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Aus vs Italy @ Bruce – what can I bring?

fnaah 12 June 2009 20


I’ll be braving the cold with the rest of the throng at the Wallabies’ first game in Canberra in nine years, but I’ve never been to a game out at Bruce, and I’m wondering what I can expect in terms of food/beverage prices and quality. I’m assuming lukewarm pies and flat beer in plastic cups, at outlandish prices. How far off the mark is my assumption?

Also, can I bring a thermos of suitably hot beverage? I’d love to bring some spiced wine, but I’m sure that’d be a no-no. Would coffee/tea/soup be ok, or will the gate nazis boldly exclaim “no soup for you”?

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20 Responses to Aus vs Italy @ Bruce – what can I bring?
MelonHead MelonHead 9:09 am 13 Jun 09

$4.40 for a bottle of water.

Planning is everything.

astrojax astrojax 8:09 am 13 Jun 09

a ticket to one of the cosy corporate boxes?

oh, and don’t forget the italian flag to cheer on the best team… ; )

[another site suggestion – shoulda gone in the survey; mea culpa – is ‘how about a program that turns “; )”, etc into actual smileys in the final post??]

ebony57 ebony57 10:53 pm 12 Jun 09

Fish and chips at the stadium are good, so are the vegetarian noodles.

A better option is a pide from the turkish at Big J little a double em oh! (either one). You might find, though, that the sponsorship arrangements for the Wallabies matches are a touch more restrictive, and there will be substantial bag-checking on the way in.

Aside from that, chemical hand warmers, something to sit on, a good thick beanie, and a thermos of hot-chocolate with butterscotch schnapps. That’ll help keep you warm(ish).

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 10:51 pm 12 Jun 09

reepy said :

Thermal underwear

Yes. I think I’ll be buying some duds tomorrow.

Ian Ian 10:46 pm 12 Jun 09

#15 – beats eating the pizzas for sure!

Postalgeek Postalgeek 9:16 pm 12 Jun 09

I can personally recommend thick-crust chain-store pizzas in their boxes for sitting on.

reepy reepy 4:02 pm 12 Jun 09

Thermal underwear

astrojax astrojax 3:59 pm 12 Jun 09

take those little rubber packs filled with goo and a clicker that magically heat up when you click the button – need a few as the warmth won’t last two halves…

ramblingted ramblingted 3:20 pm 12 Jun 09

I loved it in the last World Cup- when the Italians scored they played some great ol’ Dean Martin numbers

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 3:11 pm 12 Jun 09

Good books, a couple of crossword compendiums, monopoly board, TV, DVD player….

This is Aus against Italy we are talking about.

Chop71 Chop71 3:08 pm 12 Jun 09

….and a pen to fill out the survey on a new stadium. The ACT government has all the options available for viewing at the Rugby and Raiders games this weekend.

G-Fresh G-Fresh 2:47 pm 12 Jun 09

Bring Conga drums, trumpets, horns, whistles good times.

p1 p1 2:36 pm 12 Jun 09

I’m not sure about Bruce these days but its getting increasingly rare to be able to purchase full-strength beer at sporting events. The powers at be are practically forcing us to smuggle our own booze in.

I know that this is common at the cricket, but at least then you have all day to get properly blotto.

Skidd Marx Skidd Marx 2:32 pm 12 Jun 09

I’m not sure about Bruce these days but its getting increasingly rare to be able to purchase full-strength beer at sporting events. The powers at be are practically forcing us to smuggle our own booze in.

Genie Genie 2:19 pm 12 Jun 09

I tend to take out my sleeping bag. Its a thermal one, and sooo toasty warm. Easy to pack up and carry, and it doesn’t matter if it rains (or snows)

As for taking a thermos, I have taken one out plenty of times and never been asked what was in it… If your sneaky enough you can take anything into the stadium.

Lady_from_Holt Lady_from_Holt 1:58 pm 12 Jun 09

I’m jealous of the people that bring dooners (except when it rains, then I laugh) they always look so toasty!

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 1:42 pm 12 Jun 09

The fish and chips on offer are usually quite good.

But your legs, especially, will get fkng cold! So thermals or a blanket are highly recommended.

p1 p1 1:19 pm 12 Jun 09

I also recommend a flask of your favourite beverage of choice. If mixing it is your style though, bring something, because by the time you pay for soft drink and mix it, you may as well have just bought it there.

I also envy people with the forward planning to bring something like hot soup.

Clown Killer Clown Killer 12:55 pm 12 Jun 09

We’ve brought a thermos or hot chocolate to Brumbies games before without any trouble. A flask of single malt never goes astray either – just don’t go waiving it about!

burkes08 burkes08 12:47 pm 12 Jun 09

From the stadium website.

Food and Beverage
Patrons are permitted to bring the following items into Canberra Stadium:

Pre-packaged food such as sandwiches, fruit, biscuits, crisps, etc. for individual consumption;
Unopened Non-alcoholic beverages at or less than 600 ml for individual consumption.
Patrons are not permitted to bring packaged or commercial branded food and beverage products to Canberra Stadium.

Beer in cans, a bit pricey but I wouldn’t say outlandish. Food pretty average though. I am always so jealous of those people who are organised enough to bring their own food.

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