Births and names 4-NOV-06

Kerces 4 November 2006 22

The bogans are back! There’s a bumper crop of fantabulous names in today’s births column, listed below for your perusal.

In no particular order:
Rubie Catherine Meli — pretty name, but that sure ain’t how you spell that precious gem.

Brayden Roy Chesterfield — pity about the match with the very English surname.

Ellanor Linda Eve Boucher — I presume she’ll be very quickly shortened to Ella with that spelling.

Jayden Miotello — who can go past a Jayden (in its myriad of forms)?

Maddisen Rose Kathleen Godber — again a quite pretty name but…

Talon Nathaniel Preinbergs — Talon? Like, an eagle’s claw?

And my personal favourite for the week was Mackai Wil Reedy. Goodness me, I think Wil Anderson has something to answer for (and that’s just the second name!).

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22 Responses to Births and names 4-NOV-06
Kerces Kerces 4:22 pm 06 Nov 06

I think two kids with the same first initial is probably ok if they have different middle names. Naming both your kids with names that fit the SPF (for example) initial pattern is not good.

simto simto 4:08 pm 06 Nov 06

Hang on, are you tellling me Farscape featured bogans?

Although they did let Pinky Beacroft write for it, so nothing much surprises me any more…

llib llib 4:00 pm 06 Nov 06

Nik: that should be spelled Talyn, if they really want to refer to Farscape. And then they’d have the extra-boganish “Y” in there too. 🙂

bonfire bonfire 10:38 am 06 Nov 06

“No proof of this theory at all, of course . . . “

I offer as exhibit A, a post titled ‘DJ DID NOTHING WRONG’ in support of the claim.

Danman Danman 8:02 am 06 Nov 06

Rather bogan names would include cleveland or simmons or any reference to one fathers/mothers favourite car…Insert shuddering here

nyssa76 nyssa76 7:25 am 06 Nov 06

My kids aren’t “Jane” or “Billy” but they are more traditional than mine. I’d say they are modernish but not weird.

I have 2 with the same initial as well.

miz miz 10:08 pm 05 Nov 06

Just curiously Nyssa, did you (with your more unusual name) go traditional or unusual when you named your kids? (I went trad – all spellable first go. Though one mistake I made was to accidentally have two with the same initial).

lateralis lateralis 7:13 am 05 Nov 06

I can’t wait for the noun revolution.
I want to see names like, ‘Box’, and ‘Fence”. Even some parental fav’s like, ‘Ford’, ‘Holden’, ‘Bourbon’, ‘Winnie Blue’.
Come on Bogans, get lateral!

Nik_the_Pig Nik_the_Pig 11:25 pm 04 Nov 06

Where are the nerds reading this?? Surely Talon is a Farscape reference!

nyssa76 nyssa76 11:02 pm 04 Nov 06

miz, I was born in the 70’s and my name is quite unusual – jb’s seen it in my e-mail.

I’d have killed for a “real” name just so I could get the labels for my lunchboxes from the store and not “made” by my mum.

Weird thing is, my sister (junkie) has a “normal” name, as has my husband.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 9:17 pm 04 Nov 06

A mate of mine has a son called Braydon.

Seems that after he was born, whilst his wife was in hospital, he filled in the birth registration papers, and plain old spelt the name wrong.

He was in the doghouse for some time, although it’s a funny story that his missus tells at any opportunity to make him never, ever forget this 🙂

captainwhorebags captainwhorebags 3:53 pm 04 Nov 06

I dunno if these kids are going to get picked on. On current trends, by the time they get to school the playground will be filled with other kids named Jayden, Raelene and Kyleera. Maybe a more likely scenario is

“hey what’s your name?”
“James?!? that’s a stupid name! C’mon Talon, Brayden and Shai, get him!”

Special G Special G 3:48 pm 04 Nov 06

Hey, My little girl has the letter Y in her name. BabY G

Actually her real name has the letter Y as well.

johnboy johnboy 2:37 pm 04 Nov 06

A few months ago I was talking to a woman who’d named her child waterfall or somesuch.

her reasoning was that kids who get picked on will get picked on regardless (i.e. the confident muscular types could be called Queenie and no-one would say a word).

So by giving them the name to blame, which is their parent’s fault, she was giving her child the ability to externalise feelings of inadequacy.

I found the reasoning quite solid but still no excuse to use the letter Y in a name.

miz miz 1:11 pm 04 Nov 06

Love those Brayden Cayden Jayden Hayden names!

Ant, my theory is that these people that give such odd ( and oddly spelled) names were born mainly the 1970’s and early 80’s. Their own names (bequeathed by their staid war/post-war parents) are probably themselves named John, Susan, Gary, Karen, Peter, Sharon etc which are kind of ‘ordinary’ names (mine is too, so I am not trying to offend here). So it’s a kind of rebellion.

Might also have something to do with the fact that English in schools lost the plot a bit around that time (no nouns, verbs etc) and spelling was all ‘have a go’ instead of ‘correct or incorrect’.

No proof of this theory at all, of course . . .

vg vg 1:02 pm 04 Nov 06

I think the kids are being booked in to be bullied and beatn in their younger years, and constantly having the piss paken out of them when they are older.

Or they’ll get the smarts and change their name by deed poll as soon as they are able

miz miz 12:54 pm 04 Nov 06


Absent Diane Absent Diane 12:38 pm 04 Nov 06


ant ant 11:21 am 04 Nov 06

You can just see these people, living in their 3 bedroom brick box with the loo in always the exact same place (half way up the hallway) and their arid backyards, giving their kids names from Mills and Boon books. Do they think they are setting them Freeeee by giving them idiotically spelled names?

barking toad barking toad 11:07 am 04 Nov 06

I’d like to have twins, a boy and a girl, so I could name them Biggus and Incontinentia.

I’m still working on their second names.

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