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Best of Canberra – Hot cross buns

Bec Cuzzillo 26 March 2015 22

hot cross buns on board

It’s that time of year when the shops fill up with chocolate eggs and hot cross buns are the feature of weekend breakfast. Actually, it’s been that time of year since chocolate bunnies replaced Christmas decorations in early January. But only now, with Easter a few weeks away, it is appropriate to wake up to the smell of hot cross buns toasting in the oven.

I love waking up to a lightly toasted hot cross bun or two, straight from the oven and smothered in butter. These days you can get all sorts of different types – plain, choc chip, double choc, white chocolate with raspberries, apple cinnamon, spiced chai – you name it, they got it. My personal favourite however is the good old traditional fruit hot cross bun.

This week I’m looking for Canberra’s best hot cross buns. No matter what your favourite flavour is, I want to know, where do you get your hot cross buns from? 

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22 Responses to Best of Canberra – Hot cross buns
whitelaughter whitelaughter 4:39 pm 26 Mar 15

Has anyone seen any gluten free hot cross buns?

backinthecan backinthecan 4:15 pm 26 Mar 15

Bakery Culture in Jamieson Centre, Macquarie make excellent hot crossed buns. Delightful texture and spicing with generous portions of fruit. (In fact, I think I feel a short drive coming on…)

wattsie wattsie 1:21 pm 26 Mar 15

I randomly found myself outside Erindale Bakery today, hungrily in need of breakfast. Their traditional hot x bun was delicious…just the right amount of spice…they definitely have my vote.
Also, Dream Cuisine…I recommend giving them a go!

abinson1087 abinson1087 7:57 pm 25 Mar 15

A.Baker -Coles and woolies have mass produced stuff.Its freshly made every day and with good ingrrdients

Genie Genie 12:51 pm 25 Mar 15

The kids fruit free TipTop HXB used to be the best, they came in a pink foil lined tray ready for oven baking to warm up.

Someone please tell me where I can find these White Choc and Raspberry or Chai HXB ! Getting bored of fruit-free HXB (don’t mock me…. blame allergies !)

Sophia Carlini Sophia Carlini 11:06 am 25 Mar 15

A.Baker has deliciously, fresh out of the oven hot cross buns! If you get in early enough they are still warm!!

MBird MBird 10:00 am 25 Mar 15

Can’t go past Dream Cuisine’s hot cross buns for indulgent, special-occasion eating. For everyday scoffing, Baker’s Delight do a good job.

oh_really oh_really 8:22 pm 24 Mar 15

I tend to divide them into categories…. toasted and not toasted. Always surprised I quite like the Woolies buns for non toasted but they come behind Bakers Delight and the lovely little bakery in Rivett. For toasted… Baker’s Delight again works well for me – a decent all rounder.

Kalliste Kalliste 8:13 pm 24 Mar 15

Coles and Woolworths chocolate hot cross buns are decent. Usually stick with the Coles though.. chocolate bread, with a decent amount of choc chips.

However, I think the best ones are probably the Choc chip ones from Bakers Delight.

That being said, Brumby’s did a chocolate hot cross bun with nutella inside it last year and that was pretty delicious, not sure whether they’re selling them this year or not though.

Hughzy88 Hughzy88 6:25 pm 24 Mar 15

You have to try the hot cross buns at the epic farmers markets, not sure who they were, all I know is they had raisin and walnuts and were amazing! It was from the guys who do pies and Tharwa eggs outside. As an alternative my wife gets cinnamon scrolls from them too (she’s not a fan of raisins)

Dame Canberra Dame Canberra 2:54 pm 24 Mar 15

It’s a close call between Dream Cuisine, Erindale Bakery and A. Baker for me.

I’d be disappointed to see a supermarket hot cross bun take out this week’s taste off! Surely Canberra can do better than that!

JazzyJess JazzyJess 2:05 pm 24 Mar 15

Croissant D’Or at the city interchange

Alexandra Craig Alexandra Craig 1:51 pm 24 Mar 15

I had a choc chip one from Bakers Delight as a dessert treat to myself the other day. It was pretty delicious!

pajs pajs 12:59 pm 24 Mar 15

Antagonist said :

Coles/Woolies are as good as any – served hot out of the microwave with a big slab of soft butter. The person responsible for adding fruit to hot-cross buns should have been burned at the stake. For shaaaame!

Pillow soft, no real crumb, little to no spice, small amount of fruit, no mixed peel… supermarket cheapies don’t really cut it as hot cross buns for me. Grilling/toasting better than microwaving, too.

Antagonist Antagonist 12:01 pm 24 Mar 15

Coles/Woolies are as good as any – served hot out of the microwave with a big slab of soft butter. The person responsible for adding fruit to hot-cross buns should have been burned at the stake. For shaaaame!

Ezy Ezy 11:55 am 24 Mar 15

Ha. So I do this every year to test out where the best hot cross buns are. In my opinion, it is easy to go to ’boutique’ with HXB’s. We have had the Silo buns and found them to be too full of fruit – it was almost like a christmas cake. Then on the other end of the scale, coles traditional are sparsely filled with fruit.

There are also other little factors, how much spices they use and wether the glaze is a sticky mess or barely there.

I have found a happy medium with Bakers Delights buns. They have won our HxB taste off for the last five years. This year we are going to do a bake off and see if we can better their recipe.

AmarooStu AmarooStu 11:42 am 24 Mar 15

SILO. I will be lining up, early, on Thursday next week to get some fresh ones for the Easter weekend.

rubaiyat rubaiyat 11:41 am 24 Mar 15

Try the “Hot Cross Bun” chocolates from Haighs Chocolates.

They taste amazing, exactly what like what they say.

watto23 watto23 11:28 am 24 Mar 15

Its appropriate to wake up to the smell of hot cross buns all year round IMO!

JessP JessP 11:02 am 24 Mar 15

The Coles traditional fruit ones are pretty nice and good value!

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