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“Awesome” driving by a Silver VN Commodore @ Chisholm…

By zig 8 September 2008 62

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Last Friday on my way home from work I took my normal route back to Chisholm. After the roundabout turnoff on the Monaro I got stuck behind a silver VN Commodore sitting in the right hand lane doing 70km/h up the hill in an 80km/h zone with no one in the left hand lane on Isabella Drive.

As a result I used the left hand lane and overtook said person as he wasn’t doing the limit and the left lane was empty. I got 50 metres up the road before said person decided to take offense to my driving. Somehow I had taken a piss on his precious bit of road and he didn’t like it.

Said person then decided to floor it to catch up to me clearly breaking the speed limit in the process. He then tailgated me, flashing his high beams on and off repeatedly to blind me in my rear vision mirror and then proceeded to pull up next to me in the left hand lane giving me the finger….what the? Perhaps he had just overdosed on Roids?

The idiot then turned left at the next roundabout… Why was he in the right hand lane to begin with?

Perhaps I should have slammed on the brakes so he smashed into the back of my ute or followed him home and put a brick through his window/face?

What do Rioters suggest we do with such moronic Canberra drivers on our roads?

What’s Your opinion?

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“Awesome” driving by a Silver VN Commodore @ Chisholm…
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Granny 11:15 pm 09 Sep 08

We used to pay a quarter to pile into the back of someone’s “truck” in California (they found it hilarious if the Aussies called them “utes”).

It was the best fun cruising along those LA freeways with our hair blowing in the wind. Nobody seemed to care at all. It was especially nice if you were sardined in next to somebody special.

I know it would have been nasty if we’d had an accident, but when you wrap people in cotton wool they miss a lot of highs as well as the obvious lows. I’m sure that’s why some people jump out of aeroplanes and so forth.

misshelly 10:12 pm 09 Sep 08

ultramelon said :

On he topic of the road . . .
yesterday, coming back from woden heading towards Tuggeranong, we got caught up in a very long pile up which is unusual for the weekend And it was a one lane road.
At the front it was a white Ute, which was going 10km/hour or so. because it was so slow, We thought it was going to breakdown or had something fragile in the back. after a long time, we got to a set of traffic lights and the Ute stopped at the lights. We changed lanes and so when we got up to it we saw that in the back of the Ute was . . .

i thought they would have caught public transport like normal people would do
i wonder if they got caught?

I saw that too!!!! I thought there was a lot more than 6 children haha… it looked like about 3 families… but I didnt get a really good look. They went past me on Athlon Drive near Red Rooter.

A few cars behind it, a car even had it’s hazard lights on, like the way “wide load” trucks have “warning” cars before and after it. I have no idea if he was with them, but he was Indian as well.

Funny things is I’d seen about 3 cop cars (not together) just minutes beforehand… unfortunately none of them seemed to be heading towards where these idiots were. I hope they got busted!

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