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Ask RiotACT: Daylight saving lasting too long?

Sassy Nick 3 April 2019 56

Ask RiotACT

The last time I checked, Daylight Saving was also known as Summer Time, so I am asking why on earth are we still on it for so long after summer has finished?

It is a great thing to have during the time of the year when the days are long enough to support it, but not now.

Welcome to Canberra in Autumn! Here we are in the late March to early April period and the sun is barely rising at 7 am! It’s dark, winter-like and fake!

When will common sense prevail as to when to turn the clocks back?

Yours Sincerely,

Sarah of Duffy ACT

What’s Your opinion?

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Ask RiotACT: Daylight saving lasting too long?
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12:33 pm 07 Apr 19

I work full time and want my daylight at the end of the day...i don't mind a dark morning as i get the light when i get home. I hate that it has finished as it means winter is coming. I HATE winter...

10:19 am 07 Apr 19

So very sad :( daylight savings ended. Now it will be dark early in the evenings and curtail people's activities. I agree with many comments here; it's a shame we can't have those hours all year.

Futureproof 10:08 am 07 Apr 19

Just have it over Dec, Jan Feb – that’s it. Driving to work in pitch black wondering when skipppy is going to jump in front of me is not ideal

8:45 am 07 Apr 19

Yes. We should finish it when it's not light at 6.30am. Probably around the middle of March. Mind you I hear that Europe are talking about banning it altogether, because all the EEC countries couldn't agree on when and if!!

5:56 am 05 Apr 19

I agree with many people here. We should have daylight saving all year round. I'd rather get up in the dark so I can come home from work while it's still light.

gositsa 11:21 pm 04 Apr 19

Another vote for all year

8:21 pm 04 Apr 19

Sarah Duffy read this as the question was from Sarah duffy. Legit question girl get it

8:01 pm 04 Apr 19

Should be all year

Capital Retro 6:22 pm 04 Apr 19

John Moulis is talking about the real climate which is always changing, not the “climate change” that was invented by businessmen supported by taxpayer funding.

    JC 4:14 am 07 Apr 19

    Ironic that climate change in your view was invented by businessmen (presumably as a way of making money) yet the party that takes good care of these very same businessmen, the Liebrals are the ones who deny the facts.

    And those facts are based on year in year out analysis over many years not just gee this year was colder so climate change is a

    And even my own experience of living in Canberra for the best part of 40 years now is we don’t have snow on the brindies as much as when I was a kid. Then in winter not having snow was the exception not having snow is the exception.

2:10 pm 04 Apr 19

Love daylight saving, the lovely late afternoon and evenings in Autumn are just great for family time, so much more time to live! We’ll be getting up soon enough (again) in the dark as winter beckons, this is just the practice time to get used to it ....!

12:47 pm 04 Apr 19

I find this offensive, hate speech 🤥😂🤣😂

12:13 pm 04 Apr 19

Daylight Saving is great, let's have it year round, as many have suggested.

11:28 am 04 Apr 19

The clocks should change at the equinoxes in September and March. Doesn’t that make sense?

10:55 am 04 Apr 19

Also maybe we can scrap daylight savings. It just robbing Peter to pay Paul. At some point we will have to darkness at either or both ends of the day. If we don’t want diurnal variations we can move to the equator. I can’t believe I’m saying this all these years later but the Queenslanders have a point. Daylight savings is great for the matrix...

10:53 am 04 Apr 19

Yes it feels like we should have turned them back 2 weekends ago!!

10:23 am 04 Apr 19

Not too long; not long enough. I would like it longer; ALL YEAR in fact. But it was worse when I worked (retired now). One week cycling home in the daylight; the next week the dark. HORRIBLE when it ended. Before daylight savings ended, I would see all these people out walking, jogging, just enjoying the daylight after work, but the week it ended, suddenly this stopped. The world suddenly felt empty. Sad to see this. Also, when I got home it was nice to be able to go out and pick my dinner from the garden in the daylight. When it ended, suddenly I was feeling about my garden to find dinner. Lets have Daylight Savings all year please.

8:16 am 04 Apr 19

Agree with OP - I like daylight saving, but it goes on a few weeks too long now since it was extended a few years ago (to line up with Tas I think). Getting up in the dark feels like winter is here already 😐

    8:20 am 04 Apr 19

    Meg Joy I hate daylight savings.... pick a time zone and stick with it 😂😂😂

    8:24 am 04 Apr 19

    As a shift worker it just messes with my body clock more having to adjust to the changes in time, but I can see for people who work 9-5 why daylight savings appeals

    10:24 am 04 Apr 19

    Zoë Blackman Agreed. Lets have Daylight Savings all year.

8:12 am 04 Apr 19

As I catch buses in Canberra I really like coming home it the light

7:55 am 04 Apr 19

Working full-time I really like coming home with daylight. The 5pm dark freezing Canberra nights will be back soon enough!

7:49 am 04 Apr 19

Leave it. I’m enjoying the lovely afternoons.

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