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Bad public servant! No cookie!

By JessicaLikesChocolate - 6 March 2009 105

My dear friend works at a government department and is used to seeing some strange events and unusual … quirks.

But this morning he wondered… what kind of punishment does the RiotACT community think should be reserved for the driver of this car?


What’s Your opinion?

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105 Responses to
Bad public servant! No cookie!
chewy14 1:46 pm 06 Mar 09

yeahright said :

You wouldn’t know how badly the car that they parked next to was placed though would you. Maybe there was a truck parked sideways when they arrived.

Yeahright is that your car?

cantanga 1:46 pm 06 Mar 09

superglue the door handles shut

RandomPoster 1:46 pm 06 Mar 09

caf, I agree, but that isn’t the sort of car you would bother doing that for.

Granny 1:44 pm 06 Mar 09

Nuke it.

caf 1:43 pm 06 Mar 09

It’s not accidental. People do that so that they aren’t risking having the cars on either side open their doors into them.

It’s pretty selfish.

Thumper 1:43 pm 06 Mar 09

Outstanding work!

MsCheeky 1:42 pm 06 Mar 09

This reminds me of when the other side of Bunda Street was just a big open air carpark. Part of it was unmarked. Cars would park wide apart such that there was almost, but not quite enough, room to park between them and the next car, thereby depriving lots of people of carparking. Like they still do at Bruce Stadium or any other unmarked carpark. Used to drive me nutty before I reformed and zenned on all matters automobile. (Except the chick this morning who turned in front of me on a roundabout with no indicator and her mobile up to her ear! My zen slipped momentarily…)

jakez 1:42 pm 06 Mar 09

Put a warning notice on the car. Escalate as necessary for a repeat offender.

sepi 1:41 pm 06 Mar 09

Park a couple of really scruffy minis on either side.

Danman 1:33 pm 06 Mar 09

Dare I suggest a photo, recording the registration number and emailing the relevant authorities

yeahright 1:29 pm 06 Mar 09

You wouldn’t know how badly the car that they parked next to was placed though would you. Maybe there was a truck parked sideways when they arrived.

neanderthalsis 1:24 pm 06 Mar 09

sensible that is…

neanderthalsis 1:23 pm 06 Mar 09

Some options:

1. Get the biggest 3 blokes in the dept to lift it onto its side.
2. Print it out on a poster title “Car, Free to Good Home” and put it on notice boards around the Dept.
3. Print out flyers advertising “spacial awareness training for women drivers” and put it under the wipers.
4. Cover it with post it notes
5. Get the 8 biggest blokes in the Dept and turn it sideways so it’s across the two carparks and can’t leave if the adjacent carparks are occupied.
6. Report it to the appropriate parking rangers / centre managers (not much fun but paerhaps a more sinsible option).

chewy14 1:16 pm 06 Mar 09

Nothing less than the cutting of the car in half with an angle grinder.
Each parking space will then be given half the car.

You know it makes sense.

OzChick 1:06 pm 06 Mar 09

Get their car keyed.

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