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Bad parking rises to lofty new heights

By johnboy - 10 December 2012 25

bad parking

Mick has sent in this early Christmas present:

Not sure where this was taken, it was forwarded to me by a friend.

Anyone know where it was?

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What’s Your opinion?

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25 Responses to
Bad parking rises to lofty new heights
farnarkler 7:10 pm 10 Dec 12

Ouch, I wouldn’t like to be paying for the Subaru’s panel and paint costs!! Forget the Mazda, it’d have to be a writeoff.

Macos 4:28 pm 10 Dec 12

Saw this first hand, happened Thurs 29th November. A Honda Jazz parked to the left had its entire front bumper ripped off. The Forester was towed away but looking at it only passenger side panels needed work. Collected the Honda then mounted the kerb and hoisted onto its side after striking the base of a tree, unique.

markus_k 4:11 pm 10 Dec 12

Yep, carpark outside Mawson shops, just off Mawson Pl.

The white car (Mazda 3?) looks like it may have been a case of having it in first gear instead of reverse. That doesn’t explain the Forrester though.

The Forrester may have jumped the kerb off Mawson Pl and hit both the white car and the tree, but apart from the fact it is a little more vertical than usual, it doesn’t seem to have actually sustained any damage.

devils_advocate 4:00 pm 10 Dec 12

I can’t understant how the laws of physics would permit a vehicle to get up enough speed to effect a rollover then end up in that location. seems the trees and barriers would prevent it.

Sure is spectacular.

Keijidosha 3:32 pm 10 Dec 12

…and here we see the native Canberran Forester attempting to blend in with it’s surroundings.

taninaus 1:18 pm 10 Dec 12

ah a 2-fer – I get the one against the tree but the one on its side takes great talent! Yep and Mawson Southlands just near the Woolworths entrance it is

astrojax 1:03 pm 10 Dec 12

won’t somebody think of the trees!

Girt_Hindrance 12:49 pm 10 Dec 12

ABS- Check
AWD- Check
Automatic Traction and Stability Control- Check
Nut on the steering wheel- Check

Deref 12:43 pm 10 Dec 12

How did they do that?

G-Fresh 10:41 am 10 Dec 12

Lock them all up. Lengthy gaol terms. Scum of the earth.

KB1971 10:35 am 10 Dec 12

That is GOLD!!!!

bundah 10:28 am 10 Dec 12

My guess is that someone got confused between accelerator and brake which is becoming all too common these days.

Solidarity 10:28 am 10 Dec 12

Yep Mawson, dunno what the go is.

p1 10:23 am 10 Dec 12

I don’t immediately recognise the location, but if that forester is written off, I could use some parts from it…

ABC129 10:18 am 10 Dec 12

And we have a winner!

Looks like Mawson

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