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Big G go Boom?

Mick 21 July 2005 25

I heard a rumour this morning that the ACT Government is closing down Ginninderra (District) High School, demolishing it, and building a new ‘super-school’.

According to my source, the layout of the school is the cause behind the pupils behavioural problems (what the? I behaved fine!)

The new school would cater for kids from Pre-School to Yr. 10. This would then see Macgregor, Holt, Higgins and Latham Public schools all closing.

I have no idea where this info comes from, but has anyone heard about this?

What’s Your opinion?

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Big G go Boom?
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Thumper 6:15 pm 21 Jul 05

I never taught at Gold Creek, only Melba High and Lanyon High, both quite smal schools but hard enough anyway.

My knowledge of Gold Creek is only what I’ve heard and that is that it doesn’t work quite as well as it was expected. But that is from a harassed teachers point of view.

The major problem is that you shouldn’t be mixing the little ones with the big ones. A part of a child’s growing experience is where he or she fits into the world. While at primary school they go up the grades and get more responsibility and more prestige until they reach grade 6. At this point they are on top of the world.

They then move onto high school where they again become the lowest, but having already been through the process they understand how it works and that as the years go by they wil no longer be at the bottom.

Its all part of their maturation and learning to be a part of society.

Andrew 5:57 pm 21 Jul 05

Gold Creek already K-10… Slightly seperate campus’ but I think they’d probably try to keep them seperate to some degree in the new G as well.

Apparantly it works *shrug*

Thumper 5:49 pm 21 Jul 05

Is it my imagination but does it appear that the Comrade is determined that we all end up little clones run by a centralised, quite out of touch, and exceedingly arrogant government?

Consultation no longer appears to mean much since the last election, unless it controversial and the government doesn’t like what the community is saying. Then, of course, they have consultation until they find the right people to tell them what they want to hear.

And the teachers who will be against this idea won’t dare break away from their unionist labor voting mindsets, no matter what.

Thumper 5:42 pm 21 Jul 05

More to the point is that students tend to get overwhealmed and lost in great big schools, especially primary schoolers.

As well, no longer will kids be able to walk to school because it will be too far and be too dangerous due to crossing major roads. In addition, seperate schools used to be known for certain things in the curriculum such as sports, music, drama, whatever.

Now the choice will be do it all at one school.

I can only see this contributing to the already woeful levels of literacy in children.

Kerces 5:40 pm 21 Jul 05
bulldog 5:36 pm 21 Jul 05

All the while putting the quality of the education at risk. Does bigger schoole means larger classes? In my experience yes it does, but I’m guessing the teachers are the only ones who would know for sure….

Any teachers out there?

Thumper 5:24 pm 21 Jul 05

Without be cynical I’d hazard a guess that the long term olan here is to build the mega school, bulldoze the suburban schools, thus freeing up the land for residential properties and thus fulfilling the Comrades dream of an ACT with a population of about half a million.

And he knows he can do it because he has no opposition and its doubtful that he’ll have any next election.

Maelinar 4:30 pm 21 Jul 05

I owns joo

Absent Diane 4:13 pm 21 Jul 05

u pwnd

Maelinar 4:09 pm 21 Jul 05

G1^^1^d4rra H1gh (L33T)

xman 3:38 pm 21 Jul 05

Tera-School has some charm but to be truly, nauseatingly fresh it obviously needs to be the ‘Uber-School’. I hate how often I’ve seen’Uber’lately.

UberGin sounds a bit veg to me though :-S

Absent Diane 1:15 pm 21 Jul 05

Giginterra… the computer capital of the WORLD..

wonsworld 1:13 pm 21 Jul 05


Absent Diane 1:02 pm 21 Jul 05

Lets just hope no-one gets any hairbrained ideas to blow the place up ala pumpkin head and the hospital fiasco in the 90’s

hash 11:09 am 21 Jul 05

I don’t much fancy the thought of five year olds or even pre-schoolers sharing the playground with sixteen-year-olds.

Thumper 11:02 am 21 Jul 05



gingermick 10:49 am 21 Jul 05

The saabs did orright in India.

Mick 9:44 am 21 Jul 05

Well I guess ruling by a fiat is better than a saab 😉

Spectra 9:44 am 21 Jul 05

“Mega” is so 1990s. If we’re planning for the future, it should be at least a “Giga” or even “Tera” school. Yeah…Tera-School has a nice ring to it.

I have to say, my limited experience with Ginninderra High suggests that, if nothing else, the demolition won’t be a great loss to the architectural community.

bonfire 9:39 am 21 Jul 05

has anyone noticed that PRIOR to majority governemnent the stanhope crew were obsessed with consultation and setup myriad community consulting groups.

with majority govt, they dont consult at all – rule by fiat instead.

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