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Beggar art in Civic

By Kerces - 21 February 2006 96

I was at Dobinson’s earlier today appeasing my growling stomach and contemplating why I’d been given bread with an avocado and some cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo and cream cheese instead of the usual grilled vegetable extravaganza you get when you order a vegetarian focaccia when a drawing was pushed onto my table.

I gave a muttered thanks and half glanced at the guy who had put it there and went back to my contemplation. A minute or so later, after he had done the rounds of the few other people sitting there, he came back and said, “Excuse me but do you have a spare coin?” Feeling it would be a little rude to give him back his drawing I gave him a dollar, this time taking in the freshly-bruised eye and the scabbed gashes on his forehead.

I now present you with the picture, which I must say is only just less scary than the God-Botherer’s poems (which I was given for free once), and ask first for your interpretation or critique and second if anyone else has had the same experience, and if they were given the same picture.

Beggar's drawing

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96 Responses to
Beggar art in Civic
Mr_Shab 9:11 am 22 Feb 06

A way to ensure he gets the hint is to threaten to “gut him like a fish and put him on the specials menu”, as a fellow chef once did.

The guy didn’t see him for months…

terubo 10:23 pm 21 Feb 06

Keep it, frame it – could be worth a fortune one day. Like Ken Done.

Special G 8:10 pm 21 Feb 06

I wouldn’t go near him with a barge pole unless I had to. Say hello to Hep alphabet and everything else under the sun that he’s probably got.
Used to have to eject him from O’Malleys when I worked there every weekend. He just doesn’t get the hint.

bonfire 6:26 pm 21 Feb 06

please tell me beggars selling photocopied poetry/art havent infiltrated oz…

bulldog 4:47 pm 21 Feb 06

As for a critique of the work, I think he may have stolen one of the government funded Rorschach samples for the centre of his drawing.

Other than that there’s not much of art in it to my eye – at least you could tell Picasso could draw and that he just couldn’t be arsed. This on the other hand seems to be a drunken spider has traversed a page with after crawling through an ink-well.

barking toad 4:46 pm 21 Feb 06

I thought Filthy was a James Joyce character and that was behind the naming of Filthy’s.

Won’t swear to it though

johnboy 4:36 pm 21 Feb 06

That Canberra has a McFadden who is undeniably filthy is at the heart of this strange religion.

But he *Could* have been the influence and they just made up the story about the other bloke in order top stop him demanding entrance or a share of the take.

That’s what I choose to believe.

Slinky the Shocker 4:24 pm 21 Feb 06

Yeah, I know that story, too… (somewhere buried in the comments).
We might have to emply Nigel McLoadedog to call this one.

RandomGit 4:10 pm 21 Feb 06

Slinkas, I thought Filthy McFaddens was based on an eccentric academic from a UK uni, not a local personality (scuse the lack of detail, only been to Filthies once), they have it written on their wall don’t they?

Absent Diane 3:45 pm 21 Feb 06

Was that the fat guy with a beard who is now skinny as a rake with a beard… who used to bug everyone to buy his art work

Mr_Shab 3:44 pm 21 Feb 06

A bloody nuisance is what he is…especially if you have to eject him from a restaurant (yet again) and face one of his delusional, spittle-laced tirades about being a great artist and you being an ignorant shit.

Oh yeah, he does a great line in threatening small women with violence, and cowering and wimpering with fear when the large, mad-eyed chefs step up.

It all depends on what phase of his manic-depression he’s at. I’d like to feel sorry for him, but I’ve met plenty of manic-depressives who can get through life with this condition without acting like stinking pricks.

Slinky the Shocker 3:03 pm 21 Feb 06

I think I might have sat in with one of my former bands one alcohol fuelled night at the Phoenix… Can’t quite remember, though 🙂

johnboy 2:25 pm 21 Feb 06

he’s a brilliant pianist if you ever get to hear him.

Slinky the Shocker 2:10 pm 21 Feb 06

PS. Daniel McFadden already has a wikipedia entry. I doubt it’s the same guy, though…

Slinky the Shocker 2:09 pm 21 Feb 06

That’s Daniel McFadden’s work. Legend says that Filty McFadden’s was named after him. He used to basically live at the Phoenix, but was banned a few years ago.
Maybe we should open a wikipedia entry for Dan 😉

Slinky the Shocker, Bar historian

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