Births and names 11-NOV-06

Kerces 11 November 2006 18

Another rather bumper crop in today’s births column, including a set of twins.

Kayley Marie Rule: this isn’t actually a name I’ve heard before.

Zaiya Marie Liston: neither is Zaiya, but I think it’s kind of pretty. Marie seems to be the in middle name of the week.

Jai Louise Turner: as you can tell from the middle name, this is a girl. Makes me think of that (male) long jumper though.

Jeromy White: maybe they thought, ordinary surname, better give him something interesting to go with it. I suspect what’ll happen is a lifetime of having his name misspelt.

And finally, twins Jazmyn Jay and Ashton Rai Volmari: words escape me here. They even rhyme with each other.

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18 Responses to Births and names 11-NOV-06
Dome Dome 11:03 pm 13 Nov 06

LG, and THAT’S the point . . .

LurkerGal LurkerGal 4:32 pm 13 Nov 06

But Connery isn’t “Seen”. It’s pronounced all normal and lovely and in a very sexy scottish accent……

evee evee 4:13 pm 13 Nov 06

I’ve got one!! (just first names, don’t want to get beaten up by his mother!) How about Nishant? Its like ‘nah…shant’, sounds as if someone is trying to figure something out and then decides not to…

Dome Dome 11:49 am 13 Nov 06

I recall my sister telling me (she’s a teacher)that it was “OK Mum, you can go home, little Sean will be fine”, only to be told that his name was “Seen”, like in Connery.

Danman Danman 9:21 am 13 Nov 06

1 kid called benson – the other – hedges – the ultimate in refined boganinity.

“And these are my 2 boys – benson and hedges”

Thumper Thumper 8:40 am 13 Nov 06

I think I’ll call my next kid Horizon Winfield..

I can say that because I ain’t having no more, no siree, never….

BTW, conrats Vic. Mine won’t go away…

Danman Danman 7:44 am 13 Nov 06

Zaiya is a gorgeous name – reminds me of a nubian princess name.

el el 10:48 pm 12 Nov 06

Hey! I smoke Winfields and drive a VN (and yes, it is a V8…), but I’m pretty sure I don’t fit the ‘bogan’ category. I’d be closer to your ‘artsy wanker’ type, if anything.

Anyway Vic, congrats on the new arrival…Cheers!

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 8:28 pm 12 Nov 06

My daughter’s name is the name of my great great aunt from my dad’s side. My dad has traced our family tree back quite a few generations, give or take a few untraceables 🙂 We just loved the name, and in agreement with kerces, we had never heard it either.

Good to see there were bogans in the 1800’s! I wonder if they had winnie blues and VN Commodores back then??!!!! 🙂

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:31 pm 12 Nov 06

Like I’ve said before, parents should have to submit a list of three or four names from which a panel of responsible people from Birth, Deaths and Marriages can veto any that sound too horrible.

Works in the Horse Racing industry, why can’t it work for humans?

Hiter had the right idea – give them numbers, not names. Makes IDing people a hell of a lot easier too!

“Okay 87-85226492, go and stand in the corner for five minutes.”

vg vg 10:49 am 12 Nov 06

Its like thinking a VN-VS Commodore is cool (or a Lexcen if you’ve been completely boganised).

I believe, in a lot of cases, the parents are just too plain stupid to know how its spelt correctly. That and the fact that their lack of intelligence causes their lives to revolve around pop culture and the names on Jerry Springer/Ricki Lake/Maury Povich (the Foxtel one with the paternity cases).

I would love to work in Births, Deaths and Marriages and be able to say to these people ‘sorry, that’s not a proper name and can’t be used. Come back when you’ve slected something a bit less ridiculous’.

And congrats Vic, I’m sure you know none of that is directed at you

nyssa76 nyssa76 10:08 am 12 Nov 06

I pity the twins…it’s bad enough people do stare at twins (at first) but to then see and hear their names…cruel.

Luckily they’ll have each other ’cause they’ll need the back up when they get to school.

Why do parents do this? (based on previous boganised names on RA) Do they think it’s cool?

vg vg 9:54 am 12 Nov 06

There’s good and bad, in everyone

C’mon sing along………..

Special G Special G 8:44 am 12 Nov 06

Vic, from that comment I understand congratulations are in order.

lateralis lateralis 7:55 am 12 Nov 06

It’s funny, we all know, people are the same wherever you go.

vg vg 11:38 pm 11 Nov 06

But I’m guessing they live together in perfect harmony. Side by side on their piano keyboard, oh Lord, why can’t we?

resches resches 7:30 pm 11 Nov 06

i know a couple whos kids are called ebony and ivory i realy dont know what thay were thinking

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 6:21 pm 11 Nov 06

Thanks Kerces!

One of them is mine, another is friends of ours 🙂

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