Aussie Junk managing director names himself as major creditor!

realitycheck 22 July 2009 13

Aussie Junk’s managing Director Dennis Richter has named himself as the major creditor at the Company Creditors meeting held in Brisbane on 7th July 2009.The report states that only 3 creditors put forward a claim:

    By Proxy Represented By: Claim $

    ***** ****** The Chairman $58,796.32

    *************** The Chairman $11,990.00

    Dennis Richter Himself $237,227.00

In the federal magistrates court on Monday morning the hearing was adjourned due to “anticipation that the company will be in liquidation within 12 days”.This corresponds with the July 31 court hearing in Brisbane ATO v Aussie Junk Py Ltd.

Wonder if there will be enough left to pay his employees owed almost $300,000 as stated in the WO claim!

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13 Responses to Aussie Junk managing director names himself as major creditor!
Hells_Bells74 Hells_Bells74 9:21 pm 23 Jul 09

BS radar – Check!

carmer1920 carmer1920 8:34 pm 23 Jul 09

Stuff Revole, ripped me off several hundreds off dollars, Brought a trailer from them , paid and said i would be back, went back they bloody sold it again, not a happy camper. Never had any problems with Aussie Junk the place is clean and the staff are helpfull, Young women seems to go out her way to help ya and she never stops workin she is always doing somthing or helping someone when ever i go there. there got my vote.

realitycheck realitycheck 10:16 am 23 Jul 09

Revolve will be the easier option for Thiess and the Government might reduce some of the collateral damage by allowing Revolve to return.
Personally as long as Aussie Junk are gone I really don’t care who gets the gig.

housebound housebound 10:14 am 23 Jul 09

Revolve were great for our needs.You could always find an odd bit of junk that exactly met your needs. It was the best place for a strangly shaped door handle (needing to fit an exact space), or old bike parts, or taps (even ‘as new’) and other odds and ends. The new mob did nothing to serve that market.

And I reckon it would be like a spectre returning to haunt TaMS and its overlords. It’s worth it just for that.

Affirmative Action Man Affirmative Action Man 10:04 am 23 Jul 09

Revolve – Arrghh – You must be kidding.

They were asking more for old junk than you would pay at KMart for a brand new item.

AG Canberra AG Canberra 9:57 am 23 Jul 09

WMC – I think the “reasonable prices” you paid may have led to the downfall of Aussie Junk….

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 9:52 am 23 Jul 09

Yeah, bring back Revolve. The new place is far too neat, and I can find things then pay reasonable prices for them. Much better to have a shed that’s indistinguishable from the landfill with surly derros roaming around wanting paper money for stuff that’s worth cents.

SpellingAndGrammar SpellingAndGrammar 10:49 pm 22 Jul 09

I see that we’re off and racing again! I’ll give my vote to Revolve. Now wouldn’t THAT be Karma.

housebound housebound 8:45 pm 22 Jul 09

Yay! It would be good to see Revolve get back in.

realitycheck realitycheck 8:41 pm 22 Jul 09

The appointed administrator Aggs & Robson have stated that there a lot more creditors but only 3 were represented at this meeting.
If the information stated in the Federal Magistrates Court on Monday is correct and the company will be in liquidation by the end of the month who will be running the Mugga Lane & Mitchell sites.
I anticipate that the Government will give the running of the recycling centre to Thiess as they are the major contractor on the site and let them sub-contract out.The Government will not want to get involved in another tender process and by giving control to Thiess they can distance themselves.
I suggest that Revolve will get the job at Mugga Lane but not sure on the Mitchell Site.
Maybe Revolve will get that as well as Thiess are also the principal contractors.
I hope the workers out there get to keep their jobs, well some of them at least!

realitycheck realitycheck 8:26 pm 22 Jul 09

carmer1920 said :

If these so called employees where underpaid, Dont you think they would be named as creditors. Why wasnt the WO at this so called meeting of creditors? If there’s such a case……..

The ATO is obviously a creditor as they put in an application to wind up the company, why weren’t they named as creditors.Maybe there is no such a case…….

carmer1920 carmer1920 8:15 pm 22 Jul 09

If these so called employees where underpaid, Dont you think they would be named as creditors. Why wasnt the WO at this so called meeting of creditors? If there’s such a case……..

jackal jackal 8:14 pm 22 Jul 09

Maybe he is a creditor?

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