Australian Capital Tourism looking for 500 Humans

Holden Caulfield 13 August 2012 9

To help promote Canberra’s centenary Australian Capital Tourism wants to create the “world’s first Human Brochure”:

What better way to learn about a place than through the eyes of people who have been there?

That’s why we’re creating the world’s first Human Brochure, so everyday Australians can share their stories of all the great things to see and do in our nation’s capital.

To begin, we’re looking for 500 HUMANS to treat to a weekend in Canberra. They’ll prove that when you look closely, there’s an abundance of attractions, experiences and fun you can have here.

Looks like they’ll be selecting people to get VIP treatment to a number of our local highlights.

Where in Canberra would you send a group of “everyday Australians” if you wanted them to experience something they couldn’t hold back from their mates?

I have high hopes for your replies!

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9 Responses to Australian Capital Tourism looking for 500 Humans
Zan Zan 8:39 pm 14 Aug 12

Never mind about through 500 people’s eyes. How about a few web cameras?

I can look at:
Vienna, Austria –
Tromso, Norway –
Blue Lagoon, Iceland –

all fabulous but I can’t see any web cams for Canberra that work properly, can you?

ToastFliesRED ToastFliesRED 10:22 am 14 Aug 12

mmm brains fresh brains, sorry I’ve not had breakfast yet

How about darts night at the Fraser Tavern, anything in Charnie, Causeway, a street cruise in a white commodore. How about anything to dispel the myth propogated by the media that we all live on Mugga Way equivalents and that “we” as people who live in Canberra are somehow responsible for the decisions which affect the country, eg “Canberra today decided to increase taxes…”, “Canberra is responsible for the sinking of …”. FFS media it is the Federal Government that makes these decisions, not Canberra. Is it too much to ask to “spend” the extra nine letters of ink or nine online characters (ok 10 if you include the space).

Ok stepping down off soap-box now, but I still think something along the lines of the actual suggestion would be good, to show the ACT (ie not just Canberra) is not just the Parliamentary Triangle, the main tourist attractions and the roads to Sydney and the snow.

beejay76 beejay76 9:54 am 14 Aug 12

I completely misread that as “…looking for 500 Holdens.” Seemed like completely the wrong way to go for Australian Capital Tourism.

Mysteryman Mysteryman 9:54 am 14 Aug 12

I think it’s a good idea. I regularly meet Canberrans who’ve never taken the time to check out some of the interesting things happening around the city, and yet complain that it’s such a boring place to be. I also hear a lot of “my friend/family member is coming to visit and I have no idea where to take them”. This promotion may help.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 9:51 am 14 Aug 12

I wonder what sort of risk management plans are in place in case the freeloaders come here and get crap service or have a bad time and start to spread that all over various forms of social media.

Fashion Queen Fashion Queen 9:42 am 14 Aug 12

It’s finally happened. We have to pay people to come here.

johnboy johnboy 9:06 am 14 Aug 12

Andrew Barr has a media release out on this.

Madam Cholet Madam Cholet 8:56 am 14 Aug 12

The airport?

ma7trlb ma7trlb 6:07 pm 13 Aug 12

maybe they could look for 500 canberrans to take these interstate guinea pigs on their excursion.

Not sure if its the best way to blow $500k by the Govt, but what do I know?

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