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Bad Kids down south

By johnboy - 15 January 2009 110

So police haven’t seen fit to issue a media release, but local media is frothing at the mouth on this one so here goes.

The ABC are carrying some police warnings that 18 attacks in Tuggeranong and Woden since early December could be related and the work of a coterie of sadistic thugs who’ve taken their games out of the classrooms and onto the streets.

    “We suspect that these thugs are travelling around the streets of Tuggeranong Valley identifying these isolated and vulnerable victims and attacking them for kicks.

    “We believe that they’re not doing this for profitability they’re doing this for some sort of perverted sense of street credibility amongst themselves and their peers.

    “So we’re concerned obviously that this is getting out of hand.”

While it’s a smart move on the thugs part stealing the phones to delay reporting of their crimes, one suspects they shouldn’t be that hard to catch if they’re causing serious concern.

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110 Responses to
Bad Kids down south
Mr Evil 11:50 am 15 Jan 09

If it was a stubby of VB, well that could be consider a terror weapon in the wrong hands!

the artist formerly 11:39 am 15 Jan 09

Australian youth have been causing unrest for the entire duration of european settlement.
This is nothing new.

Danman 11:27 am 15 Jan 09

And perhaps instead of pulling me over because I’m walking my dog on a hot afternoon with a stubby

What a load of crap. Surely they have better things to do.

AngryHenry 10:53 am 15 Jan 09

Perhaps if their parents weren’t out drink-driving all the time we might actually be able to see one of these partol cars you speak of.

They really do need to put a few more resources into patrolling suburbs I believe.

And perhaps instead of pulling me over because I’m walking my dog on a hot afternoon with a stubby they should take a look at the creeps that are wandering our neighbourhood during the day. We’re at work paying taxes to help keep this little utopia going and they’re breaking into our homes making a nusiance of themsleves.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 10:38 am 15 Jan 09

It’ll be all good until they accidentally pick on someone who whoops their arses, at which point they’ll become the victims.

Shoot them on sight, that way we won’t have to listen to their whinging.

Danman 10:12 am 15 Jan 09

Another reason why Tuggeranong and Woden are both valleys, Calling Calling them both holes was not a good real estate marketing tactic.

Gang mentality is for the weak and spineless.

Swaggie 9:57 am 15 Jan 09

…and even if a patrol car just driving around did spot a group of cowards (not thugs) walking along a street what would happen then…..?

nird99 9:46 am 15 Jan 09

It is not isolated to bashings etc. Schools are vandalised each week, cars damaged and all other manner of things.

neanderthalsis 9:45 am 15 Jan 09

It’s a mythical creature that prowls the streets administering swift justice to societies rebrobates. It is the arch nemesis of the ACT judiciary who all believe that the best place for a criminal is out on the streets.

justbands 9:35 am 15 Jan 09

> Methinks a patrol car or two should be able to spot them.

What is this “patrol car” of which you speak? Can’t say I’ve seen one of those in quite some years.

neanderthalsis 9:33 am 15 Jan 09

Someone will be calling for a curfew next. All young people must be locked up come 7pm.

They shouldn’t be that hard to find, a pack of degenerates wandering the streets late at night in a suburban area. Methinks a patrol car or two should be able to spot them. . They should be publicly pilloried and horsewhipped.

Aurelius 9:30 am 15 Jan 09

Glad to see they’re keeping it out of the schools.

farnarkler 9:22 am 15 Jan 09

Or meet a real vampire.

Thumper 9:16 am 15 Jan 09

I hope they happen to pick on a guy that just happens to be carrying an axe handle.

farnarkler 9:15 am 15 Jan 09

I hope they’re given some of their own medicine when they’re caught.

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