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Birthday Party reminder

By Jazz - 25 November 2005 39

Quick reminder to those of you that are interested that RiotACT’s 5th brithday party will be held tomorrow 26 November at All Bar Nun. Catch us from 5pm onwards. Johnboy has promised to wear his hawaian shirt for ease of recognition.

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39 Responses to
Birthday Party reminder
Mr Evil 11:58 am 25 Nov 05

I don’t care whether Caz is a nice person or not; I’m just sick of her TSSH shit being dragged onto this site all the time!

colsim 11:43 am 25 Nov 05

Dang, with all the bitch slapping and gaudy gear it sounds like a ball – alas I’ll be in Sydney. Have a hoot everyone.

terubo 11:36 am 25 Nov 05

I don’t – once was enuff. Anyway, I’m sure I could get to like her…

LurkerGal 11:32 am 25 Nov 05

Caz doesn’t live in Canberra. And she is great person. If you don’t like her, don’t read her site!

terubo 11:27 am 25 Nov 05

I agree, LG. And if Caz makes it past the bouncer (they’re kinda strict on under-age drinking), I’ll happily buy her an orange’n soda & pass on a few tips about how to get through Yr 11 in 2006.

LurkerGal 11:23 am 25 Nov 05

I think that is very sensible NTP. Surely everyone can get along over a beverage, even if they can’t do it over the net.

Nik_the_Pig 11:17 am 25 Nov 05

There will be no smack downs, bitch slapping or other physical altercations at the Riot party!

If you want to do that you can go down to the bowling club, JB can point you in the right direction.

LurkerGal 11:10 am 25 Nov 05

As a TSSH “afficionado” myself, I’d like to see him bloody try! I may not be the toughest kid on the block, but I can’t see him having any luck “smacking me”.

Maelinar 11:08 am 25 Nov 05

I’m fresh out of blue, gold or white stuff to wear, so I’m thinking of wearing a silver number I have.

I should stick out…

kimba 10:53 am 25 Nov 05

It should be a BIG night as I here Samuel is a bit of a party animal. I hope Samuel gets pissed and smacks the smartarse from the Spins Start Here in the mouth. If Mr Spin has the balls to show up.

Ralph 10:25 am 25 Nov 05

I’ll be wearing the blue wife beater, and thongs…

terubo 10:18 am 25 Nov 05

Nice one, Caz. That’s about the standard we expect from you and your infantile website. Go suck lollies, and good luck with year 10 exams.

Caz 10:02 am 25 Nov 05

Terubo, in your case the prize would be a vacuum so you can hoover out some of the sand from your man-gina 😀

terubo 9:49 am 25 Nov 05

What’s the prize – a vanilla smoothie with Caz?

Kerces 9:44 am 25 Nov 05

Also The Spin Starts Here are offering a prize to anyone who gets their photo taken with Samuel Gordon-Stewart at the party.

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