Put your taste buds to the test for Canberra’s best hot cross buns

Michael Weaver 30 March 2021 48
Six hot cross buns.

What are your favourite hot cross buns in Canberra? Photo: File.

As we head into Easter, it’s time to put your taste buds to the test to find the most delicious hot cross buns in Canberra.

How does your local bakery stack up against the big supermarkets that have been diligently tempting us with all things chocolate since they took down their Christmas decorations in late December?

The hot cross bun purists may also be getting hot under the collar with some recipes even putting chocolate in their buns.

But now with Easter less than a week away, it is appropriate to wake up to the smell of hot cross buns toasting in the oven.

We have put our noses on the trail and found some of the best hot cross buns in Canberra.

Katie Collins from Danny's Bakery holding hot cross buns.

Follow the Facebook page of Danny’s Bakery, in Narrabundah, to find out when their hot cross buns are freshly baked so you can pick them up from Katie Collins while they are still warm. Photo: Supplied.

Three Mills Bakery at Majura Business Park has kept to the traditional hot cross bun that is not short on juicy fruit and is topped with traditional choux crosses. They are a delicacy worth every cent of their $17 per six-pack price tag.

Three Mills also does an equally delectable chocolate-cherry version that you can store in the freezer and bake-at-home, although we suspect they may not make it to the freezer. And for the purist, they have the traditional variety to bake at home, just in case you want to get that fresh-bread smell filling your home.

At Danny’s Bakery, in Narrabundah, you’ll find Canberra’s biggest, best-value hot cross buns, and the family who has been baking them since 1988. For sourdough lovers, you’ll enjoy their full sourdough hot cross bun.

The bakery’s namesake, Danny Collins, started as an apprentice baker more than 55 years ago in Batemans Bay, where he learned to make hand-moulded timed sourdoughs, using traditional baking methods. After moving to Canberra, he honed his craft and business skills in various bakeries before opening the city’s first sourdough bakery with his wife.

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The Spence Family Bakery is another family-owned bakehouse operated by Dean and Catherine Elliott. They make all products in-store daily, including traditional hot cross buns and a very chocolatey choc-chip hot cross bun.

In Fyshwick, you’ll find gold medal-worthy gluten and grain-free hot cross buns at Deeks Health Foods.

Manager Theresa de Castella says they have kept all the taste intact while producing vegan morsels free of gluten, grains and dairy with no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.

Gluten and grain-free hot cross buns from Deeks Health Foods in Fyshwick.

Tasty gluten and grain-free hot cross buns from Deeks Health Foods in Fyshwick. Photo: Supplied.

“We didn’t want people with very restricted diets to miss out on important traditions such as Easter,” she says. “It gives them something to look forward to that they can share and experience with kids and loved ones.”

Made from quinoa, tapioca and soy flour, with the taste and essence of traditional spice, sultanas and currants, Deeks’ hot cross buns are just one of the healthy products available at the world’s first 100 per cent grain and gluten-free bakery.

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It is a wonderful feeling waking up to a lightly toasted hot cross bun, straight from the oven and smothered in butter. Buns can come in all shapes, sizes and flavours, including choc chip, double choc, white chocolate with raspberries, apple-cinnamon, spiced chai, and, of course, the good old traditional fruit hot cross bun.

No matter what your favourite flavour is, where do you get your hot cross buns from?

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48 Responses to Put your taste buds to the test for Canberra’s best hot cross buns
majuraworker001 majuraworker001 6:11 pm 01 Apr 21

I’ll throw a name in the ring , I just got a six pack of hot cross buns from Ngunnawal bakery… very tasty.

Maya123 Maya123 11:00 pm 31 Mar 21

I hope the Bakery in Narrabundah has better hot cross buns than their apple turnovers I bought recently. They were so bad we threw them out. Seriously, we couldn’t initially find the apple in them. We did finally with enough dissection find a smear in a tiny area in the middle of the thick dough. Basically just dough. No one would eat them, but the birds appreciated them.

    Katie Humphrys Katie Humphrys 7:48 pm 01 Apr 21

    I’m so sorry you felt that way and apologies. Our cream apple turnovers are very popular bur maybe you got a bad one! Please come in. See me for a free loaf of your choice and any cake you like at Dannys. So sorry there was little apple. Let us make that up with a loaf of choice and a new pastry or cake of choice – ask foe katie before 10:30. Qr would like you to have a replacement and a nice loaf too as compensation!

Wayne Herrington Wayne Herrington 10:00 pm 31 Mar 21

Kynefin at hall

Karl Morris Karl Morris 9:35 pm 30 Mar 21

Vivienne Grey - Deeks HCB!

    Danny's Bakery Danny's Bakery 7:59 pm 01 Apr 21

    Karl Morris so good. We often get people asking if we do gluten free. The truth is (as deeks knows) any bakery that bakes with wheat flour is cross contaminated. Please see a real gluten free bakery for gluten free options. Any bakery that bakes with wheat flour is not gluten free. Said with love.

Scott Farmer Scott Farmer 6:07 pm 30 Mar 21

Knead for sure!!

Catherine Brown Catherine Brown 9:24 am 30 Mar 21

Danny's Bakery Narrabundah shops. Sourdough Hot Cross Buns absolutely delicious.

Duncan Whiterod Duncan Whiterod 7:39 am 30 Mar 21

Crust Bakery

Helen Rose Helen Rose 11:36 pm 29 Mar 21

Woolies Brioche fruit HCB

Roberta Lynne Anning Roberta Lynne Anning 10:24 pm 29 Mar 21

Spence Family Bakery. Best by far. 😋

    Danny's Bakery Danny's Bakery 7:56 pm 01 Apr 21

    Roberta Lynne Anning great bakery for sure

Simone Goyne Simone Goyne 10:07 pm 29 Mar 21

Three Mills

David Ward David Ward 9:55 pm 29 Mar 21

My kitchen.

Bronwyn Wilson Bronwyn Wilson 9:45 pm 29 Mar 21

Spence Bakery for sure!

    Danny's Bakery Danny's Bakery 7:55 pm 01 Apr 21

    Bronwyn Wilson it’s a great family bakery. Even we think so!

Vikki Clingan Vikki Clingan 9:41 pm 29 Mar 21

Danny's, Narrabundah

Grant Hilpern Grant Hilpern 9:31 pm 29 Mar 21

Knead Patisserie

Belconnen Markets &


Sharyn Winnin Sharyn Winnin 9:29 pm 29 Mar 21

Shaggas kitchen 🤩

    Jenny Krahe Jenny Krahe 9:38 pm 29 Mar 21

    Sharyn Winnin excuse where is this please?, Do you cater for gluten free? Delivery? 😋😋😋

Darren Wright Darren Wright 9:22 pm 29 Mar 21

Three Mills are awesome, but if you're not wanting to spend the money the spiced fruit buns at SupaBarn are by far the best supermarket version out there.

Kylie Wylie Kylie Wylie 9:17 pm 29 Mar 21

Three Mills... I've done extensive research. Buy some Pepe Saya butter to go with them too. You can all thank me later.

whitelaughter whitelaughter 4:39 pm 26 Mar 15

Has anyone seen any gluten free hot cross buns?

backinthecan backinthecan 4:15 pm 26 Mar 15

Bakery Culture in Jamieson Centre, Macquarie make excellent hot crossed buns. Delightful texture and spicing with generous portions of fruit. (In fact, I think I feel a short drive coming on…)

wattsie wattsie 1:21 pm 26 Mar 15

I randomly found myself outside Erindale Bakery today, hungrily in need of breakfast. Their traditional hot x bun was delicious…just the right amount of spice…they definitely have my vote.
Also, Dream Cuisine…I recommend giving them a go!

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