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Beep At Flats?

By RealBasic 10 June 2008 13

Is it just some thing that people do to beep their car horns when they drive past a block of flats?

Surely, the amount of beeping I hear, mainly at night, is not just a random coincidence.

Do you bash your steering wheel when you drive past a large housing complex when people are trying to sleep?

Do people do it just to piss us off?

What’s Your opinion?

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Beep At Flats?
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gargamel 10:42 pm 10 Jun 08

It happens round my way too – the culprits being a particular taxi service providing our fair city with ‘service’! Only 1 of the service providers though – the other just sits and waits for their fare.

It can be pretty annoying if said taxi is waiting at sparrows for someone who is obviously about to jump on a red-eye special…

mattyf 10:39 pm 10 Jun 08

Not as bad as the guy in the ground floor apartment teeing off from his patio and a certain percentage of the golf balls ricocheting back off the pergola structure into the complex at full speed. The joys of apartment living.

mattyf 10:37 pm 10 Jun 08

I’ve noticed it.

About 6 months back.

An SNPSecurity car used to beep probably 40 or 50 times in a 30 second period as it drove up a certain main street in Lyneham between 3:30am and 4:00am on weekdays.

A call to their head-office put a stop to it. Or maybe it was just a coincidence.


lobster 5:10 pm 10 Jun 08

Well… When I go past the house of someone I know and they are out the front… I beep at them.
Sometimes if they are not out the front but I can see the tv is on in the front room I beep at them…

I assume it is someone beeping at someone that they know.
But because it is flats there are more of these people doing this?

la mente torbida 1:00 pm 10 Jun 08


Maybe the cops should try this approach

Kramer 11:35 am 10 Jun 08

So to combat drug dealers we should all drive past the flats honking our horns – especially late at night, or very early in the morning, and moreso on public holidays 🙂

EtFb 11:27 am 10 Jun 08

Are you living in the flats on Ballumbir Street across from the Canberra Centre? Then it’s the Illumicube, that pretty Rubik’s Cube sculpture that used to be on Ainslie Avenue at London Circuit, across from the Canberra Theatre. They’ve moved it to the turning circle there. It used to be sound-activated for about ten minutes in the 1980s, and some idiots didn’t get the memo that honking your horn at it no longer makes pretty lights flash.

(I had to look the street names up here, so click if you want to follow along.)

Aurelius 11:15 am 10 Jun 08

We only blast our horns because artillery is too expensive!

notdingers 11:02 am 10 Jun 08

I have heard of this before, this is how it was explained to me but not sure if it is entirely accurate.

Think of it as the Mr Whippy van for drug addicts.

The guys drives around once honking his horn, the people who want drugs go outside, then the honker retraces his route and dispenses his product to the waiting customers. Pretty inventive really.

FC 10:57 am 10 Jun 08

Its just to keep the dodgy residents on their toes…

ant 10:50 am 10 Jun 08

Get a slingshot, and lie in wait for them.

RealBasic 10:29 am 10 Jun 08

Ha ha. It’s definately not a ring tone. It is several cars, I hear them drive past.
There is something dodgy going on…

shanefos 9:51 am 10 Jun 08

Neighbour with a ‘car horn’ ringtone perhaps?
If it’s going off at all hours of the night, suspect dodginess! 😉

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