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Life is looking up

Bicycle skewers are go!

By S4anta - 17 November 2005 25

ABC is reporting that the bike racks are all a go-go here

RA’s coverage of the unfolding recumbant bike debate can found here and here.

About freaking time, that after all the buggering round that has gone on (not too mention the funds wasted), this has actually started to see the light of day.

From myself to all involved… Well done you knuckle heads. You couldn’t find a root in brothel with fist full of fifties.

Now, time to start abusing recumbent cyclists….

UPDATED: T_Bone sent in the following via email, with pictures:

Bus bike racks are easy to use.(Action)

Walking through Civic at lunch today I came across Action advertising the new bus bike racks. The attendants were absconding any person riding or walking past and showing them how to get their bikes on and off. I must have heard the word “easy” about 40 times in the two or three minutes I was standing there.

Bus Bike Rack demonstration in Civic

Using the word “easy” a lot is probably a result of the contraption looking relatively cumbersome and the Action marketing people feeling it would scare people off. Personally I think standing in front of an Action bus with a driver at the wheel should be avoided at any time. A bystander I saw have a go didn’t seem have too much trouble getting the bike on and off but did have a little trouble lowering the rack from the front of the bus. At the time the prop bike was being held by the attendant, and seeing that the rack lowers forward I would assume it would only get more difficult if you had to hold your bike in one hand, operate the lever in the centre of the rack and then shuffle back to let it lower. Now that your bike is on the rack you only have to deal with the disgruntled stares from the other passengers on the bus who had to wait.

On passing the display again about an hour later the group had grown (see pic 2) with a camera crew, a few official suits and a line up of cyclists to the left. Some local riding groups had obviously been called in to provide support for the display.

Bus Bike Rack Demo in Civic, picture 2

What I find amusing is that they only hold two bikes. Imagine waiting for a bus to find the bike rack full. You are also limited to only travelling with one other bike riding friend.

Coming from Brisbane where they have had the bus bike racks for some time I am surprised to see them in Canberra. Mainly because I don’t think they are used very often for the cost of installation. My friends and I often joked that you were more like to see a Yeti in Brisbane than a bike on one of those racks. To this day I have never actually seen a bike on the front of one.

What’s Your opinion?

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25 Responses to
Bicycle skewers are go!
Thumper 12:16 pm 18 Nov 05

I think I’ll get a penguin….

They’re cute.

Absent Diane 11:11 am 18 Nov 05

So what happens the bus rears ends something… goodbye bike…. are they covered for this…. there are some fucking crazy drivers out there… I will put money on the fact that every bus I catch that has one of these things some fucking hippy will come and tie there bike up to this mostly… mostly to give me the shits!!

RandomGit 11:10 am 18 Nov 05

Negative publicity he may have generated, what a craic!!

Seeing as how that comment was made in his ‘pre-glassed-ened’ state, I’d say said publicity was little more than a contemptuous laugh by you and me.

areaman 10:51 am 18 Nov 05

What SGS said was:

Areaman, not only will I post a public apology on RA if the bike racks do get used (and not to be drawn out on a technicality, I mean available for public use), but I will personally write a letter to Simon Corbell apoligising for not trusting his word, a letter to ACTION apoligising for any negative publicity I may have generated, and further letters to The Chronicle and Canberra Times editors making further public apoligies.

I still reserve the right to take issue with the extra time it will take for the bikes to get on and off the racks securely, and to have concerns about the bikes which are not properly secured.

Well, jump to it boy.

Jey 9:22 am 18 Nov 05

They’re only going to be on the ‘intertown’ buses.
Those buses are fairly regular, but yes it still could be a pain waiting for a bus with a free rack.

Mr Evil 8:47 am 18 Nov 05

Sorry, I forgot to add in the word “naked”!

Mr Evil 8:46 am 18 Nov 05

Wasn’t Sam going to run around Civic Bus Interchange if these things ever came into use?????

homebrewed 8:34 am 18 Nov 05

on WIN news, it was reported that the initiative cost $350,000. What a productive use of council funds! Where did the $350,000 go? Or did someone’s brother uncle’s best mate land the contract?

such a fanciful indulgent idea surely did not warrant much more than some K-Mart bike racks slapped on the back of the bus?

Thumper 8:24 am 18 Nov 05

What an incredibly stupid idea.

I wondered what all those buses with bright yellow bullbars were. Now I know.

I dunbfounded. Who was the idiot who thought that this was a good investment. Waiting for buses is always a pain, now moreso.

I’m speechless.

jr 6:34 am 18 Nov 05

Now lets see Pedal Power have their usual annual whinge about bull bars on cars/4WDs… bike racks on buses appear far more capable of serious damage to pedestrians and cyclists!

colsim 8:03 pm 17 Nov 05

Or…you know…we could wait and see if they get used and they work 🙂

Certainly some of the objections sound credible but who really knows what’ll happen in a Canberra context. Could be ok.

johnboy 6:49 pm 17 Nov 05

As a former salesman myself I’d love to meet the magnificent bastard who sold these things.

Truly he must be a dark angel amongst men (and surely only man is capable of such evil?)

Who in their right mind is going to wait for a bus in the off chance that a rack is free?

Who, without having done it before, is going to hold a bus up while they mess with securing their bike, and then trust it not to fall off somewhere along the way.

To say nothing of the risk that the next n00b with a bike isn’t going to mess with the way your own is secured?

And so, at great expense, very little is achieved. Bus route’s can’t be straightened, families certainaly can’t use it because what are they going to do? Split the family over two buses? (on a weekend schedule no less?)

I mean seriously. Did anyone involved in this procurement ever stop and say, wait a minute, how exactly are these things going to be used?

Roll the damn bikes onto the buses you morons!

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 4:29 pm 17 Nov 05

How very very odd this is. Legalities of bus lengths aside, it will be interesting to see how long it takes people to load and unload the bikes, and how annoyed other patrons become when some people spend excess time trying to work out the instructions.

A picture of the instructions can be found here with thanks to Bus Australia

Maelinar 4:27 pm 17 Nov 05

hrmms… sounds like something Crikey would say when referring to RA.

Spitfire3 4:23 pm 17 Nov 05

“RA’s coverage of the unfolding recumbant bike debate can found here and here.” (Note that the heres aren’t linked) “From myself to all involved… Well done you knuckle heads. You couldn’t find a root in brothel with fist full of fifties.”

Now that’s just funny.

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