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Arrest made in relation to the murder of Nannette Porritt

By Big Al - 27 October 2006 44

A 22-year-old Canberra man has been arrested for the murder of 50-year-old Nannette Porritt.

Ms Porritt was found dead in her house on December 21 last year.

The ABC is reporting that an arrest has been made. ACT Police have indicated that the man will brought before the ACT Magistrates Court later this morning.

As I recall, at one time her son was considered a ‘person of interest’ to investigators.

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44 Responses to
Arrest made in relation to the murder of Nannette Porritt
Absent Diane of the 10:05 am 27 Oct 06

2. FC what is unfortunate about his arrest?

it is unfortunate because it appears that he may have committed the crime and from what I have heard he was a fairly nice, quiet, placid kid.. which indicates that he must be fairly troubled as well. just a sad situation all round.

TAD 10:01 am 27 Oct 06

. There is a difference between the police declining to call somebody a suspect and saying it.

2. FC what is unfortunate about his arrest?

Binker 9:56 am 27 Oct 06

PORRITT,G(case#)CC06/06409 09:30 MENTION Court Room 1
CC06/09571 09:30 MENTION Court Room 1
From the MC Daily List

FC 9:48 am 27 Oct 06

good point, it’s definatly true. I knew him from H/S too.
Canberra is so small…

Absent Diane of the 9:41 am 27 Oct 06

thats fine – thanks though… curious because my younger brother is friends with glen from HS and i wouldn’t want to pass on any false information (asssuming he doesn;t know already).

FC 9:35 am 27 Oct 06

sorry, I don’t want to to say. But it was from a very reliable source. He was arrested yesterday afternoon.

Absent Diane of the 9:26 am 27 Oct 06

where did you hear that?

FC 9:24 am 27 Oct 06

it is him that they arrested unfortunatly.

Big Al 9:21 am 27 Oct 06

I guess all will be revealed later this morning when the chap is brought before the magistrate

simto 9:11 am 27 Oct 06

Well, they’ve definately arrested a 22 year old male. And Glen is 22 and male. On the other hand, so are rather a lot of other people.

Is it usual for the cops not to release the name of people they’ve arrested? ’cause it does tend to get us readers putting on our amateur sleuthing hat.

Thumper 9:04 am 27 Oct 06

And thus speculation is not only rife, but premeditated.

Let us wait and see.

Absent Diane of the 8:51 am 27 Oct 06

well they haven’t said if it is glen that has been arrested.

FC 8:34 am 27 Oct 06

The police are saying that he isn’t a suspect and then they arrest him?! doesn’t make sense to me.
Maybe they just thought they would keep him in custody until its all over in case there is a risk of him leaving canberra.

Absent Diane of the 8:26 am 27 Oct 06
Absent Diane of the 8:23 am 27 Oct 06

Glen isn’t a suspect.

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