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August wedding, indoors and out

By Pommy bastard - 12 May 2010 32

Ok, a mate from the UK is coming over to Canberra to get married.

I’ll say that again, as it bears repeating.

A mate from the UK is coming over to Canberra, with his English wife to be, to get married.

Just don’t ask, ok?

He would like a suitable outdoor venue suggested for the ceremony, <b>but with a fall back location</b> in case the weather on the day proves to be  too cold/wet/cold and wet/warm/hot.

Could the good denizens of the RiotAct offer (sensible ) suggestions please?

What’s Your opinion?

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32 Responses to
August wedding, indoors and out
la mente torbida 12:56 pm 12 May 10

Explain that to me again…friends want to come from the UK and get married in Canberra….for free?

Sneak into the arboretum on a Sunday

NoAddedMSG 12:33 pm 12 May 10

Botanic gardens, $500 to book it and part of that includes a pre-arranged backup venue for bad weather.

BimboGeek 12:22 pm 12 May 10

For such small numbers and a tiny budget I’d be looking at going to a pretty hotel like the Kurrajong or Brassey, booking a tiny room (or just sharing the celebration with whoever happens to be around) and doing the wedding in their gardens if the weather’s fine then going in to the restaurant/bar to celebrate. It doesn’t sound like you’ll need much attention so they should be pretty happy to have you, particularly if you choose a weekday!

Actually even OPH/Ginger Catering might be happy to have you use the courtyard for a while if the day you want is quiet – choose a non-sitting week and confirm the day closer to the date.

Pommy bastard 12:08 pm 12 May 10

Oh, and to answer the numbers and type question.

Numbers 5-6 people.

Type, quiet and unfancy.

Pommy bastard 12:06 pm 12 May 10

Many thanks kind folks, a litte adendum which I should have put in the OP.

Likely cost of these venues?

Any free venues that can be used?

Lazy I 11:27 am 12 May 10

+1 University House, excellent venue.

trevar 11:23 am 12 May 10

Have you told them that August is Winter in the Southern Hemisphere? It’s hibernation time! The only place in the ACT that I could imagine being suitable for an outdoor wedding in August is the Jervis Bay Territory.

My dad used to tell me that mad dogs and Englishmen went out in the midday sun, but he never mentioned that Englishmen were also stupid enough to go outside in Winter!

troll-sniffer 11:16 am 12 May 10

One thing a lot of couples forget is how little light there is around in the late afternoons right up until October. Any wedding later than 2pm runs a risk of running out of useful light for the all-important wedding photos.

The biggest problem for Nuptialis Canberrus is the ever-present wind. Even a mild day in August is generally rendered cold by the westerlies. Probably hardly noticeable to hardy poms but worth keeping in mind for the locals.

Venues? University House with its sheltered courtyard. The Hyatt with its sheltered courtyards. Lanyon. Federation Square is not a bad option either, despite its fully commercial bent. Old Parliament House gardens.

churl 11:11 am 12 May 10

Hmmm context is everything: they are heading down-under in middle of winter!?
What are they after? Motorbike wedding in Captains Flat? Kangaroos? Function centre?
How many people?

I did stumble on some people preparing a bush site out within the Tidbinbilla pine plantation: paths, benches etc for a true bush wedding. That must have been unusually Australian.

Mothy 11:09 am 12 May 10

Holden Caulfield said :

Old Parliament House, maybe. Ginger Room could be good and you could probably get one of the old dining rooms for a private function.

+1 – though the caveat is that OPH weddings are handled by Ginger Catering.

Note that in nominating OPH, I’m not saying the rose gardens next to it – those are booked via the National Captial Authority.

I am referring to the courtyards within OPH itself. Got married there in April last year. Elected not to have the reception there, but that’s another story. Everything went smoothly on the day, and they do use one of the Members Dining Rooms (with a view back up the hill towards New Parliament House) as the wet weather backup.

The house and surrounds make for great photo opportunities – nice stark white of the building, etc etc.

Holden Caulfield 10:16 am 12 May 10

Old Parliament House, maybe. Ginger Room could be good and you could probably get one of the old dining rooms for a private function.

The Hyatt is probably a bit obvious, but if the weather is good you could do the ceremony over the road at (or near) Lennox Gardens.

Boat House by the Lake?

What about Cuppacumbalong at Tharwa, is that still in operation?

ConanOfCooma 10:07 am 12 May 10

I have to ask… WHY?!?

I can’t really suggest anywhere in Canberra, but keep the coast in mind for a backup. The weather should be much warmer down there.

MissPeaches 10:03 am 12 May 10

Another option is the Rose Cottage place near Chisholm on the Monaro highway. They have some pretty gardens and a nice function room that you can move the wedding indoors if you need to.

astrojax 9:59 am 12 May 10

the senate rose garden is always a favourite, with the lobby (or whatever it is called now – is it still the lobby?) across the street a good function venue that can also be rearranged to host the ceremony if needed in case of inclement weather.

the anu also has function rooms available and their campus is a beautiful setting for nuptials. could contact their switch who’d doubtless put you on the merry-go-round to find the right choice of venues therein.

coroboree park, ainslie, is also very pretty, under the awning of mt ainslie’s afternoon glow – with the hall there a prospect for inclemency fallback.

good luck. there are many worse places for the couple to escape their family ties and have a bonza wedding than canberra!

madamcholet 9:58 am 12 May 10

Mr Cholet and I were married at Lanyon Homestead. If it is a daytime event and it’s nice it would be a fabulous location as the grounds and views are beautiful. Obviously in August in Canberra you don’t want to be hanging around outside at night. Luckily, they have a lovely cosy inside area with a wood fire and can always set up a marquee with heaters if that’s not big enough.

Once you are there it seems like you in the back of beyond. The historic surroundings lend a bit more to the event as well, (although being from England, as am I, your friend may feel the word “historic” is a little overstated!).

Having said all that, it would be a lot cheaper to stay in England and make use of their history, summertime etc.

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