successful. Meanwhile I was crusing around the city with a flat mobile, blissfully unaware that Riot was in a steaming heap. Early this evening we were able to get everything rebooted, and eventually the whole system was back.

Pandy Pandy 10:00 pm 07 Jun 07

I have club. Me beat monkeys. Ugg.

jr jr 9:45 pm 07 Jun 07

You mean the monkeys weren’t able to negotiate their own AWA?

p1 p1 9:06 pm 07 Jun 07

Should have said

Hello wikipedia “random article” button.

but I am not very good with the tags thing. I’m good at procrastination though…

p1 p1 9:02 pm 07 Jun 07

It forced me to search out different and creative ways to procrastinate.

Hello wikipeadia button.

Ntp Ntp 8:41 pm 07 Jun 07


jr jr 7:50 pm 07 Jun 07

Pay peanuts… get monkeys!

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