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Are you sick of being consulted yet?

By johnboy - 7 May 2009 22

Our brave, beloved, and most of all Chiefly Leader has unleashed a tsunami of consultation with which to bludgeon the whingers into submission.

Topics for consultation this month include:

    — BelconnenTown Centre Improvements
    — Proposed southern cemetery
    — Draft ACT Kangaroo Management Plan
    — Lyons shopping centre upgrades
    — Tuggeranong Town Park Stage
    — Waramanga shopping centre upgrades
    — Stromlo Forest Park Master Plan and Feasibility Study

That’ll learn you.

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
Are you sick of being consulted yet?
Aeek 11:01 pm 07 May 09

or like Weston West, being consulted by the ACTgov and the NCA who had different agendas

canberra bureaucrat 10:55 pm 07 May 09

Death by consultation.

Or is it, like sand in your eye, blindness from an absurd amount of meaningless consultation.

Aeek 10:51 pm 07 May 09

Long ago, I was surveyed for my TV watching habits when I didn’t own a TV, wasn’t a question.
There was the ACTION survey that insisted on knowing my closest stop. Why would I ever use it, when it was a 3 minute walk to the Civic interchange? This was before transfer tickets.

TP 3000 10:44 pm 07 May 09

You missed the Bushfire Management Program thing.

Felix the Cat 10:03 pm 07 May 09

Can’t say I’ve ever been consulted about anything the govt wants to do. Actually that’s not true. I recall many years ago receiving a flyer in my letterbox about proposed high speed internet for the Gungahlin area. AFAIK it never happened.

Felix the Cat 10:00 pm 07 May 09

According to The Chronicle the govt consulted just 80 people regarding proposed car park changes to Nicholls shops.

Primal 9:48 pm 07 May 09

SheepGroper said :

According to WIN news it was a Lions consultation, not Lyons.

Makes sense. I always seek Voltron’s advice before submitting a development application.

SheepGroper 9:38 pm 07 May 09

According to WIN news it was a Lions consultation, not Lyons.

monomania 7:55 pm 07 May 09

Few people will have a interest in more than one or any of these consultations. So if you don’t or don’t think they will do much good, forget about them and consider that they are one more type of economic stimulus. After the handouts and the throwing of money at school infrainfrastructure regardless of need, I have decided to no longer worry about how government wastes money.

Yossarian 6:10 pm 07 May 09

Don’t forget F&C Day.

Dante 5:00 pm 07 May 09

What about consultation on the big issues?

This is a fantastic start if you’re directly affected by any of these, but what about the issues affecting us all that we aren’t ever asked about, except for at election time?

Primal 4:26 pm 07 May 09

Got my flyer in the mailbox yesterday about the upgrade of Waramanga shops.

Going by the language in it, you’d think they were wanting to turn it into a world-class tourist attraction rather than freshening up a nice little cluster of shops.

chewy14 4:26 pm 07 May 09

Jim Jones said :

We could merge “Belconnen Town Centre Improvements” with “Proposed southern cemetery” and have the best of all possible worlds.

Throw in a gas powered kangaroo crematorium on you’re on to something.

Jim Jones 4:12 pm 07 May 09

We could merge “Belconnen Town Centre Improvements” with “Proposed southern cemetery” and have the best of all possible worlds.

Whatsup 4:05 pm 07 May 09

He didn’t consult me as to how much consultation I wanted.

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