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Birthday Party reminder

By Jazz 25 November 2005 39

Quick reminder to those of you that are interested that RiotACT’s 5th brithday party will be held tomorrow 26 November at All Bar Nun. Catch us from 5pm onwards. Johnboy has promised to wear his hawaian shirt for ease of recognition.

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Birthday Party reminder
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terubo 3:45 pm 28 Nov 05

Ah so. I’ll look out for it next time…6th birthday party?!

Maelinar 2:25 pm 28 Nov 05

The sign was sticky-taped to the weather shield that was behind us, Thumper and I didn’t see it until we were seated with the rest of the RA crew either.

The cats have an annoying habit of waking up at 3-4am and knocking books off the bedside table onto my wife’s head.

terubo 2:19 pm 28 Nov 05

A SIGN Kerces? Where? Maybe some pooper had removed it by the time I got there…
And Mael, I inadvertently hit on your blog – why are you trying to lock out the cats?

Maelinar 1:44 pm 28 Nov 05

I forgot;

e. A RA paintball game. We opinioned that the other field was shite, so Piallago was the better option, and that lefties vs righties would be carnage, so North vs South would be more appropriate.

Kerces 1:38 pm 28 Nov 05

c. How to get Kerces to drink more alcohol (I suggested some light merlot’s to engage the tastebuds)

How come I wasn’t part of this discussion hmm?

And Terubo, there was a sign…

terubo 12:46 pm 28 Nov 05

Glad you all found each other. I didn’t. Turns out you must have been hiding outside. I only realised this as I was hurrying off to my next date, when I saw a solid-looking Hawaian shirt guy lurch unsteadily out of the gents and weave his expert way out of the front door. Too late, I realised this just might be the great JB (of whom it has been said), and that the crowd he joined out the front were in fact the shy RiotACTors!
Never mind, Chrissie parties are approaching…

Maelinar 12:09 pm 28 Nov 05

Actually it didn’t matter if you were there or not SGS, we talked about you anyway…

The discussion was wide and far-ranging, from people in Canberra that everybody knew, to just how much cider a grown man can stomach in practical demonstration.

RA related topics were quite a focus however, and I hazily remember;

a. Our new content idea (it’s still a secret) regarding LG
b. Getting SGS to do a review at a specific location in Canberra (to be advised)
c. How to get Kerces to drink more alcohol (I suggested some light merlot’s to engage the tastebuds)
d. A very highly interesting new tagline regarding softheads

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 8:49 am 28 Nov 05

Yes, I’ve heard of it, but I wasn’t feeling like walking across multiple suburbs in the wet, and I currently don’t have the money for a taxi. Does it really matter if I went or not? I didn’t actually guarantee my attendance.

Kerces 8:02 am 28 Nov 05

There’s this nifty invention, not sure if you’ve heard of it, called an umbrella. Basically it adds a roof to roofless transport. I used one Saturday night to great effect — only my feet got wet and that was more to do with the shoes I was wearing.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 6:10 pm 27 Nov 05

Yes, pub has roof, but my transport doesn’t. Not that it matters, you all had a good time, so did I, enough said.

LurkerGal 5:22 pm 27 Nov 05

Thanks for putting this on guys. It was great to finally meet you all, along with Thumper and Maelinar. What a very very nice bunch of blokes you all are! (and your wives and girlfriends are, likewise, delightful).

kimba 2:23 pm 27 Nov 05

So when are we going to see the pics?

johnboy 12:24 pm 27 Nov 05

pub has a roof sam!

Anyway at least it spared me getting my face mutilated like poor old loadedog

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 12:21 pm 27 Nov 05

Yes, well my shift with Australian Independent Radio News had me working until 4:30, and then it was raining. Glad you had a good time, I had a coffee in your honour.

johnboy 9:01 am 27 Nov 05

And a good time was had by all, even if Samuel Gordon-Stewart did stand us up after granting Loadedog an appearance.

cat-the-pig 7:55 pm 25 Nov 05

Yes that was a huge assumption on my part.

So anyone (except Santa, i’ve seen your version of looking after my husband) who may not be as intoxicated as the rest of crew please assist them (where possible) to get home safe!!

Jazz 6:23 pm 25 Nov 05

Cat, you are making the assumption that JB or I are going to be in a fit state to get him home.

cat-the-pig 5:42 pm 25 Nov 05

I wish I’d had some advance warning cause I can’t make it…..I’ll be in sydney. This being the case – if NTP get’s the night off work can JB or Jazz make sure he gets home…preferably in one piece!!!

Kerces 3:44 pm 25 Nov 05

I think, Kimba, if anyone who’s promised to turns up then that will be exciting.

kimba 3:41 pm 25 Nov 05

All the little Rioters seem so excited about their social night of the year!

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