Barr to Ministry, Gallagher to Deputy Chief Minister

areaman 5 April 2006 19

This afternoon the Labor Caucus of the Legislative Assembly elected Katy Gallagher MLA as the Deputy Chief Minister and elected Andrew Barr MLA to fill the vacancy in the Ministry.

Portfolios to be decided tomorrow.Portfolios will be announced within the next couple of weeks.

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19 Responses to Barr to Ministry, Gallagher to Deputy Chief Minister
Cassandra Cassandra 10:55 pm 06 Apr 06

Areaman it appears that you lack the capacity to see the wood for the trees you might just be a little to close to it all to see whats going on.

There are always to dominant factions in the ALP the Fwits and the Non Fwits, its just that some from both factions hang out with what was called the left and some hang out with whats called the right its really about who you like to have a drink with.

The substantive debates in the ACT ALP for the last couple of years have been between the unions and the Ministry (pay parking, ACTTAB, Security of payments etc).

The real fights have been between a united (left and right union caucus) against Lord Stanhope of Belconnen and his boys (and girl) at the cabinet round table.

vg vg 7:26 pm 06 Apr 06

viable, not vibale….fat fingers

vg vg 7:25 pm 06 Apr 06

KG couldnt find her bottom with both her hands….as we watch the good ship Canberra sail merrily into a financial black hole that no amount of creative accounting can hide.

They were handed a budget in the black. This financial year we will end up with a shortfall that binoculars will struggle to see the length of.

The ‘left’ faction of the Canberra ALP reminds me of the People’s Front of Judea….or was it the Judean People’s Front? The perpetuating factional (which reminds me a bit of little kids clubs) fighting of the ALP at town council and Federal level means no vibale voting option until well after the next federal election. Pack of ass clowns

areaman areaman 5:00 pm 06 Apr 06

No serious person believes either female candidate was less capable, including even you.

No, i do put that forward, now that may not be what the choice was made on but I do think they would be less capable.

No, this was decided on factional lines.

Except that niether faction with more than one member voted as a block, hardly done on factional lines.

Mal Mal 4:42 pm 06 Apr 06

Areaman, there’s a major difference between lip-service and action.

The CT says Gallagher was universally supported for deputy, so presumably she could have got it easily without the 2 remaining Hargreaves votes. As for glass ceilings, I’m afraid it looks glaringly like the Left, in collaboration with the anti-union faction, have imposed a glass ceiling themselves – a token woman in cabinet, and leave it at that. No serious person believes either female candidate was less capable, including even you. No, this was decided on factional lines. That’s just the political reality, but you have to wonder what the price was.

Indi Indi 1:05 pm 06 Apr 06

“And none of it matters because Brendan and his mob are so inept that they make the federal ALP look cohesive” or it just isn’t an issue they could be bothered to get involved in given there might be other issues to focus on… as they say factions are distractions (away from what really matters).

areaman areaman 12:33 pm 06 Apr 06

Mal, I’d say the left did get something, the deputy leader position.

The Left’s self-proclaimed reputation for championing women’s rights is now in tatters after supporting a bloke over not one but two more experienced female options.

There is a major difference between championing women’s rights (ie the right to reproductive freedom, the right to equal pay for equal work and so on) which is what you said, promoting female talent and breaking through glass ceilings which is what I think you might have meant and voting for less capable people just because they’re women.

Thumper Thumper 12:26 pm 06 Apr 06

And none of it matters because Brendan and his mob are so inept that they make the federal ALP look cohesive.

Mal Mal 12:24 pm 06 Apr 06

Looks rather ominous, doesn’t it? Mind you, if you believe the CT article, both the Left & the Hargreaves faction must have split during the ballot as well – it claims Berry refused to toe the Left line in voting for Barr, and Mary Porter from the Hargreaves faction actually ran against him. Not exactly a vote of confidence.

It looks like a pattern similar to the Federal Labor caucus is seaping in in the ACT ALP: careerist hacks promoted over capable talent, a lack of renewal (chief of staff to minister is hardly new blood), a breakdown in factional discipline due to disgust at continual opportunism & expediency, etc.. I suppose time will tell if the rot has truly set in.

Surely the Left faction must be hanging its head in shame today, areaman. The way these votes normally work is that they would have got something from their support, but you’ve got to wonder at what cost. The Left’s self-proclaimed reputation for championing women’s rights is now in tatters after supporting a bloke over not one but two more experienced female options. You’d expect Berry to win some cudos for not having a bar of it (pardon the pun) but not with the factional establishment. Stay tuned to see if the Left attempt to discipline him, & how successful they are.

theboo theboo 12:18 pm 06 Apr 06

Ahh the dreaded factions, providing the Coalition with so much free ammunition with which to attack the ALP that they don’t actually have to work at it. One day factional infighting is going to result in the ALP eating it’s own head.

areaman areaman 10:45 am 06 Apr 06

I love it when the rights fight each other, check out the last couple fo lines from the CT story:

A senior source from the party’s right Unity faction, of which Ms MacDonald is the only member in caucus, claimed that Mr Barr’s result was “stunningly” unjust and warned of retaliation when MLAs sought preselection next year.

The faction commands the support of several large unions in the ACT.

“There are going to be far-reaching implications from this,” the source said.

kimba kimba 10:27 am 06 Apr 06

The only good news about the Stanhope Government today is in the Telegraph where Stanhope states in a column he wrote that he has already purchased a burial plot in a Canberra cemetery. Bring it on Nero!

theboo theboo 10:04 am 06 Apr 06

Just joined this forum this morning, and I feel like a member of the family already :o)
This morning’s paper says Barr has been John Hargreaves’ chief of staff for a number of years, so he’s not exactly new to politics. Yes, I’ll bet there are some very sore MLA’s over his appointment. He’ll probably get mickey mouse portfolio to start with. Hell, Simon Corbell’s been juggling multiple portfolios, Barr should take a little of his strain.

kimba kimba 9:13 am 06 Apr 06

Barr seems to be an ok type of guy but his
acceleration to the Ministry and Gallagher’s promotion to Deputy says more about the dismal lack of talent and ability in the Labor Government than anything else.

Thumper Thumper 8:56 am 06 Apr 06

One could call that a meteoric rise by Barr. In fact it would appear he is the new Golden Child.

Has Sonic decided that his current bunch are no-hopers and thus gone for fresh blood?

Or has he taken the PC path like Tasmania with Bob Browne? Could it all be a cycnical back hander to John Howard re the same sex legislation?

I would hope the former, but I do see a hint of the latter given that Barr has been in politics for about as long as it takes a dishlicker to run around a track.

Whatever the case, there must be some rather disappointed and angry ALP back benchers.

maria maria 9:43 pm 05 Apr 06

Which frontbencher had their arm twisted by factional heavies to vote the “right” way???

A bit more courage and maybe someone else would have got the ministerial nod. Mary Porter should be very disappointed (as should the other backbenchers).

johnboy johnboy 6:08 pm 05 Apr 06

In any event, thanks for the scoop AM.

johnboy johnboy 5:47 pm 05 Apr 06

gotta get one’s profile up for the future.

areaman areaman 5:46 pm 05 Apr 06

Which I guess means the big Karin push came to nothing. What a shock.

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