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“Awesome” driving by a Silver VN Commodore @ Chisholm…

By zig - 8 September 2008 62

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Last Friday on my way home from work I took my normal route back to Chisholm. After the roundabout turnoff on the Monaro I got stuck behind a silver VN Commodore sitting in the right hand lane doing 70km/h up the hill in an 80km/h zone with no one in the left hand lane on Isabella Drive.

As a result I used the left hand lane and overtook said person as he wasn’t doing the limit and the left lane was empty. I got 50 metres up the road before said person decided to take offense to my driving. Somehow I had taken a piss on his precious bit of road and he didn’t like it.

Said person then decided to floor it to catch up to me clearly breaking the speed limit in the process. He then tailgated me, flashing his high beams on and off repeatedly to blind me in my rear vision mirror and then proceeded to pull up next to me in the left hand lane giving me the finger….what the? Perhaps he had just overdosed on Roids?

The idiot then turned left at the next roundabout… Why was he in the right hand lane to begin with?

Perhaps I should have slammed on the brakes so he smashed into the back of my ute or followed him home and put a brick through his window/face?

What do Rioters suggest we do with such moronic Canberra drivers on our roads?

What’s Your opinion?

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62 Responses to
“Awesome” driving by a Silver VN Commodore @ Chisholm…
H1NG0 4:04 pm 08 Sep 08

VN Commodore eh? Thats the big Buick V6 block. Same as my VR Calais. Nice. You sure you just weren’t jealous of the “whhhhhoooooooaaaaaarrrrrr!!!!” noise?

hairy nosed wombat 3:46 pm 08 Sep 08

Ignore it.

By the sounds of it, he is hung like a “big buck field mouse”.

wot said fred 3:44 pm 08 Sep 08

or you can join rate the plate –
and get some smug satisfactiion at dobbing them in!!!

G-Fresh 3:40 pm 08 Sep 08

Get your own hectic VN and exact revenge
VL Calais would be better tho..

Overheard 3:29 pm 08 Sep 08

Zig, grab a hammer, chisel and some gold leaf and go add your name to the honour roll: ‘Canberra Drivers Who Have a Red Hot Whinge About “Canberra Drivers”‘.

Granny 3:21 pm 08 Sep 08

“I can feel your anger. It gives you focus. It makes you stronger.”

Sammy 3:19 pm 08 Sep 08

Oddly I was walking through Chisholm a few hours ago and a silver Commodore drove past with an idiot in the drivers seat, and proceeded to beep his horn as he drove past me. Odd. Not sure what model it was.

wishuwell 3:15 pm 08 Sep 08

Maybe you ziged when you should of zaged.

Mish_Mash 3:07 pm 08 Sep 08

write down their license plate and dob them into the police for reckless driving.. driving while talking on a mobile… throwing rubbish out the window… follow them home, borrow their license plates and run through some speed cameras..

or just let it be and take solace in the fact that your a better person than they.

personally i’d be tempted to do something to their car. 🙂

kimba 3:05 pm 08 Sep 08

The problem with this is that we only hear one side of the story.

Whatsup 2:57 pm 08 Sep 08

Stay angry, hold that feeling inside, alienate your family and friends with your rage and then die a slow painful death from some stress related illness.


As Aurelius said… get over it.

peterh 2:54 pm 08 Sep 08

he was just upset by being beaten by another car. Watch out for the ones that swerve at you as you overtake them – I never move, they obviously think I will…

Thumper 2:51 pm 08 Sep 08


PBO 2:50 pm 08 Sep 08

Bugger it, slam on your brakes and let him buy you a new car.

Aurelius 2:48 pm 08 Sep 08

You have one option – get over it.

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