Australia Day Live ’07

johnboy 10 January 2007 19

Another Australia Day Beckons, and with it Australia’s worst music festival in the form of “Australia Day Live” at Parliament House.

Thanks to Bighead for the reminder, you can see the line-up in all its glory on the dedicated website.

The announced acts are: The Whitlams (token Canberra?), The Audreys, Guy Sebastian, TV Rock, Sick Puppies, Bobby Flynn, Renee Geyer, and the cast from Priscilla Queen of the Desert – the Musical.

Now I’ll concede there are some good acts on that lineup, but I’d love to meet (but not for too long) the person who won’t actively loathe some part of it.

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19 Responses to Australia Day Live ’07
Unbeliever Unbeliever 12:49 pm 11 Jan 07

Australia Day live is shiite! Unless you’re 2 metres from the stage, the other 90% of the audience are just there as fillers for the TV pimps. The event is geared as a broadcast event and the constant TV ad breaks are annoying from a live audience perspective. And Gretel Killeen (hopefully she’s not hosting it again) is more annoying than 20 Guy Sebastians – who I’d be willing to bet can carry a tune far better than anyone here… despite his unfortunate part in the Idol fiasco.

johnboy johnboy 8:37 am 11 Jan 07

have you listened to the podcast?

queen_vic_toria_II queen_vic_toria_II 8:35 am 11 Jan 07

you guys should check out Quagmire!!!
I have caught them around town and they are a great Canberra band… from the Queen herself – bugger Parliament House, go and check out some local talent and support them!

Thumper Thumper 7:47 am 11 Jan 07

I’m terrified of Guy Sebastian, shall I call the hotline?

miz miz 11:45 pm 10 Jan 07

terror laws might kick in though if they sing that one

miz miz 11:42 pm 10 Jan 07

They had a point about the pokies, I thought.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 10:49 pm 10 Jan 07

Thw Whitlams…. the eternal singing whingers.

Seepi pay attention if you choose to burst into song.

Danman Danman 8:55 pm 10 Jan 07

Cotter never been the same since I cant buy callippos from there

miz miz 5:50 pm 10 Jan 07

The Cotter event’s my pick. I find Glebe Park an inconvenient location.

miz miz 5:46 pm 10 Jan 07

With a few baby boomer token artists like Renee.

miz miz 5:44 pm 10 Jan 07

My teen daughter and friends are going this year, and I went a coupla years ago with my teen son and friend – had a ball it poured with rain for about ten mins but no one cared, a nice friendly vibe. I had to stand on the esky to see anything though. Definitely aimed at the younger crowd.

Manny Manny 4:31 pm 10 Jan 07

Bobby Flynn, who is he anyway he was voted OUT at Australian Idol, but all of a sudden he is in the ACT Line UP, yay we get all the good ones, losers that is!

Bartron Bartron 3:21 pm 10 Jan 07

loath Gretel….will not go for that reason.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 2:32 pm 10 Jan 07

Is Guy Sebastatian STILL around? I thought he’d used up his one album of fame. Isn’t it time for him to crawl back to whatever shoe-shop he came from?

simto simto 1:02 pm 10 Jan 07

Nope, Guy Sebastian comments are not allowed anywhere near the poolroom. The only thing appropriate for the poolroom is to pretend he doesn’t exist.

Thumper Thumper 1:00 pm 10 Jan 07

Guy Sebastian reminds me somewhat of an overfed, frizzy haired Walt Disney cartoon hamster.

(Poolroom? Please pleae please????)

emd emd 12:58 pm 10 Jan 07

There’s supposedly some ACT events (as opposed to the “national” Parliament House concert) but ACT Events haven’t updated their website yet.

ParkLive ’06 – all-ages bands etc at Glebe Park. To include Ashleigh Mannix, Los Capitanos, Quagmire. Amusingly, there will be a “ChixZone” for the girls where they can have a manicure and learn how to do beading. No “BlokeZone” on offer.

Commonwealth Park – the usual breakfast, citizenship ceremony etc. Plus Australia Day Children’s Festival, including Active Kidz from ABC TV, Tricky Nick magic show, and Gecko Gang.

Australia Day Fireworks Spectacular – around 9pm? at Lake Burpy-Gherkin.

Cotter Bush Picnic – a more low-key family event, we had a great time last year. Food, music, storytelling, horse & cart rides etc.

All the details are here.

simto simto 12:55 pm 10 Jan 07

It’s a battle for me between Loathe, Never Heard Of and Their Best Days Are Well Behind Them (last category reserved for Renee Geyer and The Whitlams).

Al Al 12:33 pm 10 Jan 07

Loathe: Guy Sebastian!

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